Many changes in the 2019 April proof run

The new RZM formula having higher fat weighting resulted in additional changes. For the first time, direct health breeding values are publishedt. The winning streak of the Balisto sons is continued with 12 new sons in the top list. However, the highest newcomer is a Rocky son. Among Red
Holstein, the Sympatico son Step Red with his second daughter proven breeding value takes the top of Apoll P.

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Toplist Holstein (daughter proven bulls)

Toplist Red Holstein (daughter proven bulls)

News proof run 04-2019

Explanation RZhealth

Annual base shift

With the first breeding value estimation of the year, the annual base shift is carried out regarding the current 4-6 year-old cows (2013-2015). Due to breeding progress in most of the traits, the breeding values are deducted as follows:





































































Dairy type





















The following changes of the particular bulls already include the general breeding value deduction.



Morgan (s. Mogul) is one of the winners with his high fat-% (RZM 143, +3, +0.42 % fat, +0.08 % protein) of the new RZM weighting of fat-kg : protein-kg 1 : 1.5 (before 1:3). Regarding the other figures he is pretty constant with 236 daughters (base shift) now (RZE 106, feet and legs 104, udder 106). He is one of the best 25 % regarding the new health breeding values with RZhealth 112. He also has a high RZN of 124. Another strengths are the good direct (RZKd 113), but also daughter calving ease traits (RZKm 112).

His full brother Masato (dam: Man-O-Man x Goldwyn) is directly behind him on No.2 with RZG 147. Regarding production transmission the brothers are similar (RZM 142, +3, +0.23 % fat, +0.05 % protein, 762 daughters). However, they are pretty different for the rest. Masato is clearly stronger for conformation (RZE 124, feet and legs 123, udder 123), but only average for longevity (RZN 101). Having RZhealth 108, he cannot keep up completely with his brother Morgan.

The highest newcomer is on No.3, Rocky, a son of the Dutch Shamrock son of the same name where only two sons were used in Germany. He descends from a Dutch cow family (dam: Bookem x Paramount). Rocky is a faultless bull based on 86 daughters (55 classified) with RZM 134 (+991 kg milk, +0.23 % fat, +0.06 % protein), RZE 122 (feet and legs 116, udder 120) and very good daughter calving traits RZKm 121. He can also be used on farms with automatic milking systems (RZRobot 117). He did well with the introduction of the new health breeding values as he is the highest health sire with RZhealth 117 in the Top-100 and also for RZhoof with 117 as well (RZN 126)!


One of the early Balisto sons, Baltikum, can go up by one rank with 914 daughters now (No.4). Due to good fat-% he goes up by 2 RZM points to 144 (+0.41 % fat, +0.21 % protein). For conformation he loses 6 net points to RZE 115 (feet and legs 106, udder 107), also because his extreme stature (132) is considered negatively now. Since this proof run, the optimum for stature is reduced to 100 (before: 112) and the deductions towards clear changes (top and down) are done quadratically, i.e. per point stature stronger the further away from the optimum.

Next are the highest of 12 new Balisto sons in the top list. Balbo (No.5) descends from Bookem x Titanic out of the family of Eminenz on the dam’s side. Based on 122 daughters Balbo is strong for components (+0.43 % fat, +0.12 % protein, RZM 136) and promises long lasting daughters (RZN 126). The linear is faultless and without any extremes (RZE 115, feet and legs 109, udder 112). Balic (No.6, dam: Epic x Baltimor) only has 38 early daughters, 24 of them are classified. So his figures have to be read carefully (RZM 143, RZE 115, feet and legs 105, udder 114).


The highest new Balisto son from December, Barcley (DS: Epic), increases his daughters from 24 to 351 now and is on No.7. He loses slightly for RZM to 144 (+0.45 % fat, +0.39 % protein), but especially for RZS (93, -10). Regarding direct udder health he is neutral with RZudderfit 100. Having 181 classified daughters now he goes up for feet and legs to 128 (feet and legs 107, RZE 122). Having teat length 132 he is a real correction bull.

