Many new genomic bulls in August 2019

With 63 new bulls among the Holstein Top-250 compared to April as well as 17 new Red Holstein bulls in the Top-50, the number of new genomic sires published is quite high this time. Benz has by far the most new sons, but the new No.1 among Holstein is a Sonic son, Sano. Solitair P defends his top position among Red Holstein.

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Snickers P

Toplist Holstein (genomic tested bulls)

Toplist Red Holstein (genomic tested bulls)

News proof run 08-2019


Sonic (Silver x Multiply) has 5 new sons, but only one of them ranks in the Top-100, but on top of it, Sano. This is especially due to RZM 165, the highest of all bulls (+2,347 kg milk, +0.21 % fat, -0.02 % protein). He is very solid for all traits (RZE 119, feet and legs 118, udder 112, RZS 113, RZN 119, RZR 100). Sano should transmit lots of stature and depth as well as highly attached rear udders. As he tends to transmit shorter teats this should be kept in mind. Sano descends from a Dutch branch of the Lead Mae family (dam: Barcley x Chevrolet).

On No.2 there is a new bull as well, Freemax. He is the highest of 7 Imax (AltaSpring x Mogul) sons now and displaces the former leader and half brother Crownmax to rank No.4. On the maternal side, Freemax is out of Modesty x Kingboy and was raised in Canada. He is the highest conformation (RZE 130) and udder bull (131) in the Top-10 and this with medium body traits (feet and legs 118). His hallmarks are good longevity (RZN 129) and health (RZhealth 114) as well as calf fitness (RZcalfhealth 111), too. With RZM 153 (+1,723 kg milk, +0.22 % fat, +0.05 % protein) production is great as well. He can be widely used as he is suitable for milking robots (RZRobot 119). He also offers good calving ease (RZKd 111).

Suprem (Superhero x Missouri) wins two RZM points to 161 (+2,597 kg milk, -0.07 % fat, -0.07 % protein) and ranks on No.3. With unchanged RZE 115 he slightly gains for udder to 107, but loses for feet and legs to 110. All other figures are faultless. Suprem excels for teat length (118), too.

Crownmax (No.4, Imax x Profit) loses two RZM and RZG points (RZM 156, +1,620 kg milk, +0.38 % fat, +0.08 % protein) and, therefore, his top position from April. With medium body traits he offers solid feet and legs (117) and udders 119 (RZE 120). His strengths are good health breeding values (RZhealth 114) which fits well with RZN 125.

He is followed by Simon P (Semino x Board) on No.5 with unchanged figures and still highest polled bull. Simon P excels with good production values (+1,990 kg milk, +0.06 % fat, +0.03 % protein, RZM 154) and good udder health (EFit 112, RZS 120). Higher susceptibility to Mortellaro (DDc 94) should be kept in mind. The linear is solid without any extremes (RZE 120, feet and legs 118, udder 113).

Simon P

As in April with an interval of one point and RZG 161, he is followed by the DG Charley son Casino (No.6, DS: Mardi Gras). He is very good for hoof health (RZhoof 116) and also for Mortellaro resistance (DDc 111). With RZM 150 the production figures are really nice (+1,961 kg milk, +0.07 % fat, -0.03 % protein) and the linear with clear stature is excellent (RZE 125, feet and legs 116, udder 124).

Bachelor P is the highest new polled bull (No.7). The source of his polledness comes from his sire Batch P (Battlecry x Rocky), but could also come from the famous grand dam Miss Balista GP 84. Bachelor P is also a maternal half brother of Simon P and his young Board dam is a half sister of, amongst others, Abi Red PP. Bachelor P’s daughters should have high will to milk (RZM 149, +1,634 kg milk, +0.06 % fat, +0.10 % protein) being clearly above average healthy (RZhealth 120, EFit 120, RZS 121, RZN 130), medium-sized with good feet and legs (123) and udders (120, RZE 120). Milkability (RZD 91) and teat length (81) should be kept in mind when mating.

