Top prices at the 24th Sunrise Sale in Karow

The 24th Sunrise Sale took place in the marketing center in Karow on March 29th 2019.

15:24Età: 232 days
Sunrise Sale team with PrismaGen Bellevue

The Sunrise Sale is famous for its hand-picked selection of animals with top-class quality and top prices resulting from that. As every year, many breeders and interested people from Germany and abroad decided to attend this sale again. It was already crowded in the hall and barns ahead of the auction so that there was a great atmosphere in the auction hall in the evening. The audience was impatiently waiting for things to come. Expectations were met!

When PrismaGen Bellevue (s. Jaguar), shown by PrismaGen, Altenberge, entered the stage, a bidding duel was ignited for the first time. In the end the young animal was sold for impressive 40,000 €. If you think this would have been the top price of the evening, you are wrong.

Catalogue lot 15, MBL Liv PP, a homozygous polled daughter of Mystic PP, shown by the Möller GbR, Baarz, could also excel and fell under the hammer of the auctioneer Andreas Aebi for 40,000 € twice.

MBL Liv PP descends from the cow family of Tiger-Lily Lawnboy Lulu-Red VG 87 and already two half brothers of her are in service, one of them is Hamadi P owned by RBB. The full brother of her dam is Benares P who has the first daughters in milk now. He is owned by RBB as well and in service, too. So it is no surprise that this young cattle attracted attention and, of course, has well-endowed embryo contracts.

Sold for impressive 40,000 €: MBL Liv PP (s. Mystic PP)

The results of the evening: double top price and sensational average price of 8,659 €.

We congratulate the organizers, breeders, attendees and buyers on this successful auction and wish lots of success with genetics made in Germany in future!

Her new owner bought her for 14,500 €: MPH Big Hotrod P (s. Hotspot P)