Breeding value estimation of daughter proven bulls in August 2018

Murano climbs on top of the Holstein list and the first Balisto sons have a promising debut. Among Red Holstein there are numerous, interesting new bulls and Apoll P directly dominates them having his first daughter proven breeding value.

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Toplist Holstein (daughter proven bulls)

Toplist Red Holstein (daughter proven bulls)


Having ranked on No.2 twice it finally worked out. Mogul son Murano is on No.1 of the Holsteins due to slight increases for RZM (156, +2) and RZN (104, +3) with RZG 150 based on 161 daughters now. Most of them are already in second lactation. Conformation figures are unchanged (RZE 116, feet and legs 109, udder 108). This is also true for daughter fertility that still has to be kept in mind with RZR 92. 

The list leader of December, Mocon (Morgan x Snowman), based on only 29 daughters back then, increases his daughters from 145 to 238 now and can compensate his losses from April. Having RZG 148 (+2, RZM 140, +2, RZE 104, +1) he is on No.2 now. For the functional traits, he is strong with increasing number of daughters (RZFit 135, RZN 126).

The highest newcomer Harvey is on No.3. Harvey is a Hunter son out of a Dutch cow family having the further sire line-up Super x Juwel x O-Man. Based on 45 daughters his RZM 146 includes more than 2,000 kg milk with neutral protein so it is very similar to his genomic breeding value. For conformation (RZE 112, feet and legs 114) the value for overall udder is just average (102).

No.1 of April and highest newcomer back then, Mattis (s. Massey), loses 5 RZM points to 146 (463 daughters, +358) and is on No.4 now. He remains the highest components sire in the Top-10 having +0.23 % fat, +0.18 % protein. Conformation is unchanged with RZE 104 (feet and legs 97, udder 111).

He is followed by Morgan (Mogul x Man-O-Man) on No.5, one of the full brothers of the list leader Murano. Having 212 daughters now, a few of them are already in second lactation, he is unchanged (RZM 141, +0.42 % fat, +0.09 % protein). He keeps increasing longevity again and again (RZN 120, +3). He can definitely be recommended for use on heifers as he breeds calves born easily (RZKd 112) and improves calving ease via his daughters in the long term (RZKm 114).

The best of the three full brothers for conformation is by far Masato on No.15 with RZE 124 (feet and legs 122, udder 124). He doubles his daughters to 491 now and compensates his losses in the production breeding values from April (RZM 138, +5, +1,163 kg milk, +0.27 % fat, +0.09 % protein).

Matchball on No.6 is a Mogul x Man-O-Man as well, but out of a Dutch cow family. He was hardly noticed as genomic bull so that he still only has 78 daughters in the third proof run. He wins 5 RZM points to 142 (+1,631 kg milk, +0.06 % fat, +0.01 % protein) having daughters in second lactation (RZE 114, feet and legs 112, udder 115). Rump slope (79) and rear leg angle (68, steep) should be kept in mind.

One of 5 Shotglass sons in total enters new on No.7, Shotello. His dam is a Bookem sister of Maxim (Man-O-Man x Goldwyn). The most eye-catching of his breeding value profile is very good daughter fertility with RZR 120. Apart from this, he is an all-rounder with RZM 136 (+1,305 kg milk, -0.03 % fat, +0.08 % protein), RZS 112, RZN 118 and RZKd 116 (RZFit 136). Milkability should be kept in mind (RZD 84) and Shotello is CDH positive.

The first two Balisto sons have a great debut. Baldur enters new on No.8 who was very frequently used as genomic bull. Based on just 26 daughters in milk production breeding value, this bull is out of an Epic half sister of Boss and reaches RZM 140 (+1,262 kg milk, +0.03 % fat, +0.14 % protein, RZG 145). During data collection, the classifiers already saw 81 of the daughters that are calving frequently now. They are strong for udder (122) having somewhat longer teats as desired (107). The Baldur daughters are average in the other fields (feet and legs 106, RZE 119). Having RZG 149 Bugatti (Balisto x Shamrock) would rank higher in the top list, but is not active anymore. The first two Balisto sons with RZG 145 and 149 let us hope for the best for the 51 half brothers to come.

