New economic total merit index RZ€ from August 2020

During the breeding value estimation August 2020 vit will publish a new breeding value for the Holstein and Red Holstein breed in addition to the internationally well-established RZG. By means of the new RZ€ (RZEuro) it is obvious at first glance, which profit can be expected of a bull`s daughters, based on his genetic potential.

08:53Età: 130 days

The RZ€ is the first German total breeding value which is solely based on the economically relevant traits. On a Euro scale it expresses the difference in profit or loss respectively an animal can generate throughout its lifetime compared to the population average.

The weighting of the traits within the RZ€ is clearly focused on production, fitness and fertility and ensures the breeding of a balanced and productive herd. What makes the RZ€ special, is that the evaluation and weighting of the traits are purely based on interpretation of real farm data.

With the RZ€ a tool will be available soon, by which breeding for profitability of a herd can be improved fast and easily.