New No.1 among Holstein and Red Holstein in December 2017

Mocon as newcomer climbs on top of the Holstein list. He is none of the many successful Mogul sons. Among Red Holstein, the first Snow RF son leads the list, Snake Red.

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Toplist Holstein (daughter proven bulls)

Toplist Red Holstein (daughter proven bulls)


Mocon is the new measure for RZG with 151. He is the first son of Morgan (Bookem x Shottle) and will remain so for the time being as he was not used in the German programs as sire of sons. His dam Callista (Snowman x Gibor) from the aha Carla EX 95 family is a full sister of Snowboard (No.7) and Snowfall (No.22). Outstanding for RZM with 143 (+1,655 kg milk, -0.02 % fat, +0.05 % protein), Mocon is average for RZE with 104. Feet and legs (100) are faultless and udders are good (114). With lower body traits including stature with average dairy type and BCS, Mocon can be considered late maturing and modern. These figures are based on just 30 daughters in the beginning of the first lactation. Mocon is an excellent bull for calving ease (RZKd 115) based on 1,000 calvings.


Mogul son Murano goes up to No.2. With his second breeding value, he gains 7 RZM points to 151 and is the second highest production sire now (RZE 118). His full brother Morgan (No.5) – their dam is Debita (Man-O-Man x Goldwyn) – also climbs 6 points to RZM 141 (+0.44 % fat, RZE 112). The third full brother Masato goes down by 5 RZM points to 132 and, with this, out of the Top-10 (No.26), but remains the best of the three Mogul full brothers with RZE 132 (feet and legs 128, udder 126).

The repeated list leader and still popular Bookem son Big Point has unchanged figures now with 4,972 daughters (+1,452; RZM 136, RZE 120), but this makes him rank on No.3.

He remains the highest Bookem son because the former genomic list leader Boss (No.6) goes up (RZM 136, +4, RZE 118, -1, RZN 118, +5), but he has one point less with RZG 145 to reach Big Point.

The new Mogul son Matchball has got between those two (No.4). On the dam’s side, Matchball (RZM 135, RZE 121) descends via Man-O-Man and Shottle from a Dutch part of the Converse Judy family and he is one of the highest bulls for direct calving ease with RZKd 123.

In the meantime, 15 Lexor sons are daughter proven, but Lexard is still the highest on No.8 (RZM 146). With his second breeding value, he falls for RZE by 4 points to just 102 (udder 95).

Lexor as a sire of sons is disappointing because other early Lexor sons mostly fall. In contrast, the Mogul sons dominate the top list more and more and not only in Germany. With Moll on No.9 even 4 of his 33 sons are in the Top-10 and 22 in the Top-250. Having over 100 daughters now, Moll goes up slightly for production (RZM 129, DS: Snowman), but he especially is one of the best Mogul sons for overall conformation (RZE 130) and the highest of all top list bulls with udder 135. The combination of a strong suspensory ligament and complete udder attachment with rear teat placement not too tight as well as longer teats is quite unique (RZRobot 126). As Moll is a reliable heifer bull (RZKd 113) and has good fertility the demand is really high.

Garvin (G-Force x Super) was the highest newcomer in August and can keep his figures with more than 100 daughters now (No.10, RZM 133, RZE 113, feet and legs 111, udder 113) Garvin’s strength are clearly positive components with nice fat to protein ratio (+0.15 % fat, +0.17 % protein).


New bulls outside the Top-10

The first Shaw (Freddie x Planet) son Swing (dam: Billion x O-Man) is new on No.21. The combination of RZM 140 and RZE 121 is interesting. So far only 30 daughters are included and the figures are very similar to his genomic breeding values. Having +2,711 kg he is the second highest milk yield sire (-0.54 % fat, -0.23 % protein).

Meridian (Domain x Planet), after Mogul, has the most new sons (8). The highest ranking is Maibach on No.35 (dam: Snowman x Goldwyn). Based on 24 daughters, he has RZM 138 (+2,253 kg milk, -0.39 % fat, -0.15 % protein) and RZE 119 (feet and legs 105, udder 121), slightly higher than his genomic values. Maibach breeds tall, dairy daughters and can be used on heifers (RZKd 113). The best of the Meridian sons for udder so far is Merindo with 128 (No.122, dam: Freddie x Goldwyn) with RZE 120 (feet and legs 103). He only has 35 daughters and reaches RZM 122 (+1,494 kg milk, -0.33 % fat, -0.14 % protein). A speciality about Merindo is very fast milking speed (RZD 135), but this has no negative influence on udder health (RZS 100).