Mr Max (No.16) is very strong for conformation with RZE 135. He already belonged to the most popular bulls as genomic and as daughter proven sire since April. Based on 288 classified daughters now he reaches impressive 139 for feet and legs and 128 for udder. 514 daughters in the milk breeding value estimation now result in an increase of his RZM to 125 (+3, +1,809 kg milk, -0.35 % fat, -0.20 % protein). His strengths are good longevity and good milkability with RZN 123 and RZD 114. He also improves udder health (RZS 115) and, moreover, he is a very reliable calving ease bull (RZKd 118, RZKm 111).

Mr Max


More new bulls

The first two Big Point sons rank very high. Bacalao (new on No.17, RZG 140) is ranking higher. With RZE 121 (feet and legs 128, udder 116), RZN 126 and RZM 128 (+894 kg milk, -0.30 % fat, +0.17 % protein, 106 daughters) he is a high all-rounder and can be recommended for farms using automatic milking systems (RZRobot 121). The dam of Bacalao is Mondial VG 87 (Beacon x Ramos) that produced an average of more than 16,000 kg during three lactations. The second daughter proven Big Point son Bronx (dam: Leko x Shottle) enters on No.23 with RZG 139 (RZM 133). For udder (101) he may be too low for a widespread use despite feet and legs 123 (RZE 109) even though he is also strong for longevity with RZN 124. Facing these first, two Big Point sons, it is a pity that only 5 sons were used.

Boss has the most new sons in the top (7). Highest ranking of them is Bravos, new on No.20. Bravos is out of a Freddie out of the famous Comopolitan (Shottle x Outside). His figures RZM 135 (+777 kg milk, +0.21 % fat, +0.20 % protein) and RZE 120 (feet and legs 111, udder 118) are promising. Even four of the seven new Boss sons are out of Snowman dams. Badal (No.45) is the highest for milk yield (+1,516 kg milk, -0.08 % fat, +0.01 % protein, RZM 136) with RZE 112 (feet and legs 114, udder 106), but also has just 36 and 16 early daughters. Blue Snow (No.63) and Beat (No.114) are full brothers from the influential Danish bull dam Snow Heaven. Having RZE 120 (feet and legs 121, udder 111) Blue Snow may definitely have bigger potential compared to Beat (RZE 110, feet and legs 105, udder 106). Both have +800 kg milk with neutral fat and +0.15 % and +0.14 % protein. Blossom (No.70) also has a Snowman dam, but out of Goldwyn. With RZE 124 (feet and legs 122, udder 118), RZN 121, RZS 129, RZR 117 and RZKm 113 the owners of the numerous daughters from the use as genomic bull may be satisfied with their choice back then. There is still room on the upside for production with +312 kg milk, +0.04 % fat and +0.12 % protein (RZM 115, 73 daughters).     

The Freddie sons Chevrolet and Galaxy have 6 new sons each. However, none of their sons is made for unlimited widespread use. So the highest Chevrolet son is Corelli (No.29, DS: Bookem), but he is too low for daughter fertility RZR 90 and udder 104 (feet and legs 113, RZE 111). We eagerly awaited the first daughter proven figures of the former genomic No.1 Cinema (No.44, dam: Snow Heaven). He can completely come up to the high expectations regarding milk production with +2,109 kg milk (-0.23 % fat, -0.10 % protein, RZM 141, 37 daughters). He is also very close to his genomic values for conformation with RZE 107 (feet and legs 111, udder 100). Not everybody accepts clearly below average daughter fertility (RZR 84). The full brother is the most balanced one, Chevalier (No.122) with RZM 125, RZS 112, RZN 121, RZR 100 and RZKm 121 as well as RZE 108 (feet and legs 107, udder 104).

The impression among the Galaxy sons is the same. The highest ranking Garant (No.58, DS: Snowman) is attractive at first sight having RZM 129 and RZE 134 (feet and legs 131, udder 123), but he has low daughter fertility with RZR 76. The most balanced Galaxy son is Gandhi (No.165, DS: Beacon) with RZM 116, RZE 123 (feet and legs 103, udder 129) as well as RZS 110, RZN 115, RZR 114 and RZKm 116. Most customers do not want slightly negative milk yield (-168 kg) even though components are high (+0.58 % fat, +0.23 % protein).

