Solitair P daughter sold for peak price

The auction “Die Auktion” of Masterrind took place in Verden on February 26th 2020. The most expensive animal that night was a young, Red & White daughter of our genomic Red Holstein top sire Solitair P.

Solitair P

As one of the first offers of the auction, Amber entered the ring. Amber excelled with a remarkable breeding value by RZG, very good results in different breeding value systems as well as the fact that she is homozygous polled. At the end, she was sold for the excellent price of 75,000 €.

Besides Amber, there was another Solitair P daughter that changed hands during the auction. As one of the highest Red & White animals in the world by RZG, Precilla offered a very balanced breeding value profile on the highest level and was sold for 10,000 € within Germany. A daughter of the Black & White young bull Youngster was sold for the same price. She also convinced with her RZG beyond 160 and was sold to a German breeder.