Bartoli (No.9, Balisto x Hunter) could confirm his promising (unreliable) figures from December (39 to 112 daughters): RZM 127 (+1,213 kg milk, -0.24 % fat, +0.04 % protein), RZE 119 (feet and legs 108, udder 123), RZRobot 123 and RZN 131 (+3).

Mattis (Massey x Man-O-Man, No.10) enters the Top-10. The production sire (RZM 144, +1,203 kg milk, +0.21 % fat, +0.16 % protein) is not that good for wide spread second crop with conformation RZE 100 (feet and legs 90, udder 108, teat length 87).


More new bulls

Besides the two new Balisto sons in the Top-10 there are 10 more new half brothers in the top list. Balisto has a total of 27 sons in the Top-250 followed by Mogul (20 sons), Boss (14 sons) and good old Snowman (14 sons). Based on recent figures it may not be enough for Blacklist, new on No.16 (dam: Garret x Shottle), despite good production (RZM 132), udder health (RZS 125, EFit 115) and RZN 128 (RZhealth 111). Having RZE 108 (feet and legs 112, udder 101, 25 classified daughters) he is not as good as most of his half brothers.

So the chances are better for Burlon (dam: Man-O-Man x Shottle) who ranks on No.17 having the same RZG 141. Based on 41 classified daughters, he reaches RZE 111 (feet and legs 106, udder 111). For production he is a typical Balisto son strong for components with RZM 136 and +0.41 % fat and +0.39 % protein.

There could be mix-ups regarding two new Balisto sons having the name Balic as both are out of an Epic dam. Besides the new No.6 the new No.18 is named Balic (MGGS: Man-O-Man). This Balic has RZG 141 and presents himself as typical Balisto son in the first production breeding value (RZM 143, +0.26 % fat, +0.23 % protein) with RZE 115 (feet and legs 107, udder 112). A special of him is RZRobot 132.

Bailando (No.41) and Boston (No.72) are new, too. Their Numero Uno dams are full sisters. Bailando’s dam Nyala has brought high sons in several countries and descends from the well-known Neblina family. Regarding the production transmission with focus on components both are similar: Bailando = +232 kg milk, +0.33 % fat, +0.31 % protein (RZM 128); Boston = +167 kg milk, +0.53 % fat, +0.25 % protein (RZM 128). This is also true for conformation: Bailando feet and legs 101, udder 117 (RZE 115); Boston feet and legs 108, udder 113 (RZE 115). They are clearly different regarding udder health with RZS 118 for Bailando (156 daughters) and RZS 99 for Boston (38 daughters).

Dijon, new on No.80 (dam: Hero x Outside Dabble) is one of the better Balisto sons for milk yield with +947 kg (-0.02 % fat, +0.07 % protein, RZM 127). This is also true for udder with 121 (feet and legs 101, RZE 117), but only 24 daughters are classified. As Dijon was used more frequently as a genomic bull he can be reliably recommended as calving ease bull (RZKd 117) and also his daughters calve easily (RZKm 117).

The Shotglass sons are a contrast regarding production transmission compared to the Balisto sons having lots of milk yield and rather neutral or low components. Dreamshot on No.28 is not only the highest ranking of the four new Shotglass sons, but also the most interesting and most balanced son. His Bookem dam descends via Boliver from Outside Dabble EX 91. So the good conformation of Dreamshot may come from there (RZE 125, 80 daughters). The combination of fantastic udders (129) and very good feet & legs (116) with below average stature (88), but depth 105 and strength 100 is basically unique. The so far 229 Dreamshot daughters are very strong for production (+1,230 kg milk, -0.16 % fat, -0.12 % protein, RZM 121), fertility (RZR 115) and they are healthy (RZhealth 115, RZhoof 113). Rather low milkability should be kept in mind when mating (RZD 89).

Shelli (new on No.166) shows a similar profile with somewhat lower conformation. This Shotglass son out of Super x Shottle has little more milk yield with +1,396 kg (-0.21 % fat, -0.14 % protein, RZM 123). Having body traits slightly below 100 the linear for the traits feet & legs and udder is better than it might be expected when looking at the complex breeding values of 102 and 106 respectively. Shelli is also a health specialist (GES 114).