Among the first 4 daughter proven Model (s. Robust) sons, three of them qualify for second crop. Malta (No.21, dam: Snowman x Shottle) is surely one of them. His figures may be based on just 23 daughters in milk and 17 classified daughters, but they definitely look promising with RZM 131 (+1,322 kg milk, -0.01 % fat, -0.02 % protein) as well as RZE 126 (feet and legs 125, udder 118). RZFit 134 and the fact that he can be recommended for automatic milking systems (RZRobot 114) speak for him.


Having somewhat less milk production (RZM 119, +560 kg milk, +0.13 % fat, +0.06 % protein, 67 daughters), Marigo on No.50 may rank lower, but – with RZFit 143 – breeds as trouble-free daughters (RZN 126, RZR 127, RZKm 125) as Malta. Marigo is one of the few bulls that combine slightly negative stature (93) with clearly above average strength (115, RZE 113, feet and legs 115, udder 114). His dam is a full sister of the dam of Bravos, so a Freddie out of Cosmopolitan. The best Model son for conformation is Midas, new on No.82, with RZE 128 as well as feet and legs 133 and udder 120 (dam: Goldwyn x Duplex). Regarding production transmission, the son out of the Jeanette family of Seydaland is not bad with RZM 121 and +897 kg milk, -0.10 % fat and +0.01 % protein and, in addition, is a good calving ease bull (RZKd 110, RZKm 120).  

Daughter fertility is the weakness of the sire of sons LetItSnow (Snowman x Planet). Despite considering this when mating, this weakness occurred with his first son Lucingo (No.75, RZM 139, RZE 125). LeChiffre, new on No.112, based on 40 daughters, reaches RZR 92 (dam: Bookem x Gibor), RZE 132 and udder 138 (feet and legs 115) as well as RZM 122 (+1,212 kg milk, -0.29 % fat, -0,05 % protein). The only one of the so far 9 LetItSnow sons that reaches RZR 100 is Lesson, new on No.136 (dam: Bookem x Bolton). Having RZN 121 Lesson is also the best among the half brothers here. With RZM 119 (+926 kg milk, -0.08 % fat, -0.04 % protein, 155 daughters) he reaches 119 for conformation (feet and legs 113, udder 121).

Saito (No.36) is the youngest of only 12 daughter proven Suran sons. Having RZG 137 (RZM 132, +1,049 kg milk, -0.04 % fat, +0.10 % protein), but especially RZE 115 (feet and legs 116, udder 111) he is above all of his brothers. However it has to be kept in mind that he only has 41 daughters in the beginning of first lactation, 21 of them are classified. Saito was raised in Italy out of an Italian cow family, but has a rather German pedigree with Goldday x Jardin.  

Araldik is just the second AltaOak son, but is in the Top-50 directly (No.48). Having high production predisposition (RZM 130, +1,505 kg milk, -0.40 % fat, -0.01 % protein, 81 daughters) he is a very balanced bull with RZE 117 (feet and legs 102, udder 117), RZS 107, RZN 122 and RZR 103. He can also be recommended for farms with automatic milking systems (RZRobot 113) due to somewhat longer teats as well as not too tight rear teat position. His dam is Bogart Jasmina EX 90, so a half sister of Midas and out of the Jeanette family.

Fanatic son Famasio enters new slightly outside the Top-50 on No.55, but already has 281 daughters included in his breeding value (RZM 127, +1,441 kg milk, -0.20 % fat, -0.08 % protein). His strengths are udder health (RZS 121) as well as longevity (RZN 120) with RZE 112 (feet and legs 106, udder 112). His dam Snowmassia is also successful among Red Holstein with the new Top-10 bull Fireman.

Shotglass son Safran (dam: Planet x Goldwyn) debuts on basis of 65 daughters new on No.81 with RZM 131 (+1,205 kg milk, +0.10 % fat, +0.00 % protein). The linear is without any extremes with RZE 115 (feet and legs 107, udder 112), but udder health is very good (RZS 122).

Freddie son Krunch was not used frequently as a sire of sons, but strikes home with Klose, new on No.145, having RZM 119 (+789 kg milk, +0.12 fat, -0.04 % protein), RZE 122, RZS 114 and RZN 120. We are tempted to look for the reason in the dam’s line because the dam Emilia is a Snowman half sister of Epic. With the highly and firmly attached udders (125), teats are positioned equally and are not too tight in the rear. Having good milking speed (RZD 107) this results in RZRobot of 125. Klose can be used on heifers (RZKd 116).  

