Show successes in Europe

Daughters of our bulls showed excellent results at events in several European countries from the end of February until the beginning of March.


Let’s start with the elite show Aargau in Switzerland held on March 8th, 2020. The famous Black & White Godewind daughter Frisca became second in her class of young cows and also won the best udder title. Baileys (s. Power) dominated in her class of the heifers and became junior Red Holstein champion of the show.

The FDV winter show took place in Pesse, Netherlands, on March 6th. Holstein and Red Holstein were judged at the same time; the best Red Holstein cows were honored separately as well. Effort daughter Drouner Aiko 1349, currently in 2nd lactation, became Red Holstein champion. Among the old Holstein cows, Anta (s. Antares) not only ranked second in her class behind the later champion old and grand champion, but also was awarded the old reserve champion title.

On March 1st, the show “Jungkuhexplosion” was held in Tyrol, Austria, where young breeders of all breeds attended. Almost 300 young breeders and their animals of nine breeds were part of the show. Power daughter Evelyn ranked on 1b ahead of Nelke (s. Matisse Red) in the category Fleckvieh x Red Holstein.
Among the Holstein cows Sonne (s. Gabo) not only won in her class. She also became overall breed Holstein champion on this day. Mokabi daughter Melissa was awarded the breed’s best udder title.

This year’s international agricultural exhibition (SIA) took place in Paris, France, in the last week of February. During the show of the Pie Rouge breed there, Snake Red daughter Malice became young champion and was awarded the best udder young and reserve grand champion titles. Nabelle (s. Label P) ranked third behind Malice in the heifer class. Among the cows in third lactation, Mainstreet daughter Lapistache was the winner.
We should also mention the 1c rank of Milou Red (s. Dertour) in the SIA Red Holstein competition.

We congratulate the breeders and owners on these achievements and wish lots of success with Genetics made in Germany in future!

Snake Red