Among the new daughter proven Boss sons, especially Board excels (No.45, dam: Epic x Niagara). He was in great demand as a genomic sire and confirms this trust with 204 daughters now (112 classified): RZM 126 (+675 kg milk, +0.08 % fat, 0.13 % protein), RZE 118 (feet and legs 121, udder 105) and RZS 126. His figures are faultless, but milkability should be kept in mind (RZD 85).

Aikman was mainly used as a sire of sons among Red Holstein, e.g. with Apoll P as his highest son. Now there is a late Black & White son offering surprisingly good figures: Checkmate (red carrier) new on No.24. Having RZM 133 (+341 kg milk, +0.49 % fat, +0.27 % protein) and RZE 119 (feet and legs 121, udder 110) he is slightly above his genomic values based on 208 daughters. The combination of stature 101 with strength 115 and depth 113 makes him interesting, too. Regarding hoof health (KLG 116) and especially Mortellaro resistance (DDcontrol 124) he belongs each to the best five bulls in the Top-100. On the dam’s side, he descends via Checkmate from a Beacon x Ramos x Outside.

Kubero (Krunch x Shamrock x Mac) who entered new No.44 is a bull of extremes: +1,597 kg milk, -0.35 % fat, -0.23 % protein (RZM 120), body 84, feet and legs 113, udder 121 (RZE 113), RZN 126 (GES 115). Calving ease with RZKd 124 is extremely good (RZKm 107), just as RZRobot 129.

The new Album (v. Epic) son Alicante on No.93 is more balanced here (dam: Genesis x Shottle). The linear is good in balanced way (feet and legs 119, udder 122, RZE 122) with stature 111. Components are clearly positive (+0.28 % fat, +0.22 % protein), but milk yield is rather low (+136 kg milk, RZM 120, 95 daughters). All other figures are faultless (RZN 118, GES 112).

The new Sakajo (No.123) is the highest for conformation of the current Sargeant (s. Freddie) sons (RZE 117, feet and legs 110, udder 116, dam: Bookem x Man-O-Man), but only based on 19 classified daughters. Regarding RZM 121 (+1,096 kg milk, -0.19 % fat, -0.06 % protein) the production of 283 daughters is already included, but they are all in the beginning of the first lactation now.

Due to their conformation the two newcomers Dallas (No.191) and Turaco (No.230) may attract interest. Dallas is the first daughter proven Defender (s. Mogul) son (dam: Bookem x Bolton). Besides RZE 127 (feet and legs 114, udder 129, 36 daughters) he offers a nice RZM 121 (+415 kg milk, +0.16 % fat, +0.13 % protein, 46 daughters). His teat length (85) should be kept in mind even though he is pretty much faultless in all other aspects. Turaco is even stronger for udder with 130 (feet and legs 111, RZE 123, 63 daughters), but below average for stature (93) with strength 107. Milk production is good with +806 kg, but somewhat lower fat (-0.18 %, protein -0.04 %, RZM 114). Turaco is an early (s. Epic) son out of Mogul x Laudan.

Goliath (new on No.246) belongs to the category “all-rounder”. In contrast to his name the daughters of this Giant (s. Cameron) son out of Edison x Man-O-Man are no giants (body 92), but strong for feet & legs (120) and udders (122) with RZE 121. Health (GES 116) and especially hoof health (KLG 117) as well as the suitability for automatic milking systems (RZRobot 116) are his strengths, not necessarily production (+475 kg milk, -0.06 % fat, -0.03 % protein, RZM 109).


Further development

The development of Bermuda (Balisto x Mayfield), as one of the newcomers from December, is very good having 737 daughters now (before: 131). He goes up (base shift) by 4 RZG points to 141 (No.13) due to slight gains in almost all fields (RZM 138, +4; RZE 125, +5, feet and legs 117, udder 118, RZS 107, +4; RZN 112, +1).