There were already 24 Gymnast sons in the top list, but the 25th of them, German Boy, is the highest now on No.8. The dam is a Danish VG 87 Silver daughter having a first lactation of 14,614 kg of milk with 4.04 % fat and 3.35 % protein. This is no surprise as the grand dam is a full sister of, amongst others, Cinema and a half sister of Baltikum ranking on No.13 of the daughter proven bulls top list. It is not only production figures (RZM 158, +2,124 kg milk, +0.22 % fat, -0.05 % protein) that stand out of German Boy’s linear, but also conformation (RZE 130, feet and legs 115, udder 127). The German Boy daughters promise to have lots of stature (128) as well as strength and depth. Calf fitness should be kept in mind (89).

As production sire with focus on fat (+1,409 kg milk, +0.43 % fat, +0.10 % protein) Summerlake (DG Charley x Balisto) was a winner in April of the higher weighting of fat. He loses three RZM points now to 152 and drops from No.2 to No.9. He still is great for RZS (132) and udder health (EFit 122). Regarding RZE most top bulls are better than Summerlake (RZE 113, feet and legs 113, udder 109).

Colani (No.10) is the fifth newcomer in the Top-10. He is a Cidre (Cinema x G-Force) son out of a Board sister of Jameson (No.143), who is having a deserving debut as a sire of sons at the moment, and with that out of the Neblina family. Colani shines with inconspicuousness, i.e. faultlessness at the highest level (RZM 151, RZE 125, RZS 122, RZN 126, RZR 105). Regarding production he combines milk yield with components (+1,472 kg milk, +0.31 % fat, +0.10 % protein) and, regarding conformation, stature (119) with outstandingly attached udders (126, feet and legs 113). Having also good health figures (Efit 114, RZhealth 112) rump slope (78) is the only trait that has to be improved when mating.


More new bulls

Benz (Franchise x Montross) has a shining debut as a sire of sons with 13 sons. He and is sons are characterized by best conformation combined with high longevity and good calving traits with medium milk production.

This is also true for Best Time, new on No.18, with RZE 123 (feet and legs 118, udder 124), RZN 127 and RZR 122. Best Time (dam: Alltime x Montross) who was inbred with Montross outperforms his sire by even 11 points for production: RZM 145, +1,447 kg milk, +0.15 % fat, +0.09 % protein. Best Time is one of the best bulls for calving ease combined with calves easily born (RZKd 111) and best daughter calving traits (RZKm 134). He can also be recommended for milking robots (116). He also has excellent health breeding values (RZhealth 119) with very high Mortellaro resistance (DDc 125) – the all-round carefree package of Best Time. He tends to transmit steeper rear legs (76) which has to be kept in mind when mating.

Backfield (No.19) has the highest udder breeding value among the Benz sons with 135 (RZE 129, feet and legs 117), especially with nice rear udder height (139). His dam Mackenzie VG 87 (Commander x Supersire) was imported to Canada as an embryo. Backfield should breed clearly above average tall (115), but late-maturing daughters with a good combination of sufficient milk yield and components (RZM 143, +1,242 kg milk, +0.18 % fat, +0.12 % protein). Health (RZhealth 113), and especially metabolism stability (RZmetabol 115), as well as robot milking suitability (RZRobot 121) are his hallmarks.

The highest Benz son for RZM is Bonham (No.55, RZM 147, +1,390 kg milk, +0.14 % fat, +0.16 % protein) combined with RZE 129 (feet and legs 124, udder 127). Hoof health is very good, too (RZhoof 119, DDc 115). However, udder health is average (EFit 104, RZS 98). The dam of Bonham is a young German Lombardi x Chevrolet, but also descends from the Barbi family.

