Genomic newcomers in August 2018

Gymnast sons conquer the Holstein top list. Superhero has the most new sons again. Among Red Holstein, there are four new Styx Red sons in the Top-6. Salvatore son Spark Red is still the leader.


Toplist Holstein (genomic tested bulls)

Toplist Red Holstein (genomic tested bulls)


Compared to April, the genomic Top-250 includes 56 new bulls in total. The most new sons come from Superhero (10) and Mission P (7).

Two of the four new Gymnast (Doorspopen x Jabir) sons are on top. Gywer RDC is on No.1 with gRZG 165 with a lead of 3 points ahead of Garido on No.2. The dam of Gywer RDC is a VG 85 Lobach daughter followed by a Snow RF in her pedigree being a red carrier through her. Besides lots of production (RZM 150, +2,239 kg milk, -0.20 % fat, -0.02 % protein) and longevity (RZN 131) Gywer RDC is characterized by a very nice linear (RZE 131, feet and legs 123, udder 127) whereas stature 125 is not seen that positively today anymore.

On the dam’s side, Garido (No.2) descends from Penley x Boss whereas Sinclair, a Shaw half brother of the grand dam, successfully entered new on No.76 in the daughter proven top list. Garido is even a little higher than the list leader for production (RZM 151, +2,012 kg milk, +0.07 % fat, +0.01 % protein) and for conformation (RZE 132, feet and legs 127, udder 126) having a very similar linear. He is not that extreme for longevity (RZN 123). With average direct calving ease Garido reduces calving problems in the long run due to outstanding daughter calving traits (RZKm 122).


The Euclid (Supershot x McCutchen) brother of Garido, Estragon, enters new on No.123 with less production (RZM 133), similar linear (RZE 122) and excellent udder health (RZS 132) as well as longevity (RZN 133). Having RZKd 113 and RZKm 120 he is an ideal calving ease bull.

The list leader of April, Bestday (Bestboss x Balisto), is No.3 despite +1 RZG point to 162 and remains the highest production sire in the Top-10 with RZM 156 (+1,701 kg milk, +0.10 % fat, +0.19 % protein, RZE 120, feet and legs 106, udder 125).

He is followed by the list leader of December, Braveness (Bandares x Balisto), on No.4 who also goes up by one RZG point to 161 (RZM 148, +1,884 kg milk, -0.03 % fat, +0.04 % protein) with unchanged RZE 120 (feet and legs 103, udder 127).

20 Superhero (Super x Numero Uno) sons are in the top list now, 10 of them are new. The highest of all is Lavonte, new on No.5. He descends from a young American Rubicon x AltaOak daughter. Lavonte is an absolute faultless bull at the highest level, including production with good components (RZM 144, +1,250 kg milk, +0.38 % fat, +0.12 % protein), RZS 122 and RZN 134 as well as conformation with RZE 130 (feet and legs 120, udder 130).

Another Superhero son is Hotspot P. He was the highest newcomer in April and is on No.6 now with RZG 160. He remains the highest polled bull (dam: PowerballP x Saloon) with RZM 151 (+1,070 kg milk, +0.42 % fat, +0.29 % protein) and RZE 130 (feet and legs 119, udder 126) as well as high longevity (RZN 125).

Styx Red not only gives some excitement with his sons in the Red Holstein list, but also among Holstein. Starello, new on No.7, is the highest among them and interesting not only because of the fact that he is a red carrier. His dam HaS Stalaxy VG 85 (Galaxy x Beacon) was already successful with the frequently used half brothers Minosch (s. Missouri) and Sylvert (s. Silver). Starello is the next son with top-class marketing potential. With RZG 160 you do not have to worry about production transmission (RZM 141, +1,825 kg milk, -0.09 % fat, -0.03 % protein) and longevity is excellent with RZN 131, too. It gets really exciting for conformation with RZE 134 and the combination of feet & legs 136 and udder 127 with medium body traits. The functional qualities are characterized by one figure: RZFit 154, i.e. No.3 of all bulls genomic Holstein bulls. The icing on the cake is calving ease with RZKd 110 and RZKm 120.

Starello is directly followed by his Battlecry half brother Barkeeper with RZG 159 and RZM 146 (+911 kg milk, +0.48 % fat, +0.27 % protein) and RZE 129 (feet and legs 123, udder 119) on No.8.

Summerlake (DG Charley x Balisto) loses one RZG point and 5 ranks (No.9 now). He remains strong for production (RZM 148), udder health (RZS 131) and longevity (RZN 130), but has the lowest RZE of all Top-10 bulls (RZE 118, feet and legs 114, udder 114).

