Neumünster am Abend 2018 – a thoroughly successful show

RSH held its regional show “Neumünster am Abend” on Thursday, January 25th 2018.

Grand champion: Label P daughter HaH Diana

Rotating with the auction “Auktion am Abend”, it takes place every two years and is always a large magnet for people interested in breeding from near and far. It is worth travelling there because there is always a very special atmosphere in the Holsten halls and there is a lot to see for the audience. Approx. 350 cows of the Holstein, Red Holstein, Red Holstein dual purpose and Angler breeds attended and were judged by Bert Groen (Denmark), Marko Radke (Eppendorf), Matthias Zens (Musweiler), Henk Lutke-Willing (Netherlands) and Georg Geuecke (Attendorn).

Progeny groups

Besides the regional show of the most beautiful cow of Schleswig-Holstein the young breeders started and RSH presented progeny groups of current sires of different breeds. With the collaboration of the long-term partner RinderAllianz even seven progeny groups entered the ring this year. Detailed progeny reports can be obtained on our website under “Progeny” in the menu “News”. At this point we can reveal who became champion of the progeny groups. Morgan daughter Conny could convince the judges and won a brand new heat time system for her owner, the Agrarproduktionsgenossenschaft Linstedt.

Champion of the progeny groups: Morgan daughter Conny

Subsequently there was the single competition of the Holsteins where Goldday daughter Salina from the barn of Dirk Huhne, Kasseedorf, won against her competitors in the heifer classes and became champion young. In the category of medium cows, DM Anni (s. Goldwyn) of Christian Fischer from Brunsbek was the leader while an old friend won the category of the old cows. Having 9 calves in the meantime Kara (v. Shottle) from the Kaack KG, Ratzbek, became champion old and was the cow having the highest lifetime production of the show at the same time! Jefferson daughter HvH Joyce owned by Paul Hameister, Timmaspe, became reserve champion.

The Red Holstein dual purpose cows were presented in five classes. Three classes were won by cows from Dirk Blohm from Klein Nordende, including champion and reserve champion: Sambesi (s. Opec), Berus DN daughter Solistin and Raxo DN daughter Samira.

Among the Red Holsteins Lorman daughter SH MJ s Diana of Matthias Jakob, Müllingen, asserted herself among the young cows and Carie daughter Sarotti owned by Heike Riecken, Embühren, became reserve champion. None was better than Label P daughter HaH Diana, neither in the medium cow classes nor in the grand champion selection. She held her ground and became champion medium. She is owned by Andreas Bewersdorff, Ruhwinkel.

Vincente daughter Naomie of Lars Reimers, Westerhorn, won the old cow classes ahead of Picolo daughter Extase owned by the C. & H. Gonnsen GbR, Struckum.

The deep red cows from Angeln represented the fourth breed of the show and they were eye-catchers, too. Praerie daughter Tarte of Michael Petersen, Westerakebyholz, became champion of the young age classes while Impalu daughter Rexona owned by the GbR, Rosgaard, ascended the throne of the old cow classes.

As mentioned before, HaH Diana won the final election and is grand champion for the next two years now.

We congratulate all breeders, exhibitors and owners and wish lots of success and joy in the barn with Genetics Made in Germany in future!