Freddie son Fanatic was one of the most frequently used genomic bulls and is still on No.130 of the top list. Fergus enters on No.42 (dam: Snowman x Goldwyn) as one of his first 3 daughter proven sons – 15 will follow. With +2,017 kg milk based on already 214 daughters, he is better by more than one thousand kilo compared to his half brothers and the best production sire with RZM 135. He is also better than his half brothers for conformation with 111 (feet and legs 108, udder 109). Having RZKd 116 and more than 17,000 progeny, he is a reliable bull for calving ease.

Mogul has the most newcomers in the top list with 12 new sons. Except Matchball on No.4 mentioned above, Mr Max (No.36, dam: Super x Planet, RZM 123) is worth a closer look. Having RZE 133 (feet and legs 127, udder 129), he is better for conformation than all of his half brothers (33 daughters). Body traits are slightly above 100 and rear teat placement is average with very firm udders, he fits many farms. With RZFit 132, he is very good for the functional traits whereas he is an ideal heiferbull having clearly above average direct and daughter fertility (RZKd 121, RZKm 109, 11,000 progeny). In addition, the Mr Max daughters can be easily milked (RZD 118) with good udder health (RZS 115).

Reliability is probably low with 23 daughters, but having best conformation figures (RZE 130, feet and legs 119, udder 134) Mogan (Mogul x Super x Ramos) is also new on No.81.

Mounty new on No.103 with RZE 126 (feet and legs 123, udder 129) as well as RZM 121 (+0.49 % fat, +0.10 % protein) could be interesting, too. He has an alternative sire line-up with Mogul x Gibor x Jocko Besne x Lucky Leo. With only 17 daughters, 12 of them classified, these may be only tendencies.

The two new Supersire sons Superbowl (No.37) and Sukari (No.98) are strong for functionality (RZFit 131 and 121) and they can be recommended for farms using automatic milking systems (RZRobot 117 and 112). Moreover they can be used on heifers (RZKd 114 and 109). Superbowl (RZM 126, RZE 116, feet and legs 116, udder 119) is out of a Beacon x Jango dam and he is a full brother of Joclassic, on No.53, as well as of Josuper, on No.5 of the Interbull list. Sukari (dam: Gerard x Shottle) is even a little better for production and conformation with RZM 127 and RZE 121 (feet and legs 109, udder 123) than Superbowl, but ranks lower due to RZN 117.

Even in times of genomic selection it is true that late sons are not necessarily the worse ones. Nugget RDC is one of the last Numero Uno sons and, on No.55, by far the best among 22 daughter proven half brothers. Back then, he was purchased especially because of the fact that he is a red carrier. Nugget RDC’s high RZG is due to outstanding fitness (RZFit 136) with RZN 132, RZR 119 and RZS 116 as well as feet and legs 119 and udder 118 (RZE 120). He is extreme for the production breeding values: Having -135 kg milk he even reaches +62 kg fat due to +0.73 % fat (protein +0.16 %, RZM 115, 77 daughters). The dam of Nugget RDC is a Destry x Lawn Boy out of the Splendors.

Guard, new on No.59, is the last of only 4 Guarini sons. Even though Guarini had been No.1 for a long time and has more than 70,000 progeny now he only got very few chances as a sire of sons. His dam has a pure German sire line-up with Leif x Mascol x Bonatus. Guard is a no nonsense bull for component lovers (+0.46 % fat, +0.42 % protein, +20 kg milk) without any extremes, but RZM 130, RZFit 120, RZRobot 109, calving ease (RZKd 111), good fertility and RZE 104 (feet and legs 113, udder 102).


Suran, another former German No.1 bull has somewhat higher chances as a sire of sons with a total of 12 sons. Among the 5 daughter proven sons, Ola (No.216, dam: Snowman x Planet) is new with RZM 123 and RZE 114 (feet and legs 109, udder 112).

