Great show success in Luxembourg

On February 14th 2020 the annual Junior Winter Show took place in Ettelbruck, Luxembourg. Among the show contingent all age classes ranging from calves to second calvers were present. Especially in the calf and heifer classes...

Successful Belgian National Show 2019

It already happened two months ago, but we do not want to keep the success story from you.

Successful member show “Zukunft Rind”

The Qnetics show “Zukunft Rind” took place in Alsfeld on February 1st 2020. The most beautiful cows from Hesse and Thuringia met in the Hesse halls in Alsfeld in order to crown the two new champions of the dairy and dual purpose...

THI Feedback’s dam scored EX 90

Missouri daughter THI Jo owned by Rainer Thoenes scored EX 90 (91-90-91-90) after her third calf in the beginning of the year.

Successful 44th International Black and White Days in Osnabrück

The 44th International Black and White Days took place in Osnabrück on January 24th and 25th 2020. The organizer, the Osnabrücker Herdbuch eG, reported on 1,800 visitors from 15 countries.

RSH show “Neumünster am Abend 2020”

RSH eG held its member show “Neumünster am Abend” in the evening of January 23rd 2020 in the well-visited Holsten halls.

Exclusive offer at the 29th HighlightSALE

The 29th HighlightSALE of the Rinder-Union-West eG took place in the hall Zentralhallen in Hamm on January 10th 2020. It attracted interested buyers from across Germany as well as from Italy, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France,...