Contenitori per lungo stoccaggio

Long term storage tanks are designed for long-term storage of biogenic materials at cryogenic temperatures. The tanks permit holding times of up to 340 days. These extremely long holding times ensure a high efficiency.

Contenitori ad alta capacità

The high capacity storage tanks have an enlarged storage capacity, however, have a reduced holding time compared to long term storage tanks.

Contenitori a doppio uso: umico e secco

These tanks are designed for both vapor shipment and liquid storage. A unique absorbent layer in the base of the storage tank enables them to be charged with nitrogen and employed as dry shippers with holding times of up to twenty days. Once at the final destination, the tanks can be filled with liquid nitrogen as normal and used for long term storage.

Contenitori Dry Shipper

The liquid nitrogen is fully absorbed by a guttering material within the tank. This enables a deep-frozen and dry storage of the goods on dispatch. Up to the evaporating of the liquid nitrogen a temperature of at least -150°C is kept. The level of security on long transport distances is increased by using dry shippers.

Riserve di Azoto liquido

Liquid Nitrogen Storage containers are used to store and distribute liquid nitrogen. They combine extremely low evaporation rates and easy handling.