HighlightSALE 2019: Successful beginning of the new auction year

Many breeders, interested persons and young breeders met for the 28th time on January 11th 2019 in Hamm again to attend the first “highlight” of the year of our member RUW.

Besides the young breeders‘ competition and the presentation of a progeny group of the popular sire Board, a top-class offer of calved heifers, young cattle strong for conformation as well as highly dispositional, genomic young cattle and calves attracted numerous visitors to the venue in Hamm.

Even before the first cattle entered the auction ring, the young breeders already arranged for great atmosphere due to their achievements during the competition and the final champion election. This atmosphere went along with the entire auction. By the end of the day there was an average price of almost 6,000 € for 42 animals sold. Their buyers were not only from all regions in Germany, but also from Belgium, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain.

The highest daily price of 26,000 € was paid for catalogue lot 19, Hartley daughter Dolce Vita having an outstanding RZG. The podium places went to the early Hotspot P daughter YingYang P having best breeding values and being polled and Visstein K&L Meredith (s. Benz). Both were sold for 20,000 €. The fourth most expensive auction lot was HET Cosmo, one of the highest red carrier animals (s. Pace Red) ready to flush, with 15,000 €. The Top-5 were completed by HOE MS Padawan AMG (s. Padawan) sold for 13,500 € to a buyer in Germany. We should also mention the highest Arktis RDC daughter by RZG, Smilla-Sophie-Red. She was the most expensive Red Holstein animal of the evening and sold for 9,000 €.

The HighlightSALE is also famous for its first-class calved Holstein heifers. Ten heifers were to be sold this year resulting in a very good average price of almost 4,000 € with the highest price of 6,000 € for WR Monday (s. Diamondback).

Of course also Jersey cattle attended the sale in a small collection. The top price was reached by RZN Vivian sold for 5,200 €.

There was another highlight when the auction came to an end, the breeders‘ night, where all attendees had time to talk shop. Many visitors used that opportunity to stay there far into the night.

The HighlightSALE team with top seller Dolce Vita