The first daughter proven McCutchen (Bookem x Shottle) son Macperl (new on No.93, 60 daughters) may attract lots of interest as he is not only the highest newcomer for conformation with RZE 135 (feet and legs 120, udder 134), but also occupies the conformation top among all top list bulls. Furthermore, he has sufficient production (+1,042 kg milk) with neutral components (RZM 121). As desired, he does not transmit too extreme for the body traits, neither he does for stature (115). As Macperl does not have any weaknesses for the functional traits he can be widely used. He was born out of an embryo in Denmark as son of an American Gerard x Shottle x Outside.

Leno (No.123) is a new daughter proven bull, one of the four Lexor full brothers out of the Danish Super bull dam Noma (Time x Stol Joc). All of them ranked high as genomic animals and were heavily used. Having RZE 108 (feet and legs 114, udder 108) and RZM 124 (259 daughters) he would not worth to be mentioned, but the combination of extreme direct calving ease (RZKd 127) and good daughter calving traits (RZKm 111) is unique among the bulls in the top list.

Stellando (s. Fidelity), one of the most frequently used bulls in the Netherlands, only has one son in service who is new and daughter proven now, Story (No.170, 42 daughters). He has rock solid figures (RZM 126, RZE 119, feet and legs 110, udder 119) and can be recommended for robot farms especially (RZRobot 125).


Further development

Due to their first daughter proven breeding values in August, Mercury, Bonapart, Bolt RF and Neymar are included in active marketing. Mogul son Mercury (No.23, DS: Domain) doubled his daughters by more than 500 and confirms his early figures with RZM 121 and RZE 131, especially the fantastic RZFit 141. Having good milkability (RZD 111), calving ease (RZKd 114) and clearly above average fertility, he is still used widely.

Bonapart (No.52, 130 daughters) slightly loses for production (RZM 128, -5), but confirms his other figures completely, especially conformation (RZE 124, udder 126, feet and legs 105). If you are looking for really pleasant animals, you will find them when looking at the Bookem x Bolton son out of the Remarlinda family (MVH 119).

Bolt RF (No.80) has 295 daughters now in first lactation (RZM 122, -6). Having RZE 118, RZS 117, RZN 120 and RZR 113, the red carrier (DS: Spencer) is a rock solid Bookem son.

In contrast, Neymar (No.207, RZM 114, -6, RZE 113, -7) really dropped literally with his second daughter proven breeding values. However, the figures of the Numero Uno son only based on 26 daughters in August.

Beladi, G.Farell and Gordan have been on the bull card for a longer time and have daughters in second lactation now. Beladi (No.31) was already popular as genomic bull and now has already 1,941 daughters. RZM 125 and RZE 115 (feet and legs 103, udder 119) are absolutely constant and RZG goes up slightly due to better longevity (RZN 126). The difference of this Bookem son between his many half brothers is the real alternative pedigree of his Danish dam (Massey x F Halling x V Curtis x Lukas).

G.Farell (No.60, RZM 117, 130 daughters) is absolutely constant. Among the 22 G-Force sons he is by far the best for conformation with RZE 128 (feet and legs 114, udder 129; DS: Goldwyn) as his half brothers reach RZE 118 at a maximum.

Gordan is on No.61 of the top list now and follows G.Farell as he can slightly improve with daughters in second lactation (116 daughters; RZM 126, +2, RZE 122, +2, udder 121, feet and legs 111). So Gordan (DS: O-Man) remains the highest of the 29 Gold Chip sons.





Benjamin (No.48, RZM 136, RZE 119, feet and legs 122, udder 110, 2,189 daughters) remains the second highest of 57 Beacon sons. He is an all-rounder. His daughter fertility (RZR 79) should be kept in mind.

Snowflake (No.54) has 4,626 daughters now and is still one of the best 5 of a total of 62 proven Snowman sons with RZM 136 and RZE 120.

Biathlon (No.83, Beacon x Jeeves) was not used that frequently as genomic bull (452 daughters). As conformation sire (RZE 126, feet and legs 117, udder 123) and all-rounder (RZS 110, RZN 120, RZR 118, RZRobot 120) he is in great and constant demand as daughter proven bull now. He should not be used on heifers.

Only a few of the more than 100 Man-O-Man sons had a longer career as active daughter proven sire, but Maserati (No.140) is still very popular (RZM 121, RZE 129).

