7th VOSt Select Sale with new record price

The organizers of the 7th VOSt Select Sale could be more than just satisfied with the results in Leer on November 29th 2019. By the end of the evening 74 auction lots reached an average price of 4,250 € with a sale’s quota of more than 95 % – with a new record price.

The Select Sale attracted many breeders and interested persons to Leer with its versatile purchase offer. Not only high genomic animals were sold, but also heifers from show families as well as several Jersey heifers.

The international participation in the VOSt Select Sale was remarkable. More than a third of the animals were sold to buyers in the Netherlands, Italy and Austria. The new record price of 40,000 € was paid for catalogue lot No. 3, Ananas P Red. She was sold to a buyer in the Netherlands.

The homozygous polled Hotspot P daughter K&L HS Mona PP out of the Wilder M family belonged to the Top-5 of the auction: She was sold for 7,500 €. AM Kairo ET (s. Starello RDC) was sold for the same price as she excelled with high breeding values in different systems. She was followed by the Hotspot P daughter KNS Miss Shot-PP, a sister of the popular, high genomic young sire Simon P, for a price of 7,000 €.

We congratulate the organizers, visitors and buyers on these outstanding results and wish lots of success with Genetics made in Germany in future!