HolsteinVision 2018

The show “HolsteinVision” had its premiere in Bismark last year and replaced the traditional show “Nikolausschau”.

Van Gogh daughter Zilli (5th lac.)

The time was almost the same and so the RinderAllianz breeders met in Bismark on November 29th 2018. More than 1,000 visitors travelled there in order to attend this highlight at the end of the year. Besides the show, two progeny groups of the sires Bermuda and Sinclair were presented. Detailed progeny reports can be obtained on our website under “Progeny” in the menu “news”.

Sinclair daughter Simona (1st lac.), champion of the Sinclair progeny group

Barey daughter Gimik, Seydaland GmbH, could dominate one of the four heifer classes while her barn mate, Kayne daughter Merrysue, ranked third. Carola (s. Lasse P) owned by the Agrarproduktionsgesellschaft Bösdorf-Lockstedt was close on the later heifer reserve champion’s heels, Belsa (s. Brekem), and became second of her group. Britania (s. Superstyle) owned by the Rinderzucht Augustin, Neuendorf, became heifer champion.

Bermuda daughter Betina (1st lac.), champion of the Bermuda progeny group

Among the cows having three lactations, the Biathlon daughters Betty, Agrarproduktion Linstedt, and Bille, Kersten GbR, ranked third and fourth of their group. Gabino daughter Surini from the dairy farm van der Horst was very successful, too. She ranked behind the later champion Pam (s. Enforcer), Rinderzucht Augustin, and reserve champion Äpfelchen (s. Goldsun) also housed at the dairy farm van der Horst.

The first group of the old cows was won by the fourth calver and Camera daughter Carmen, Landhof Bobitz eG, and Goldboy daughter Iga, Deutsch/Kersten GbR, became third. Champion of the old cows, Van Gogh daughter Zilli, Deutsch/Kersten GbR, won the last group of the old cows. Carmilla (s. Santo), who already has show experience, owned by Schmüser and Rinderzucht Augustin ranked third here.

Bia (s. Kingpin) from Rinderzucht Augustin was awarded the grand champion title.

We are happy that RinderAllianz succeeded to establish an attractive and nationwide show: HolsteinVision. Congratulations to all breeders and owners on these great achievements and we wish lots of success with genetics made in Germany in future!