Two more Benz sons in the Top-100 are Bonali (No.81) and Brebel (No.82). Even though they are not that strong for production (RZM 138, +858 kg milk, +0.30 % fat, +0.18 % protein) Bonali is a bit better with RZG 154 due to outstanding fertility (RZR 123, RZrepro 116) and longevity (RZN 128). Other strengths of Bonali are hoof health (RZhoof 111, DDc 117) and good udders (127, RZE 123). Bonali’s dam (Supershot x Maurice) was imported as an embryo from the famous De-Su farm and has 3 sons of different sires more in the top list. The grand dam of Brebel (DS: Battlecry) is a Smurf sister of Blacklist who currently debuts on No.8 as daughter proven bull. With RZM 145 (+1,112 kg milk, +0.34 % fat, +0.17 % protein) Brebel belongs to the Benz sons with focus on production (RZE 120, feet and legs 121, udder 118). He can be recommended for use on robot milking farms (RZRobot 115) and especially improves Mortellaro resistance (DDc 115, RZhealth 113) and calf fitness (113).

The German Silver son Semino (No.96, Silver x Balisto) was not used that much as a sire of sons. Among his first three sons, Simon P ranks on No.5 and the new Sepia with RZM 149 and RZE 137 on No.15. Sepia (DS: Commander) has a high RZM thanks to components (+732 kg milk, +0.64 % fat, +0.30 % protein). Regarding conformation not only udders (133) and feet and legs (124) stand out, but also the body traits (stature 123, depth 121, strength 115). This can probably be also seen in his calves already as he should not be used on heifers with RZKd 93. Regarding health traits (RZhealth 115) he doesn’t have to lower his guard and longevity is also high (RZN 124). The grand dam of Sepia, Mabelle EX 90, is the dam of BG Niels and Milton which are the highest newcomers among the daughter proven bulls in the Top-10.

Jameson (Jetset x Balisto, No.143) has the first three sons, two of them are in the Top-50, Jalano (No.21) and Jackson (No.35). Jalano’s sire line-up on the dam’s side is Bolaro x Maximum x Stylist. His RZG 159 is based on the combination of lots of production (RZM 147, +1,614 kg milk, -0.01 % fat, +0.11 % protein) with high class longevity (RZN 132). Longevity is based on great health figures. Young animal fitness is also very good (RZcalfhealth 112). The linear shows with RZE 125 (feet and legs 124, udder 121) medium body traits (stature 101). Jalano can be recommended for use on heifers (RZKd 112). As he tends to transmit shorter teats this should be kept in mind.


The dam’s line of Jackson (dam: Penley x Boss x Beacon) has proved itself several times already, amongst others with Sinclair, No.9 in the daughter proven top list. Jackson is the only bull with RZM, RZE, RZS and longevity above 130 (RZM 138, RZE 133, RZS 134, RZN 132). Production figures are perfect (+1,235 kg milk, +0.08 % fat, +0.08 % protein) and the linear is very nice, too (feet and legs 121, udder 134, stature 118). Having very high longevity and low cell count the good health figures (RZhealth 119, RZudderfit 122, RZmetabol 117) are no surprise.

Pinterault (Penley x Balisto) was not used frequently due to bad milkability (RZD 86) despite the highest RZG. This does not have to be true for his sons when mating adequately. The first is Pik As, new on No.27. His dam HLM Lu VG 85 is a Hotshot daughter strong for components (1st lactation 10,760 kg milk, 4.69 % fat, 3.72 % protein) which can also be seen in the production breeding values of Pik As (RZM 143, +883 kg milk, +0.38 % fat, +0.22 % protein). HLM Lu descends from a branch of the Lila Z family which was further developed in Germany. Having solid conformation (feet and legs 120, udder 113, RZE 117) Pik As especially offers health (RZhealth 117, RZS 128, RZR 116, RZN 130), robot milking suitability (RZRobot 117) and calving ease (RZKd 112).

Goloman (new on No.31) is the second highest of four Guarantee (Boastful x Tango) sons now. One of them is his full brother Guardian (No.26, RZM 146, RZE 127, udder 131, dam: AltaSpring x MPV) who is one RZG point ahead of Goloman. Goloman may offer five points more for RZM (151, +1,500 kg milk, +0.32 % fat, +0.08 % protein), but cannot keep up with him having RZE 120 (feet and legs 110, udder 118), RZS 122, RZN 122 and RZR 106.

