Tableau passes

On July 19th, 2019 Red and White bull Tableau had to be put down at the age of 15 because of an acute injury.


With about 320,000 produced doses of semen and nearly 27,000 daughters worldwide he was one of the most frequently used Red Holstein bulls of the last decade. Already in the autumn of 2009, at the pre-evaluation at the launch of the genomic breeding value estimation, Tableau reached the top. When he received his first daughter proof in March 2010, he ranked seventh on the Red Holstein list. In August 2011 he finally achieved the top rank of the Red and White bulls and held this position for a long time.

Tableau was able to confirm his impressive transmission power with his many daughters and produced medium sized cows with lots of protein, clean feet & legs, highly attached rear udders with strong central ligaments, as well as a good combination of udder health and milkability.