Jentin (No.137) was born in 2009 before genomics. Now we are facing the wave of second crop daughters of this top seller (22,900 progeny). He triples his daughters compared to August to 560. This does not influence the figures of the Jeeves son (RZM 118, RZE 112).



Red Holstein

After the number of new daughter proven Red Holstein bulls was quite low the last two runs, even 14 new bulls pop up in the Top-50 now, 5 of them are Ladd P sons.

There may be only one newcomer in the Top-10, Snake Red, but he directly takes the top with RZG 143 based on 175 daughters. So Snake Red (14,294 progeny) who already was popular as genomic bull completely proves the trust in him. The combination of highest production (RZM 143, +1,658 kg milk, -0.20 % fat, +0.07 % protein) with RZE 126 is impressive for the first daughter proven of so far 8 Snow RF sons in service. His dam HaH Destiny VG 86 (s. Destry x Ralstorm), half sister of Lorman (please see below), has another promising iron in the fire next year with Brekan, the current No.15 in the genomics list. Snake Red will continue his genomic success as daughter proven bull with his great linear (udder 129, feet and legs 109), as reliable calving ease bull (RZKd 116) and all-rounder.

Snake Red

Lostau P (No.2, Laron P x Spencer) remains the highest polled bull (RZM 143, RZE 119, feet and legs 124, udder 112) with 228 daughters now, but can see Coloredo-P (No.3, Colt-P x Super) coming who clearly goes up with doubling his daughters to 811 (RZM 140, +4, RZE 109, +3, feet and legs 99, udder 106).

Julandy, No.1 in August, has 2,212 daughters now and is the only sire who is able to combine conformation and production with each above 130 (RZM 142, RZE 130, feet and legs 119, udder 124, No.4). Brekan as only genomic bulls offers such a combination.

Elwood (No.5, s. Elayo) is the only older Top-10 bull and is constant (RZM 133, RZE 110, feet and legs 120, udder 103, 2,828 daughters), but carrier of cholesterol deficit (CDC).

Kuyt Red (Destry x Mr.Burns) increases his daughters slowly to 87 in his third daughter proven breeding value now. The additional 25 daughters and the early ones in third lactation make him go up slightly (RZM 141, +1,963 kg milk; RZE 123, feet and legs 88, udder 131).

Jerrylee (No.7, s. Jerudo) loses 2 RZM points to 130 through further production development in second lactation. He still has 88 daughters with the same RZE 123 (feet and legs 104, udder 122).

Red Mist (No.8) has to give away the losses for RZM from August (RZM 135, -5, 902 daughters). Having only udder 99 (feet and legs 121, RZE 111), the Elburn son may not attract that much interest.

In contrast to Moses-Red (No.9, Destry x Mr.Burns) who has unchanged RZM 124 and RZE 137 (feet and legs 115, udder 135). He now has 609 daughters, 184 in Germany and 425 in the USA. Having stature 140, his daughters do not fit every barn.

Morris completes the Top-10. When looking at udder 91 (RZE 105), RZR 92, RZS 94 and RZN 96, we cannot be sad that he only got 127 daughters from first service, despite RZM 142.


More newcomers

We will have more fun with the other 13 newcomers. Citation P is the highest among them on No.11 and one of the 5 new Ladd P sons. Besides being polled, he offers an eye-catching linear with dairy type 120, body 121, feet and legs 107 and especially udder 130 (RZE 130). With RudolphRed, the dam ShnazzyRae (out of the Roxette family) has a full brother of Citation P on No.11 of the Interbull top list. The so far 115 Citation P daughters (61 in Germany, 54 in USA) are not only remarkable for conformation, but also have sufficient production (RZM 122, +528 kg milk, +0.12 % fat, +0.14 % protein). Citation P who is faultless apart from that should not be used on heifers with RZKd 81. It has to be kept in mind that he is CD carrier.

Citation P

Conformation can be higher among the 4 other new Ladd P sons. Lorman (DS: Ralstorm), half brother of the current No.1’s dam, is new on No.32 with RZE 136. With this, he is the second highest bull after Moses-Red for overall conformation. Having dairy type 133, body 113 (stature 123), feet and legs 123, udder 128 he should breed show cows. Regarding production, he transmits lower milk yield (+167 kg), but clearly positive for components (+0.33 % fat, +0.19 % protein, RZM 118). Unfortunately, Lorman is CD carrier (via sire Ladd P).