Casino, on No.10, is a DG Charley (Supershot x Mogul) son as well, but out of Mardi Gras. With RZM 147 (+1,847 kg milk, +0.10 % fat, +0.00 % protein) and RZE 120 (feet and legs 114, udder 119) he shines with a faultless linear and good figures for the functional traits with, amongst others, good milkability (RZD 112) and calving ease (RZKd 111, RZKm 121).


More newcomers

Amongh the many good Superhero sons, expectations are high.

Senetto enters on No.93 with RZG 151 (RZM 137, +1,716 kg milk, -0.04 % fat, -0.06 % protein). Besides good conformation (RZE 132) and udder (134, feet and legs 113), he also shows somewhat longer teats (107), as desired, in his linear and is also very good for longevity (126). Senetto was raised in Luxemburg and the two full brothers of his dam, Souki and Sirio, were also used (Silver x AltaOak).

Systole, new on No.110, is one of only two Superhero sons that are recommended for use on farms with automatic milking systems (RZRobot 123). This is due to good milkability as well as not too short and not too tightly placed teats in the rear. Having RZE 128 (feet and legs 125, udder 123) and RZM 136 (+1,431 kg milk, -0.08 % fat, +0.03 % protein) as well as RZN 129, he is a typically good Superhero son in all other aspects. The dam of Systole is a young Icone x Shotglass and the great grand dam is a Windbrook sister of Biathlon.

There are two new interesting sons of DG Charley. Chance on No.23 is out of an American Damaris x Numero Uno daughter. Chance’s high RZG 156 is essentially due to the combination of lots of production (RZM 143, +1,340 kg milk, +0.29 % fat, +0.09 % protein) with good longevity (RZN 131) and udder health (RZS 124). Based on the linear without any extremes he reaches RZE 121 (feet and legs 121, udder 113).

Due to less production (RZM 130, +943 kg milk, +0.27 % fat, +0.04 % protein) Charlston is on No.63 of the top list, but may have bigger marketing potential. The DG Charley sons are all good for functional traits, but Charlston stands out clearly with RZFit 155 (No.2, RZN 137, RZS 128, RZR 118, RZKm 122) and RZRobot 127 (milkability RZD 111). In addition, he can be used on heifers (RZKd 114). He is a highy interesting bull due to all this combined with RZE 128 (feet and legs 125, udder 127). The cow family of Charlston is from the Netherlands and the young dam (Rubicon x Jabir) has another highly ranking newcomer on No.28 in the top list, Tosco. His sire Topshot is also a Supershot son. Tosco transmits more production with even higher components than his half brother (RZM 141, +1,057 kg milk, +0.50 % fat, +0.13 % protein).Having RZN 128, RZS 111, RZR 116 and RZKm 113 he is also high for the functional traits, but not that extreme. The conformation figures are very good with RZE 126 and feet & legs 130 as well as udder 120 (teat length 110), too.

Rafting, new on No.30, is a Ragen (Stoic x Moonboy) son out of Silver x Doorman. With RZE 142 (feet and legs 129, udder 138) he is just excellent for overall conformation among all top list bulls and he is unique thanks to the combination with RZM 147 (+1,571 kg milk, +0.12 % fat, +0.10 % protein)! His other values are faultless for the functional traits (RZN 117).

The second highest bull for overall conformation in the top list is also a newcomer with RZE 138, Indianday (No.126). Basis for conformation strength here was probably the Doorman grand dam via a Boastful daughter as dam of Indianday. The linear of Indianday shows some extremes for udder: rear udder 143, fore udder 131, udder depth 145 (overall udder 149). For all other aspects he is average (feet and legs 112). Longevity with RZN 141 and medium production (RZM 124, +751 kg milk, +0.19 % fat, +0.05 % protein) are extremely good. Indianday also improves milkability (RZD 115).

The first two Mr Puma (Icone x Balisto) sons enter highly each with RZG 155 on No.37 and No.39. Mr Percy (No.37) descends from a Danish branch of the Jelykoe family (dam: President x Epic). With RZM 140 (+1,305 kg milk, -0.01 % fat, +0.12 % protein), RZE 126 (feet and legs 117, udder 123) as well as RZS 126 and RZN 137 he is a solid all-rounder that can be used on heifers (RZKd 114).

