Lentini daughter Elane is the best working cow in Germany

The magazine “TopAgrar” recently crowned the best “working cow” in Germany in co-operation with the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Lebenslinien (ALL, a working group for breeding of robust cows with good longevity). Elane, a daughter of the GGI-SPERMEX bull Lentini, is the champion.

11:08Leeftijd: 68 days
Lentini daughter Elane EX 90

In the beginning in 2005, Elane’s (Lentini RF x Precht) production was firstly at inconspicuous 7,000 kg milk in her first lactation on the farm of family Flitz in Uplengen. The production improved with age so that Elane has produced an average of 11,400 kg in 13 lactations so far. Family Flitz emphasized that there were low vet costs for Elane all the time and that she always had good cell score results as well. Moreover, Elane excels with her conformation, especially hooves and udder, which is still very well-textured and highly attached today. Despite her old age Elane is still very vital and fit.

We congratulate family Flitz on this exceptional cow.