Stadel daughter Diggy takes the lead in Europe

Diggy’s 18th birthday will be in November, but she still is in absolute top form.

Stadel daughter Diggy

Stadel daughter Diggy was born on November 7th 2001 on the farm of family Sievers in Beidenfleth and has not only reached 194,223 milk kg so far, but still has fantastic components with 5.57 % fat and 4.08 % protein. Diggy has impressive 16,778 kg fat and protein. Among the high producing cows the category is better known as “ten tons“ – cows having produced more than 10,000 kg fat and protein. The Stadel daughter’s production is unique in Europe due to her almost 17 tons.

Moreover, Diggy proved her show ability in the past few years, winning several shows for family Sievers. She had her greatest achievement in sixth lactation in 2010. At the show “Neumünster am Abend” she became champion of the old Red Holstein cows. In sixth lactation, she also scored 91-89-88-93/91 points with excellent classification. Diggy is the living proof that cows having outstanding conformation and optimal udders can be trouble-free production cows as well. Besides remarkable production Diggy has had 13 calves out of 11 calvings so far.

We congratulate family Sievers on this exceptional cow.