Basical (Balisto x Epic, No.36), in contrast, could not maintain his high, first figures based on only 21 daughters. He loses both for production by 4 points (RZM 134, +1,117 kg milk, +0.03 % fat, +0.09 % protein, 160 daughters) and conformation (RZE 112, -5; feet and legs 107, udder 110). He remains the first choice for farms using automatic milking systems (RZRobot 134).

Balu (No.57, Balisto x Epic) cannot completely maintain his first daughter breeding value with 1,227 daughters now either even though already 100 of them were included in December. He drops for RZM by 3 points to 134 (+1,332 kg milk, +0.01 % fat, +0.15 % protein), also due to strong weighting of fat within RZM now. Having constant RZE 104 (base shift) the recent udder breeding value 95 (-6) will push him off the road.

Bravos, Malta, Midas and Bacalao experience their third proof run as daughter proven bulls and this means there is information on daughters from second lactation. There are slight gains for the two Model sons Malta (No.62, DS: Snowman) and Midas (No.112, DS: Goldwyn). Malta wins 4 RZM points to 130 (+1,276 kg milk, +0.05 % fat, -0.08 % protein, 174 daughters) with slightly better RZE 127 (feet and legs 131, udder 113). Regarding the new breeding value for hoof health RZhoof and Mortellaro resistance, he is also very good (KLG 113, DDc 113). Midas also wins for RZM (121, +4; +972 kg milk, -0.12 % fat, -0.02 % protein, 258 daughters) and conformation (RZE 129, +3, feet and legs 138, udder 118). He is also very strong for health (GES 117) and, here especially, for Mastitis resistance (EFit 118) and hoof health (KLG 117). Boss son Bravos (No.39, DS: Freddie) loses (base shift) 8 RZM points to 125 now (+333 kg milk, +0.28 % fat, +0.22 % protein, 208 daughters). Regarding conformation he has RZE 116 to date (feet and legs 114, udder 112). Bacalao (No.139, Big Point x Beacon) gains for conformation (RZE 125) which was already strong before (+4, feet and legs 131, udder 118, 151 daughters). He lost 4 RZM points, mainly due to the new RZM formula (RZM 119, -4, +893 kg milk, -0.36 % fat, +0.09 % protein). Regarding Mortellaro resistance and hoof health he belongs to the best bulls (KLG 119, DDc 116).


What else?

Mercury (Mogul x Domain) has been a daughter proven bull for more than two years and already more than 3,000 daughters were included for milk production in December. However, he really jumps high now by +12 RZM points (base shift) to RZM 124. On the one hand, his single breeding values go up with daughter productions from the third lactation again (+642 kg milk, +0.29 % fat, +0.01 % protein), but he especially benefits from the higher weighting for fat now. Having still the highest longevity among the 42 Mogul sons (RZN 131) and RZE 120 (feet and legs 118, udder 125) he climbs from No.80 to No.11, almost into the Top-10. The very low cell score (RZS 121) is now confirmed by direct udder health (EFit 122). Mr Max (Mogul x Super, No.21, RZM 126), the full brother of Magoo (No.8), is doing constantly well and remains by far the highest Mogul son for conformation with RZE 134 (feet and legs 137, udder 126). The new direct health breeding values show him as one of the best bulls, especially for Mortellaro resistance (DDc 120).

Sukari (s. Supersire) is constant (RZM 131, RZE 124, feet and legs 114, udder 124, No.26). He was not used frequently as a genomic bull unfortunately and keeps his 175 daughters.

Among the four proven Bookem sons offered, Beladi (DS: Massey, RZM 124, RZE 110, No.33, 4,555 daughters) and Bonapart (DS: Bolton, RZM 127, RZE 118, No.124, 426 daughters) remain constant. Big Point (No.48) and Banesto (No.209) drop by 3 and 4 RZM points to RZM 127 and 111 despite 11,349 and 7,837 daughters. The reason for this is the new RZM formula because both bulls are clearly below average for fat-%, but clearly positive for protein.