Lamano P (Ladd P x Man-O-Man out of the Splendor family), new on No.19, is CD carrier. With RZM 125, he is an extreme components sire (-1 kg milk, +0.64 % fat, +0.34 % protein) with solid conformation figures (RZE 122, feet and legs 101, udder 122). However, only 35 early daughters are included. His calving ease (RZKd 112) is reliable having almost 1,700 progeny.

Nitro P (Ladd P x Sunrise), new on No.30, is no CD carrier, but his older full brother Label P (No.28) is. Even though the two full brothers have the same RZG, they have a different breeding value profile. Nitro P with RZM 127 transmits clearly more production than Label P (RZM 117) and is also higher for RZE with 117 (feet and legs 105, udder 115; Label P: RZE 111). Label P excels with RZS 127 (Nitro P 107), but these figures of Nitro P are based on only 58 daughters. Label P already has 1,207 daughters. Nitro P definitely has easy calving (RZKd 122, 2,200 progeny).

Rebar P (Barma-Red x Magna P RF) is a high and interesting newcomer on No.12 and a maternal half brother of Revival PP. Rebar P, based on 48 daughters, has RZM 118 (+544 kg milk, +0.26 % fat, +0.03 % protein) and RZE 122 (feet and legs 107, udder 129). RZFit 129 and RZRobot 118 make him an all-rounder who should not be used on heifers (RZKd 80).

The daughters of Capple P, new on No.20, should be fit and suitable for robots (RZRobot 112, RZFit 125). Capple P is a Colt-P out of Destry from the Apple family. Having lots of milk yield (+1,161 kg), especially fat percentages are low (-0.55 %, protein -0.13 %, RZM 114, 32 daughters). With low body traits, the strengths are udder 121 according to 20 daughters so far (feet and legs 109, RZE 114).

Algo (No.27) is a new Alchemy son with RZM 114 (43 daughters) and RZE 117. Unfortunately, he is a CD carrier and only has feet and legs 97, but he scores with udder 126 as well as milkability (RZD 118). He was raised out of a Dutch Goldwyn daughter, but is out of the Debutante Rae family.

Lots of production and highly positive fat to protein ratio are offered by the new Jano (No.33, Dertour x Kylian) with (RZM 128, +1,072 kg milk, -0.47 % fat, +0.13 % protein, 37 daughters). Having solid conformation (RZE 115) with good udders (121), he could be better for the functional traits (RZS 102, RZN 98, RZR 93, RZKm 96).

The new Amor Red son Genaro (No.35) has no problems here with RZFit 120. RZE 111 with feet & legs 103 and udder 125 are not necessarily the complete conformation. Having body 72 (depth 76, strength 64) and BCS 77, the Genaro daughters are extremely late-maturing.

Only when looking at the maternal pedigree, you can tell where Azur-Red (new on no.43) has his red color as son of Ammon (Super x Shottle): Man-O-Man x Fools Gold VRC. So he is carrier of the dominant red VRC gene and will breed 50 % Black & White animals when mated with Red Holstein. There is nothing to complain about the first figures of Azur-Red based on 27 daughters (RZM 118, RZE 121, feet and legs 104, udder 123).

Escobar (No.47), the last newcomer in the top list, has his red color through the VRC gene as he is an Epic brother of Azur-Red. He only has 23 daughters, but RZE 129 with feet and legs 117 and udder 122 are nice (RZM 112).



Eragon (No.13, s. Elburn) has 118 daughters now and wins for conformation again as in August (RZE 127, +2, feet and legs 126, udder 118). He slightly loses for production (RZM 123, -4).

Fageno (No.17, s. Fidji) gets 1,000 daughters to 4,276 now, but is stable (RZM 127, RZE 112, feet and legs 111, udder 102).

As there are many heterozygous polled bulls, but no homozygous polled, Laptop PP (No.40) will still probably not be able to serve the demand (RZM 116, RZE 128, feet and legs 118, udder 127, 2,123 daughters).

Mad Max (No.96, s. Destry) with RZE 132 and feet and legs 114 as well as udder 132 based on 530 daughters (1,504 daughters, for RZM 105) will be the first choice for lovers of best conformation with high reliability.