Panda (No.39) is also from Denmark. He has the same Balisto dam (out of Emerald) as No.3, Bestday. So he is inbred on Balisto. The dam Candy VG 88 may be the reason for high production predisposition (RZM 150, +1,685 kg milk, -0.11 % fat, +0.15 % protein) because as a heifer she already produced 11,712 kg milk with 4.21 % fat and 3.73 % protein. The linear of Panda is solid (RZE 122, feet and legs 115, udder 123) like udder health (RZS 112) and longevity (RZN 126). Daughter fertility should be kept in mind when mating (RZR 91).

There were already 8 Finder (Balisto x Epic) sons in the top list, but there are two new sons now. Fighter (No.49) has a Racer x Mogul dam descending from the Converse Judy family. Having nice production figures (RZM 141, +1,432 kg milk, +0.05 % fat, +0.07 % protein) he transmits solid conformation (RZE 125, feet and legs 118, udder 123), good longevity (RZN 129) and especially outstanding daughter calving ease (RZKm 127). In addition, with calves directly born easily (RZKd 113) Fighter is an ideal heifer bull that also minimizes calving problems in the long run. Both Fighter and the second new Finder son Freezer (No.108, dam: Silver x Fanatic) can be recommended for use on farms with automatic milking systems due to RZRobot 127 and 124. Freezer transmits – having somewhat less milk, but slightly positive components (RZM 131, +1,089 kg milk, +0.07 % fat, +0.05 % protein) – even higher longevity (RZN 136) and conformation (RZE 132, feet and legs 119, udder 129). A full brother of Freezer, Fixit, even reaches RZE 136 (feet and legs 129, udder 131) as well as RZM 129 and has been in the Top-100 since April (No.83).

On the maternal side, the new King Royal (Kingboy x Mogul) son Tarmac (No.57) descends from Supershot x Maurice. He offers the combination of conformation (RZE 130, feet and legs 122, udder 126) with functionality (RZN 131, RZR 122, RZKm 125) at the highest level (RZFit 153) without disregarding production (RZM 136, +1,007 kg milk, +0.04 % fat, +0.16 % protein).

The Sixpack (Silver x Supersire) sons are strong for conformation. So are the two new bulls Suleus (No.60, dam: Lesson x Shotglass) and Soltan (No.120, dam: Rubicon x Shotglass). Suleus having RZE 134 (feet and legs 127, udder 129) is stronger for the functional traits (RZN 127, RZS 122, RZR 118, RZKm 112) with RZM 135 (+1,081 kg milk, +0.19 % fat, +0.10 % protein) while Soltan (RZE 131, feet and legs 123, udder 126) is clearly better for production (RZM 142, +1,610 kg milk, +0.23 % fat, -0.01 % protein).

Jumper (No.71) is so far the only Jovi (Damaris x Supersire) son out of a Deya x Numero Uno dam. He can be considered a “no-nonsense” bull having RZM 134 with neutral components, RZN 137, RZR 120, RZS 121 and RZKm 122. He cannot keep up with the bulls mentioned above regarding conformation with RZE 122 (feet and legs 114, udder 118).

Jagger is completely different with RZE 134, feet and legs 112 and especially udder 136. He has the highest milk production among the six Jetset (Doorman x Ermes) sons (RZM 138, +1,742 kg milk, -0.29 % fat, +0.00 % protein). Good longevity (RZN 127) is definitely the reason for his new rank No.90. Even 6 brothers of the Danish dam Wilda VG 89 (Commander x Bynke) of different sires were used in Germany, i.e. Stronghold.


Red carrier and polled

There are even 7 new red carrier bulls in the Holstein top list this time. Numerous of them are polled, too. Of course, a reason for this are the first Mission P (Missouri x Asterix) sons. The highest of them is Match P, new on No.34, out of a Danish Silver x Massey dam. Match P is strong for production (RZM 144, +1,869 kg milk, -0.05 % fat, -0.01 % protein) and balanced (RZE 126, feet and legs 120, udder 127, RZN 122).

Match P

Madalin P (also red carrier) transmits clearly positive components with +0.24 % fat and +0.11 % protein (RZM 140, +1,220 kg milk). The German cow family (dam: Icone x Shotglass) already produced a very successful daughter proven sire, Biathlon (> 12,000 progeny). The linear of Madalin P as well as all functional breeding values are faultless (RZE 121, feet and legs 114, udder 120).

Motto PP, new on No.236 (dam: PowerballP x Epic), among the Mission P sons, is homozygous polled and a red carrier. The very tall Motto PP daughters (131, RZE 119, feet and legs 109, udder 118) should be strong for production (RZM 144, +1,483 kg milk, +0.00 % fat, +0.12 % protein).

