Red & White champion at the 40th show “Excellent-Schau”

This year’s show “Excellent-Schau” of our member VOSt took place in Leer on March 11th 2020 and was very special in many aspects. It was not only the 40th edition, but the judge Manfred Uhrig crowned a Red Holstein cow with the grand champion title for the first time.

14:01Давность: 107 days
Godewind daughter Manita

Ca. 120 selected show cows attended the show and competed for the title of the most beautiful cow in East Friesland. Godewind, one of our best conformation sires, was represented by several daughters being in 1st to 4th lactation – his daughter and fourth calver Manita became intermediate champion and was then awarded with the title “Miss East Friesland”. During the final election, she dominated in the ring against the heifer champion Betty (s. Monte), young champion KHL Piggy (s. Lineman) and old champion Kirma (s. Samburu).

Some of the first daughters of bulls like Monte and Nemo Red attracted attention in the heifer classes. Besides Betty mentioned above, Polly (s. Nemo Red) could win a class ahead of the Godewind daughters Heidelo and Ikea as well as Koralle (s. Brentano). The two Disanto daughters Gute and Famose won a “double” in the same age category.

Among the intermediate cow classes Party (s. Godewind), who already has show experience, won ahead of Goldday daughter Silvia and another progeny of Godewind, Ampulle.

Special highlights of the show were the classes of old cows competing against each other from 5th lactation and the lifetime production class from 80,000 kg milk. We have to mention the old champion Kirma here and the winner of the lifetime production class Irmlind (s. Chianti). She became reserve champion old behind Kirma.

Besides the show competition in Leer, two remarkable progeny groups of the bulls Monarch and Emirat were presented as well.

We congratulate all attendees and breeders on these great successes as well as the VOSt on this excellent show, wishing lots of success with Genetics made in Germany in future.

Nemo Red daughter Polly