The vit will publish official breeding values of direct health traits for the Holstein and Red Holstein breed for the first time during the breeding value estimation April 2019. We would like to introduce the RZmetabol today.

RZmetabol includes the complex of metabolic diseases and is composed of the three traits displaced abomasum (left side), milk fever and ketosis. Metabolic persistency of especially high performance cows is of great importance and no predictor traits have been available so far that enable indirect progress. Aggravating this situation, there is the biggest room for improvement in the data set for these traits as metabolic disorders are more common with clinical picture in later lactations while they are rather rare in first lactation. The cows from KuhVision farms included in the new composite reference sample are currently in first and second lactation respectively and can barely provide data on metabolic traits in later lactations. However, the data set will improve rapidly within the next two years. The milk recording associations as well as vit are also working on additional data for clinical and subclinical ketosis from milk samples. Due to relatively high genetic correlation, the predictor trait “culling for metabolic diseases” adds to increase of reliability of the genomic RZmetabol.