Among the first two Salvatore (Supershot x Sympatico) sons being red carriers, Safe P RDC (No.138) is polled as well. The polled gene comes via the Nugget RDC dam out of Maya P, the dam of Mission P. Safe P RDC is very strong for longevity (RZN 135) as well as daughter fertility (RZR 121) and can be used on farms with automatic milking systems (RZRobot 121). Moreover he has RZM 130 (+1,065 kg milk, +0.01 % fat, +0.06 % protein) and RZE 119 (feet and legs 117, udder 119).

Ranking a little higher on No.122 with RZG 150 is Salvatore son Santiago. This red carrier raised in the Netherlands from Silver x AltaOak has a faultless linear (RZE 120, feet and legs 114, udder 120) with RZM 141 (+1,323 kg milk, +0.23 % fat, +0.09 % protein).

The highest ranking new red carrier outside the Top-10 is the Styx (Entitle x Sympatico) son Stable RDC, new on No.18. On the dam’s side, there is again a cow family developed in Denmark with Canadian basis. The dam is a full sister of the frequently used Bonum (Balisto x Epic). Stable RDC is very strong for production (RZM 145, +1,938 kg milk, +0.04 % fat, -0.05 % protein) with high longevity (RZN 133). The linear shows good feet and legs (125) with nice udders (114, RZE 120) and medium body measures. Stable RDC should transmit very good calving ease (RZKd. 119).



Red Holstein

Spark Red remains the leader among Red Holstein even though he loses two RZG points to 160. The early Salvatore (Supershot x Symatico) son out of Debutant x Brewmaster now reaches RZM 148 (+2,193 kg milk, -0.26 % fat, -0.04 % protein) and RZE 134 (feet and legs 129, udder 130).

Two of the four new Styx Red sons in the Top-10 follow. GP Salvini (No.2) is out of an Apoll P daughter, but not polled. On the dam’s side, there is a full sister of Bagno RDC (Balisto x Epic). GP Salvini transmits high milk production (RZM 140, +1,720 kg milk, -0.15 % fat, -0.02 % protein), very good longevity (RZN 137) and good conformation (RZE 128, feet and legs 126, udder 127). Short teats should be kept in mind (87).

Having gRZG 156 Summertime is new on No.3. This Styx Red son has an Altahotrod sister of Salvatore (Supershot x Sympatico) as dam. With this background, RZE 135 (feet and legs 131, udder 126) and a fantastic linear are no surprise. Having +2,268 kg Summertime belongs to the best five genomic bulls for milk production (RZM 145, -0.29 % fat, -0.12 % protein! Moreover, Summertime should be a very realiable calving ease bull with RZKd 120 (RZKm 114).

The highest of four Mission P sons is the new Marsden P on No.4 and, through that, he is also the highest red polled sire. He also stands for calving ease with RZKd 112 and RZKm 122. The high RZM 144 is based on positive components (+1,345 kg milk, +0.05 % fat, +0.17 % protein). Regarding functionality Marsden P is excellent with RZFit 145 (No.5), too. In the linear, stature (123) and udder traits as well as longer teats (111) stand out positively (RZE 120, feet and legs 110, udder 123). What about the dam? It is Saigon, a young Brekem x Alchemy out of the Splendor family and she has two more sons ranking in the Top-7, System Red (No.6, new) and Gonzales (No.7). System Red (s. Styx Red), amongst the brothers, has the highest overall conformation (RZE 125, feet and legs 114, udder 129) and especially longevity (RZN 138). He cannot completely keep up with his brothers regarding RZM 134 (+1,408 kg milk, -0.17 % fat, +0.01 % protein). As the only one of the trio, he can be recommended for use on farms with automatic milking systems (RZRobot 130).

The sire of Gonzales is Great (Go Now RF x Morris). Among the three high brothers, Gonzales has the best components (RZM 146, +920 kg milk, +0.35 % fat, +0.34 % protein). As his brothers, he breeds tall daughters with good udders (RZE 121, feet and legs 107, udder 127) and can be used on heifers (RZKd 113).


The new Stern Red on No.5 ranks between the brother trio. He is a Styx Red son out of Rubicon x Perfect Aiko from the Massia family. He combines RZN 130 with RZM 140 (+1,461 kg milk, +0.17 % fat, +0.02 % protein) and is the highest of the top bulls for feet and legs (136, udder 124, RZE 129). Short teats should be kept in mind (81).

