EuroTier 2018 – a successful start

On occasion of the EuroTier 2018 taking place from November 13th until 16th 2018 in Hanover all members and partners of the GGI-SPERMEX GmbH presented themselves on a large joint stand in front of the “TopTierTreff” in hall 11 for the first time.

International Lounge of GGI-SPERMEX

With 2,597 exhibitors from 62 countries and 155,000 visitors including 46,500 from abroad, the EuroTier 2018 was well-visited having especially more guests from outside Germany. The percentage of non-European visitors especially increased clearly. So we could welcome – besides our customers and visitors from foreign countries of Europe – also several groups and visitors from South America as well as from the Middle East and Far East at our stand.

The traditional spot directly in front of the TopTierTreff in hall 11 was expanded and so all our members and co-exhibitors as well as 45 cows and calves could play to the gallery nearby the revolving stage.

The progeny groups of the Holstein bulls Eprysha, Baltikum, Board, Malta and Kayne as well as of the Red Holstein sires Snake Red, Petisso and Payback plus a nice group of the Angler sire Nougat were crowd pullers again and enjoyed great popularity and were used for show-and-tell or as photo or film motif.

Through the progeny groups of the Fleckvieh bulls Hurly, Hotrocket and Evergreen as well as daughters of the Brown Swiss bull Vavigo, the offer of animals was excellently expanded by our partners from Southern Germany this year. The offer was completed by two demonstration groups of the breeds Fleckvieh and Brown Swiss as well as several fattening calves. So there was a lot to discover at the joint stand of GGI-SPERMEX.

Besides the great presentation of the animals on the stand, most of the groups were presented on the revolving stage of the TopTierTreff twice a day. The international audience could attend these presentations held in German, Russian and English.

We would like to thank our visitors, customers and partners we had so much fun and great conversations with at our stand. Of course, very special thanks go to our co-exhibitors and animal handlers of the different teams. Without them an attractive and professional preparation and presentation of the animals would not have been possible at all.

We are looking forward to the EuroTier taking place from November 17th until 20th 2020 and opening its doors to the largest exhibition on animal farming worldwide.

Progeny group of Snake Red