Grizzly (s. Genesis, No.61) does not benefit from the higher weighting of fat having a slight loss for RZM (RZM 121, +1,102 kg milk, -0.33 % fat, +0.03 % protein). With RZS 96, but RZudderfit 113 he is a good example for the fact that cell score is a good help trait for udder health, but just not the same.

Explizit gives away 3 of the 4 RZM points gained in December. The new RZM formula is no support for him either (+1,158 kg milk, -0.20 % fat, +0.02 % protein, RZM 126). He remains the highest ranking Epic son though having, amongst others, RZE 120 (No.75).

Benjamin (No.77, s. Beacon) having balanced production figures (+1,157 kg milk, +0.05 % fat, +0.09 % protein) does not care about the change of the formula (RZM 135, 3,451 daughters). He does really well for udder health (EFit 112) and cell score (RZS 117).



Red Holstein

The offer of new daughter proven sires in the Red Holstein Top-50 is limited this time (6 bulls). The two highest bulls from December, Apoll P and Step Red, switch ranks. On top of the list is Step Red (s. Sympatico) now having RZG 147. Compared to his debut in December he increases the number of daughters from 25 to 89. He goes up for production to +2,861 kg and is by far the highest milk yield sire of the breed (-0.63 % fat, -0.26 % protein, RZM 145). Regarding conformation, there is a different direction: (base shift) -6 RZE points to 110 (feet and legs 97, udder 114). His full brother Sunny Red can also climb one rank higher to No.4. He is clearly better for conformation (RZE 129, feet and legs 116, udder 132) and not that extreme for milk production (+2,036 kg milk, -0.43 % fat, -0.26 % protein, RZM 130, 623 daughters). Mating has to have a special focus because of RZR 94 and DDc 87 (Mortellaro resistance).

Apoll P has slight gains for RZM to 149 (+2,434 kg milk, -0.36 % fat, -0.12 % protein, 1,482 daughters) and losses for longevity (RZN 115, -4) and daughter fertility (RZR 78, -6).

The highest newcomer is on No.3, Present. This Perfect Aiko son out of Logan x Dombinator, based on 41 daughters (35 classified) reaches RZM 144 (+1,314 kg milk, +0.35 % fat, +0.04 % protein) and RZE 117 (feet and legs 113, udder 111) having a very solid linear with good medium body. A good daughter group of him was already presented at the Heifer Show in Krefeld in March ahead of the proof run. He is even the highest bull in the top list for Mortellaro resistance (DDc 120).


Fireman (No.5, s. Fageno) was one of the most frequently used genomic bulls among Red Holstein and his third breeding value already includes 1,199 daughters now (+1,865 kg milk, -0.02 % fat, -0.20 % protein, RZM 139). Regarding conformation (RZE 108, feet and legs 104, udder 107) he remains constant.

He is followed by Red Power (No.6, s. Perfect Aiko) who, as extreme fat sire, benefits from the new weighting within RZM (+132 kg milk, +0.82 % fat, +0.37 % protein, RZM 135). There are slight gains for conformation regarding feet and legs (117) and slight losses for udder (104, RZE 116). Red Power is highly positive for the new direct hoof breeding values (DDc 118, KLG 111) and still the first choice as calving ease bull (RZKd 129, RZKm 114). Unfortunately, he is CD positive.

The second newcomer in the Top-10 is Eloped Red on No.7 based on the first 33 daughters (27 classified). So his figures have to be read carefully (RZM 126, +1,411 kg milk, -0.23 % fat, -0.13 % protein). Regarding conformation he is an udder sire (125) with medium body (RZE 118, feet and legs 110). The Sympatico son out of Alchemy x Shottle should improve hoof health (DDc 119, KLG 109) and can be used on farms with automatic milking systems (RZRobot 119).

Another Sympatico son is Symsum-Red (DS: Snowman) who was one of the most promising newcomers in December. Having tripled his daughters to 198 now, he clearly wins for RZM to 135 and climbs No.8 in the Top-10 (+1,628 kg milk, +0.06 % fat, -0.19 % protein). Within RZE 117 (58 classified daughters) especially udders score here (120, feet and legs 110). Very good calving ease with RZKd 126 is reliably confirmed by 1,400 calvings.