Pace Red (Pat-Red x Numero Uno), No.2 in April and list leader until December, is just on No.8 now due to the many high newcomers. For production transmission (RZM 145, +2,114 kg milk, -0.21 % fat, -0.07 % protein) and for conformation (RZE 121, feet and legs 113, udder 120) he remains constant and especially for the very good milkability (RZD 123, RZRobot 120). Fertility of Pace Red semen is very good.

Solito (No.9) completes the list of the 6 newcomers in total in the Top-10. He is a Salvatore son out of Atwork x Detox from the Altitude family. Having RZE 145 (feet and legs 128, udder 148) Solito is not only the highest newcomer for conformation, but also the highest among all genomic Red Holstein bulls. To be a Top-10 bull, production (RZM 130, +1,419 kg milk, -0.06 % fat, -0.09 % protein) and longevity (RZN 136) have to be good, too.

The Top-10 is completed by Sir John. He was the first Styx Red son in April. Including 4 more recent half brothers, half of the Top-10 comes from this dominating sire of sons. Sir John (dam: Brekem x Alchemy) is not that strong for conformation with RZE 121 (feet and legs 116, udder 116) as his paternal half brothers, but he is strong for production (RZM 143, +1,822 kg milk, -0.34 % fat, +0.03 % protein). He can be used on heifers (RZKd 114), but it should be kept in mind that he tends to transmit shorter teats (90).


More red newcomers

Samba on No.14 with gRZG 150 is the highest new bull outside the Top-10. Like Spark Red and Solito, all three previous Salvatore sons reach at least gRZG 150. Having +2,022 kg milk and RZM 144 Samba does not have to hide compared to the No.1 Spark Red (-0.36 % fat, -0.01 % protein). The bars in the linear of Samba (dam: Whatsapp x Glorious) go towards the right side (except rear leg angle 97) and it looks better than expected by RZE 121 (feet and legs 110, udder 119). The calving breeding values of Samba are excellent: RZKm 126 and RZKd 113.


The first three sons of Brasil RDC (Balisto x Snowman) debut on No.21, 31 and 44 and they are full brothers out of a Nugget RDC x Snow RF dam from the Dutch Coba family. Bahia Red (No.21) has highest milk yield (+1,064 kg milk, +0.28 % fat, +0.12 % protein, RZM 137), best conformation (RZE 130, feet and legs 120, udder 125) and best longevity (RZN 125) among them. Daughter fertility is slightly below average (RZR 97). This is also the weakness of Bravour on No.31 (RZM 137, +933 kg milk, +0.26 % fat, +0.19 % protein). Bravour is the weakest of the three full brothers for conformation (RZE 121, feet and legs 119, udder 118). Therefore, the most complete bull of the trio is Baltrum even though he ranks the lowest on No.44 (RZM 135, +623 kg milk, +0.57 % fat, +0.22 % protein). Having RZE 127 (feet and legs 124, udder 115) it is great that he is as good for strength (116) as for stature (117). All three brothers can also be recommended on farms with automatic milking systems.

Red Fox, new on No.22, himself is red, but not homozygous Red & White. The Jetset (Doorman x Ermes) son got his red color from the dominant red gene (Variant Red, VRC) via the dam’s sire Mokabi. Red Fox breeds 50 % Black & White progeny when mated with Red & White. The figures clearly speak for Red Fox: RZM 133 (+1,466 kg milk, -0.06 % fat, -0.04 % protein), RZE 125 (feet and legs 111, udder 129), RZN 130, RZS 117, RZR 106 as well as direct and daughter calving ease (RZKd 114, RZKm 114).

Meruno PP is the first homozygous polled Mission P son (No.30). He is a product of linebreeding as his dam is a Capple P daughter out of the Mission P dam Maya P (s. Asterix). Meruno PP is the highest milk yield sire in the top list having +2,500 kg (RZM 142, -0.48 % fat, -0.19 % protein). The tall (125) Meruno PP daughters should have best udders (125) with somewhat longer teats (116, feet and legs 114, RZE 123).

The list of new polled sires is completed by Merano P, new on No.47. He is not a Mission P son, but the first Mega Watt (Megasire x Alchemy) son. Who loves tall (131) animals with lots of capacity, should choose this son of the Massia family (dam: Citation P x Snowman, RZE 125, feet and legs 106, udder 121). Merano P also transmits somewhat longer teats (119) as desired today and can be recommended for use on farms with automatic milking systems (RZRobot 129). There is nothing to complain about his production breeding values (RZM 136, +1,660 kg milk, -0.06 % fat, -0.07 % protein).