Show “HolsteinVision – Kühe im Advent”

In the pre-Christmas period, our partner RinderAllianz succeeded to have a celebratory and successful close of the show season 2017 with its newly developed show “HolsteinVision”.

Family Schröter and grand champion Nadja

The show HolsteinVision replaces the show “Nikolausschau” in Bismark and 123 cows from 50 farms from Saxony-Anhalt, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania and parts of Brandenburg came to assert themselves in front of the judge Henrik Wille in Christmassy atmosphere. Gagalady (s. Bookem), owened by the Deutsch/Kersten GbR, became overall champion in the heifer classes that were well-attended as usual, ahead of BcH Anja (s. Gold Chip), owned by Rinderzucht Augustin.

Among the second calvers, BcH Pam (s. Enforcer), Rinderzucht Augustin, won and Saartje (s. Swordfish) of Below-Farm became reserve champion. Judge Wille commented very good quality with great udders in this election. These are qualities also shown by the third calvers in the medium cow classes. BcH Amy (s. Lavanguard) became medium champion that night and her owner RZB Am Werden GmbH Klieken and Rinderzucht Augustin could be proud. Family Schröter could be happy as well because their Bolton daughter Sia became reserve champion.

In the royal league of every show, the old cow classes, Nadja (s. Lauthority) owned by the agricultural farm Schröter could assert herself ahead of Santo daughter BcH Carmilla of the Rinderzucht Augustin.

It started to get exciting for the last highlight of the night when the four champions of the age classes walked through the ring in a waft of mist. With thunderous applause, Nadja became the first grand champion of HolsteinVision!

We congratulate all owners and breeders and wish lots of success with Genetics Made in Germany in future!

Traditionally, progeny groups were presented at the show, too of course. Detailed progeny reports can be obtained on our website under “Progeny” in the menu “News”.

Santo daughter BcH Carmilla (3rd lac.)