Exceptional cows reached 10,000 kg fat and protein

Even three daughters of our GGI-SPERMEX bulls reached 10,000 kg fat and protein in the past few weeks.

25th Sunrise Sale

Many bidders attended the online auction.

Lentini daughter Elane is the best working cow in Germany

The magazine “TopAgrar” recently crowned the best “working cow” in Germany in co-operation with the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Lebenslinien (ALL, a working group for breeding of robust cows with good longevity). Elane, a daughter of the...

Show successes in Europe

Daughters of our bulls showed excellent results at events in several European countries from the end of February until the beginning of March.

Red & White champion at the 40th show “Excellent-Schau”

This year’s show “Excellent-Schau” of our member VOSt took place in Leer on March 11th 2020 and was very special in many aspects. It was not only the 40th edition, but the judge Manfred Uhrig crowned a Red Holstein cow with the...

Solitair P daughter sold for peak price

The auction “Die Auktion” of Masterrind took place in Verden on February 26th 2020. The most expensive animal that night was a young, Red & White daughter of our genomic Red Holstein top sire Solitair P.

47th show “Schau der Besten”

The 47th show “Schau der Besten” took place in the Lower Saxony hall in Verden on February 27th 2020. Several daughters of our GGI-SPERMEX bulls could excel there.