Smile P RF (new on No.32) is the only new polled bull in the top list of the daughter proven Holstein bulls. Both, red factor and polledness, come from the dam, a Dutch Magna P RF x Lawn Boy. With RZM 131 (+1,406 kg milk, -0.21 % fat, -0.01 % protein, 51 daughters) Smile P RF offers more than just sufficient production (RZE 110, feet and legs 114, udder 111). Milkability should be kept in mind when mating (RZD 87).


Further development

It took some time for Mogul son Moll (No.19) that his amount of daughters increased clearly. Having 302 (+148) now he remains really good (RZM 130, RZE 126, feet and legs 114, udder 130).

Mercury (Mogul x Domain, No.67) already had more than 1,000 daughters, but mostly in first lactation. With a total of 1,927 (+823) now and especially with daughters in second lactation, he could not completely keep up with his production level (RZM 114, -6; +440 kg milk, +0.29 % fat, -0.01 % protein), but is still high for conformation (RZE 125, feet and legs 123, udder 129) and the functional traits (RZS 121, RZN 126, RZR 111, RZKm 119, RZKd 112).

Among the Supersire sons Sukari (No.24) remains by far the best for conformation with RZE 125 (feet and legs 110, udder 126). The first daughters in second lactation result in a nice plus of the production figures that are good anyway (RZM 132, +4; +1.386 kg milk, -0.21 % fat, +0.02 % protein).

Maibach (Meridian x Snowman) obviously increases his daughters with his third breeding value now (901, +540), but remains constant with daughters in second lactation now (RZM 138, +2,040 kg milk, -0.27 % fat, -0.11 % protein), as well as for conformation (RZE 111, feet and legs 101, udder 115). Another Meridian son, Malaga (DS: Goldwyn), entered new in April with just 32 daughters, but promising figures. He can confirm these now with 113 daughters and RZM 129 (+1,120 kg milk, -0.03 % fat, +0.03 % protein) as well as RZE 125 (feet and legs 125, udder 112, No.158). It is due to below average figures for the most important functional traits that he does not rank higher in the top list despite these figures (RZS 99, RZN 99, RZR 97).

The Genesis son and all-rounder Grizzly (No.66) is already on offer for a longer time (RZM 122, RZE 114). With increasing culling information, he keeps going up for longevity (RZN 121, +4) and daughter fertility (RZR 126, +3).

Among the Epic sons Explizit (DS: Bronco) is something special due to the combination of RZM 127 (+1,251 kg milk, -0.19 % fat, -0.01 % protein) with RZE 123 (feet and legs 111, udder 120). His first daughter proven figures in April were based on already 279 early daughters. It is already 1,167 now and he improves (No.68). The owners of the many daughters to calf may especially be happy about +5 RZS points to 96 (15,461 progeny).  

Several of the many Bookem sons reached second crop, with as figureheads Boss (No.12, RZM 135, RZE 115) and Big Point (No.13, RZM 133, RZE 118) having each RZG 142. Bonapart (No.94, DS: Bolton) is not that high with RZG 132, but he improved for milk production (RZM 127, +4; +792 kg milk, +0.11 % fat, +0.10 % protein, 331 daughters) and is clearly higher for conformation (RZE 122, feet and legs 101, udder 125, No.94, DS: Bolton). Bookem genetics for Red Holstein are available through Bolt RF (No.103, DS: Spencer 2). He also goes up by 4 RZM points (123, +432 kg milk, +0.10 % fat, +0.19 % protein, 628 daughters) with unchanged conformation (RZE 115, feet and legs 113, udder 111).

Dante (dam: Snowman x Roumare) is by far the highest with RZG 132 among the first three daughter proven Doorman sons. Not only the number of daughters goes up from 42 to 115 with his second daughter proven breeding value, but especially his RZM by 6 points to 122 (+315 kg milk, +0.24 % fat, +0.19 % protein, No.95). He remains constantly high for conformation (RZE 126, feet and legs 115, udder 122) as well as udder health (RZS 127) and longevity (RZN 119).