Payback (No.9) was the newcomer having the highest conformation in December, but based on just a few daughters. His figures are quite constant now having 107 daughters (49 classified) and RZE 137 (feet and legs 112, udder 143) and RZM 131 (+1,196 kg milk, +0.05 % fat, -0.04 % protein). Being out of Perfect Aiko x Snowman x Shottle Massia 102 he has the same pedigree like Fireman on No.5. The dams are full sisters. Payback is one of the best for Mortellaro resistance with DDc 118. Daughter fertility should be kept in mind when mating (RZR 83).

Albano‘s (No.10, Alchemy x Baxter 2) strength is good daughter fertility with RZR 125. He is an all-rounder when looking at teat length (83): RZM 119 (+667 kg milk, +0.15 % fat, -0.03 % protein), RZE 114 (feet and legs 113, udder 111). Albano is CD positive.


More bulls

Dylan (new on No.40, Doorman x Aftershock, RZM 118) may convince with high conformation figures (RZE 129, feet and legs 107, udder 127), but is VR carrier and CD positive. The half of his progeny will be Black & White, also out of Red & White cows. Moreover, he is clearly below average for DDc (90). Goldfever (new on No.46, Go Now RF x Curtis) has nice production figures (RZM 124, +479 kg milk, +0 25 % fat, +0.16 % protein) based on already 165 daughters. RZE 108 (feet and legs 102, udder 112) and daughter fertility RZR 90 may not convince many breeders, despite that he can be recommended for milking robots (118) having longer teats (116).

Brekem son Brekan entered second crop in December due to his first daughter proven breeding values (44 daughters). Having 297 daughters now he lost clearly: RZM 112 (-10, +123 kg milk, +0.13 % fat, +0.15 % protein), RZS 110 (-7), RZN 103 (-5). He remains an excellent conformation sire with RZE 125 (feet and legs 115, udder 124), but also has had losses. In total, he dropped by 10 RZG points to 123 resulting in rank 47 (before: No.7).

Payball (No.18) belongs to the clear winners. The Perfect Aiko son out of Snowman x Ramos wins (base shift) even 11 RZM points to 124 (+1,123 kg milk, +0.13 % fat, -0.18 % protein, 707 daughters). He also gains 3 RZE points for conformation to 124 (feet and legs 113, udder 124). Which is more important is the increase of RZS (97, +9). Another Perfect Aiko son, Petisso, is constant despite doubling his daughters and first information from second lactation: RZM 118 (+1,343 kg milk, -0.43 % fat, -0.17 % protein, 223 daughters), RZE 132 (feet and legs 128, udder 117). Petisso improves the entire body, but should not be used on heifers (RZKd 89).

Snake Red (No.11, s. Snow RF) already has 3,471 daughters now. Slight losses for RZM to 136 are caused by higher weighting of fat yield (+1,342 kg milk, -0.13 % fat, +0.09 % protein). Conformation is unchanged (RZE 120, feet and legs 100, udder 127). Among the new health breeding values, Snake Red stands out with good hoof health (KLG 110). Despite stature transmission (122) he can be recommended for heifers as proved a thousand times (RZKd 116). Daughter fertility (RZR 87) has to be kept in mind.

His strong fat transmission gives Fageno (No.12, s. Fidji) a plus of 5 RZM points to 130 (+721 kg milk, +0.50 % fat, +0.01 % protein) despite almost 8,000 daughters – vice versa for the top seller Julandy (No.26, 3,084 daughters, RZM 132, -7, +1,305 kg milk, -0.41 % fat, +0.15 % protein).

Mr. Marco (No.22, Magenta x Niagra) is almost unchanged: RZM 128 (+1,895 kg milk, -0.19 % fat, -0.35 % protein, 158 daughters), RZE 117 (feet and legs 105, udder 118). He is still used as calving ease bull (RZKd 120).