Triple for BT Patricia

The new breeding organization Qnetics had its premiere on Saturday, February 3rd 2018. The fusion of ZBH and LTR held the show “Zukunft Rind” in Alsfeld, jointly for the first time.

Godewind daughter RZB My-Rose as young cattle

Following the tradition, there was a large variety of dairy cattle breeds again. Holstein, Red Holstein and Fleckvieh cows were judged while demonstration groups of the Jersey, Brown Swiss and German Frisian cattle breeds were presented as well. If that was not enough, strong progeny groups of proven and new sires were shown, too. Detailed progeny reports can be obtained on our website under “Progeny” in the menu “News”.

Among the Holsteins WFD Madison (s. Octane) won in the youngest class of the first calvers and became champion young followed by SEI Inkapi (s. Meridian). In this age class Godewind daughter RZB My-Rose ranked 1b. The second calvers were dominated by an old friend. BT Patricia (s. Atwood) became champion medium ahead of her barn mate BT First-Lady (s. Bradnick). Bodrum daughter BaS Heartbeat could win her class and Benjamin daughter BOP Jessi ranked 1c.

Old cows having three or more calves were led by Mox Loveletter (s. Lauthority) ahead of RZB Pasadena (s. Atwood). In her class Goldday daughter BOP Madonna only had to admit defeat against the later champion old.

As a tribute to really old and long-term production cows, there was a class with cows having six or more calves. RZB Patricia (s. Linjet) won it ahead of Neapel (s. Bacculum).

Red Holstein champion old: Falster daughter BT Nele (1st lac.)

The Red Holstein heifers were dominated by RZB Rosy (s. Absolute-Red). L.A. (s. Rudolph Red) became reserve champion young. The category medium of the Red Holsteins was cancelled, so the category old of cows having three or more calves followed subsequently. Falster daughter BT Nele was one step ahead and duped the competition. Era (s. Maxwell-Red) became reserve champion. We should also mention the good 1b rank of the Laron P daughter BT Philine.

Laron P daughter BT Philine EX 91 (3rd lac.)

With this the group of champions and reserve champions was complete and the judges Marko Radke and Bruno Deutinger were spoilt for choice when electing the grand champion. Eagerly awaited a dream surely came true for Wilfried and Eckhard Hauck from Schiffelbach here. BT Patricia became grand champion of the show in Alsfeld for the third time in a row and has a special place in the show’s history due to that triple now!

The Fleckvieh cows had to hold their competition without the champion of the previous year. So there was no title to be defeated. The heifers and second calvers were classified in the category young. The second calver Waldemar daughter Lybra won here. Estella (s. Manton), having her second calf too, captured the reserve champion title.

After “young” followed “old”. In the classes with three or more calves, the later champion of the dual purpose breeds Prina (s. Vidal) won. Gepard daughter Guilia became reserve champion.

We congratulate all breeders and attendees and wish lots of success in future!

Champion of the dual purpose breeds: Vidal daughter Prina