Nugget RDC (No.119) remains the highest by RZG among the 27 Numero Uno sons with his third breeding value and 953 daughters to date (+584). Having increasing components (+0.81 % fat, +0.19 % protein, RZM 111) with slightly negative milk yield (-400 kg milk), he is an extreme sire. This is also true for longevity (RZN 130, +4) and daughter fertility (RZR 121, +1). He also remains one of the three best Numero Uno sons for conformation (RZE 120, +2, feet and legs 117, udder 119).

Only 3 sons of McCutchen were used in Germany. Macperl (No.153, DS: Gerard) remains the best with constant RZM 116 (+770 kg milk, +0.02 % fat, -0.04 % protein), especially due to outstanding conformation (RZE 131, feet and legs 120, udder 130). However he changes positively for longevity (RZN 119, +6) with 378 daughters (+164) now.

Thanks to slightly improved RZE to 136 (+2, feet and legs 120, udder 133, 521 classified daughters), Godewind (Gold Chip x Sanchez) will still be used as conformation specialist. The daughters in third lactation now make his production breeding value go up a little (RZM 94, +3; +276 kg milk, +0.02 % fat, -0.22 % protein) and he also wins for longevity to RZN 107 (+5) and, therefore, RZG to 108 (+4).




Red Holstein

What we missed during the last proof runs is the refreshment in the Red Holstein top list with now five new bulls in the Top-10. The new No.1 already knows this place in the sun because Apoll P led the genomic top list as young bull for a whole year in 2015. As he was used very frequently back then his daughter proven breeding values are already based on 286 daughters in milk, 138 are classified, now. Having RZG 140, this results in a lead of 2 points ahead of No.2. The latest breeding value profile of the Aikman son out of Lawn Boy fits the genomic values he had then really well. With RZM 144 he is also the highest production sire of the breed today and the second highest milk yield sire with +2,370 kg (-0.47 % fat, -0.13 % protein). Despite very high milk yield, the tall and dairy Apoll P daughters have firmly attached udders (115, RZE 113). As expected here, fertility is not positive (RZR 83). Milkability still has to be kept in mind when mating (RZD 72).

Apoll P

The No.2 of the daughter proven Red Holstein bulls is a newcomer too, but not unknown as Red Power also ranked on No.3 as genomic bull. The influence of the components sire (+0.79 % fat, +0.36 % protein, +154 kg milk, RZM 131, 45 daughters) was limited though as he is CDH carrier (s. Perfect Aiko). His dam Nafidji VG 87 (s. Fidji) is really successful at the moment because she also has two sons in the Holstein top list with Scotty RF and Pax. Red Power has a very nice linear (feet and legs 117, udder 113, RZE 120) and he is the perfect calving ease bull having RZKd 128 as well as RZKm 114.

He is followed by the Dakker son Dalman on No.3 who entered new in April with low conformation figures. Having 146 daughters now, 71 classified, he goes up by 6 RZE points to 110 (feet and legs 110, udder 107). With good production figures (RZM 131, +1,276 kg milk, -0.24 % fat, +0.03 % protein) the son out of a Jerudo dam is faultless for the functional traits. Only milkability (RZD 82) should be kept in mind when mating.


The figures of the list leader of the past two proof runs, Snake Red (No.4, Snow RF x Destry), changed just a little: RZM 136 (+1,398 kg milk, -0.15 % fat, +0.05 % protein), RZE 124 (feet and legs 102, udder 130).

Sunny Red, new on No.5, is the higher one of the first two daughter proven Sympatico (Snowman x Planet) sons. His Observer dam has already produced a high Holstein sire, Durango. Based on 39 early daughters Sunny Red is a bull for milk yield (RZM 129, +1,883 kg milk, -0.35 % fat, -0.21 % protein) who transmits very good udders as well (124, feet and legs 111, RZE 119). His calves are born easily (RZKd 119), but his daughters will have more calving problems later (RZKm 87).

Julandy (No.6) unshakeably stays in the Top-10 with 2,692 daughters to date (RZM 137, RZE 129) and he is more than 8 eight years old now! Julandy was the most frequently used Red Holstein bull worldwide.

Lostau P (Laron P x Spencer 2) enters the Top-10 with 406 daughters now (No.7) as he improved his RZM by 3 points with daughters in second lactation (RZM 140, +1,102 kg milk, +0.17 % fat, +0.19 % protein). He also convinces for conformation with RZE 119 (udder 111) and especially for feet and legs (123), but he is rather low for the functional traits (RZS 98, RZN 97, RZR 87, RZKm 94, RZD 88).   

