Sinclair and Bravos daughters convinced on occasion of daughter inspection tour by RinderAllianz

On occasion of a daughter inspection tour in the breeding area of RinderAllianz, 14 daughters of the bull Sinclair and nine daughters of the bull Bravos were presented.

Breeding experts from Luxembourg and the Netherlands

Bull: Sinclair 804345 (Shaw x Beacon x Goldwyn)

The progeny of the GGI-SPERMEX bull Sinclair was inspected with breeding experts from Luxembourg and the Netherlands on the dairy farm Friesian.

The farm located in the breeding area of RinderAllianz is milking 1,200 Holstein cows at the moment. The farmer showed us eight of his Sinclair daughters.

All of them are currently in second lactation and show good productions. Special highlights were the uniformity, functionality and youthfulness of the Sinclair daughters.

Every cow was very uniform and below average for stature having a very strong body, excellent udders and rumps as well as best feet and legs.

Sinclair daughters

Sinclair daughters

Bull: Bravos 823114 (Boss x Freddie x Shottle)

Not only the Sinclair daughters excelled, but also the Bravos daughters.

We saw nine Bravos daughters on six different farms in the breeding area of RinderAllianz.

Besides enormous strength, all cows had good balance with top-class feet and legs, functional udders with good production and high components.

Bravos daughters