Apoll P heifer scored VG 88

Our red, polled sire Apoll P already excelled as genomic young bull worldwide and definitely came up to expecations through his first daughter breeding value. He directly conquered the top of the German top list by RZG in August.

Apoll P daughter Drouner K&L Aiko 1386

We are not only happy about the fact that his daughters are attending shows in the meantime with good results, but also that they get very good classifications, too. A good example for this is the Apoll P daughter Drouner K&L Aiko 1386, owned by Mts H+C Albring from Drouwenermond, who got the highest possible classification of VG 88 for heifers.

We congratulate on this great young cow and we are sure that there will be many more to follow!