Fireman (Fageno x Snowman) already belonged to the most frequently genomic sires with more than 17,000 registered progeny. With his first daughter proven figures and No.8 in the top list he seems to justify this trust. However, only 43 daughters are included so far (42 classified) resulting in RZM 131 (+1,730 kg milk, -0.04 % fat, -0.19 % protein). The linear of this bull out of the Massia family is clearly better than it seems when looking at RZE 115 as well as feet & legs 109 and udder 107. The daughters have lots of capacity and promise great longevity (RZN 120).

Soko Red (Snow RF x Gerard) was the highest newcomer in April and loses six ranks to No.9 now. This is not only due to the newcomers ahead of him, but also because of a loss of six points for daughter fertility (RZR 94) and due to daughter calving traits (RZKm 76). 

Snowburn on No.10 is the fifth newcomer in the Top-10 and also a Snow RF son. He descends from the Splendors and is CDH carrier unfortunately (s. Mr.Burns).


Even more interesting red newcomers

Petisso enters new on No.16. The Perfect Aiko son does not have anything to do with Italy as he descends from the famous Thea family of Köster. The dam Tiandra already scored EX 90 in second lactation as one of just a few cows. She is a full sister of Ellmau (Elburn x Carmano). Based on 50 classified daughters, Petisso is really strong for all conformation aspects (RZE 132, feet and legs 123, udder 119) with lots of stature, strength and capacity. However, the Petisso daughters do not forget to produce here (RZM 126, +1,427 kg milk, -0.27 % fat, -0.10 % protein).

Another interesting PerfectAik son is Payball (dam: Snowman x Ramos), new on No.45, especially due to conformation with RZE 128 (feet and legs 117, udder 126) and RZM 112 (+616 kg milk, +0.29 % fat, -0.13 % protein, 35 daughters). Shorter teats should be kept in mind (88).

Besides Sunny Red on No.5 is Symphony, new on No.24, another early Sympatico son. On the maternal side, he descends from an American branch of the Splendors (dam: AltaIota x Lawn Boy). The very good overall conformation (RZE 129) results from outstanding udders (132) with not too tight rear teats, very good feet & legs (120) and medium frame and capacity. Having good milk production, protein percentages are somewhat lower (+1,236 kg milk, -0.18 % fat, -0.25 % protein, RZM 114). Symphony daughters can be milked easily (RZD 118) and the calves are born easily (RZKd 111).

Having +2,102 kg milk, Mr.Marco belongs to the Top-5 of the breed (RZM 128, -0.26 % fat, -0.33 % protein, 84 daughters). The newcomer on No.25 is a Magenta (Durable x Mr.Burns) son out of Niagra x Shottle. Besides production he offers very solid conformation (RZE 119, feet and legs 105, udder 120) and he is a reliable calving ease bull (RZKd 121). His weakness is daughter fertility (RZR 85).

The only son of the Canadian bull Survivor (Magna P RF x Mr.Burns) used in Germany is Sirtaki, new on No.30 (dam: Snowman x Goldwyn). This is a pity when looking at RZM 129 (+1,449 kg milk, -0.32 % fat, -0.05 % protein, 95 daughters) and RZE 120 (feet and legs 114, udder 109). Sirtaki is average for the functional traits (RZS 100, RZN 98, RZR 100, RZKm 92), but he is a calving ease bull (RZKd 111). Milkability should be kept in mind (RZD 88).


Further development

The former genomic No.1 in April, Effort (Ellmau x Snowman), entered new based on 118 daughters. He triples his daughters to 405 now and is on No.35. While he loses for production (RZM 109, -5; +768 kg milk, -0.31 % fat, -0.11 % protein), he wins for conformation to RZE 134 (feet and legs 117, udder 133) and, therefore, he is the highest conformation bull in the top list together with Moses-Red. This is Nitro P’s (Ladd P x Sunrise) third proof run. By doubling his daughters to 362 and the first daughters in second lactation, he can compensate the losses for RZM in April now (RZM 126, +5; +632 kg milk, +0.12 % fat, +0.16 % protein). He loses for longevity from RZN 118 to 113, but wins 2 RZG points to 124 and is ranking on No.39. Having RZKd 127 and RZKm 107 the full brother of Label P is a first class bull for calves born easily.