Zukunft Rind 2019

The Hesse hall opened its gates for the show “Zukunft Rind 2019” last Saturday, February 2nd 2019.

Champion of the dairy breeds: RZB White Rose (s. Colt 45 P), Manfred and Andrea Uhrig, Sulzbach

This unique show always draws numerous visitors from Germany and abroad to Alsfeld. Not only Holsteins and Red Holsteins traditionally attend this show, but also Brown Swiss, Jersey as well as Fleckvieh cows competing for the two champion titles.

Besides the show competition progeny groups of proven sires were shown in Alsfeld, too. Detailed progeny reports can be obtained on our website under “Progeny” in the menu “News”.

Among the Holstein heifers Payball daughter BT Win owned by Hauck, Schiffelbach, could win her class while RZB Lillyfee (s. Disanto) owned by Uhrig, Sulzbach, ranked second in her class. The third calver and Bodrum daughter BaS Heartbeat owned by Hellmuth, Hof Waldblick, dominated her competitors and won her class and, additionally, Pronto daughter Conchita was presented in the special class of long-term production cows as a special honor.

There were also strong cows in the Red Holstein classes. So RIT Nadja (s. Label P) owned by Pohlmann, Rhenegge, ranked 1b in her class of second calvers behind of the later “young honorable mention” Babette (s. Snow RF) owned by Jäger, Bockendorf.

TSc Grazia (s. Rematch P) won among the cows having three calves ahead of Laron P daughter BT Philine, both owned by Hauck, Schiffelbach, and became medium reserve champion later. This category was obtained by RZB White Rose (s. Colt 45 P) owned by Uhrig, Sulzbach, who excelled in the final election and was chosen grand champion of the dairy breeds.

In the champion competition of the dual purpose breeds an already known lady dominated here and completed a treble. After her wins in 2016 and 2017 the Fleckvieh cow Blüte (s. Wichtl) from the barn of Christian Zimmermann, Oberzent, could excel with all body traits and fantastic udder after her ninth calf.

An attractive special collection of 28 animals was sold after the show. The average price here was 4,246 €.

Catalogue lot No. 25 Delilah owned by the Schürer-Hammon GbR was sold for the highest price of 22,000 € even though she did not attend the auction. Anderstrup Delaja Red was the second most expensive animal. The Pace Red daughter was sold for 10,000 € to her new owner from the Netherlands. The impressive Avicii daughter HLB Ortega from the family of Richmond-FD Barbie EX 92 was sold for 8,400 € and left her home in Niederbrechen towards the barn of Heinrich Weckesser in Hatzbach.

10,000 € for Anderstrup Delaja Red (s. Pace Red)