Two maternal half brothers of those two are new entering the Top-100, Palmbeach (No.74) and Painted (No.97), both of Padawan (Jedi x Enforcer).

Palmbeach is a somewhat higher production sire with RZM 141, +1,661 kg milk, -0.14 % fat, +0.05 % protein compared to Painted with RZM 137 with +1,464 kg milk, -0.09 % fat and +0.04 % protein.

Having a similar linear Painted is better for conformation: RZE 123 (feet and legs 113, udder 125) compared to RZE 121 (feet and legs 108, udder 121) of Palmbeach. Regarding longevity (RZN 125 and 130), daughter fertility (RZR 125 and 126) as well as health (RZhealth 118 and 115) with Mortellaro resistance especially (DDc 121 and 118) they are both strong.

Among the two first Battleship (Battlecry x Anton) sons Brightside is clearly the better bull (new on No.41). Having high milk yield (+2,086 kg milk, -0.11 % fat, -0.01 % protein, RZM 150) the son of a Dutch cow family (dam: Afterburner x Chevrolet) is very balanced: RZE 127 (feet and legs 117, udder 120), RZN 125, RZhealth 116, DDc 113, RZcalfhealth 112. Brightside can especially be recommended for use on farms with automatic milking systems (RZRobot 126), due to somewhat wider, longer teats.

Having udder 141 the new Predator (No.57) belongs to the best udder bulls in the top list. With outstanding attachment teats are placed perfectly, not too tight in the rear (92). Regarding overall conformation this first Pharo (Jedi x Balisto) son out of Missouri x Balisto is high, too (RZE 133, feet and legs 110, stature 128). Having limited milk yield (+683 kg milk) his strength are components (+0.46 % fat, +0.21 % protein, RZM 139). The health traits are all highly positive (RZS 127, EFit 120, RZR 112, RZN 127, RZhealth 116).

Galvani (No.67) is also new in the Top-100. Galvani is a Gordon (Battlecry x Embassy) son out of Missouri x Smurf having RZM 142 (+1,462 kg milk, +0.0 2% fat, +0.07 % protein) and RZE 120 (feet and legs 109, udder 124) with RZS 128 and RZN 129.

A bull outside the Top-100 has to offer something special to attract interest. Sound (new on No.109, Sonic x Battlercry x Molotov) here offers RZN 130 with RZhealth 119 as well as RZRobot 123. Production (RZM 138, +843 kg milk, +0.39 % fat, +0.15 % protein) and conformation are solid (RZE 120, feet and legs 114, udder 124).

Seneca’s (new on No.117, Sonic x Battlecry x Model) highlight are udders with 134 (feet and legs 116, RZE 128). Production figures are focused on fat (RZM 136, +1,168 kg milk, +0.30 % fat, -0.03 % protein) and reproduction (120) stands out among the health breeding values (RZhealth 113, RZN 128).

Esquire (new on No.118, Esperanto x Battlecry x Rocky) is the second highest bull for health in the top list (RZhealth 127, EFit 129, KLG 118, DDc 127, REP 114, META 111) and also No.2 for RZRobot (136). He does not show any weaknesses having RZM 136 (+1,088 kg milk, +0.20 % fat, +0.06 % protein), RZE 121 (feet and legs 125, udder 113) and RZN 133.

Elpaso (new on No.138, Edlock x Battlecry x Beasley) is not that spectacular having Motellaro resistance 117, EFit 114 and RZS 127 (RZhealth 114). The combination with RZE 125 (feet and legs 110, udder 128) and RZM 142 (+1,126 kg milk, +0.38 % fat, +0.06 % protein) makes him interesting, too.

Baron P (new on No.103, Batch P x Araxis x Style P) cannot only be sold due to the fact that he is polled, but also because of RZM 141 (+942 kg milk, +0.42 % fat, +0.13 % protein), RZE 121 (feet and legs 114, udder 124), RZhealth 118 (EFit 118, KLG 112, Meta 115), RZcalfhealth 112 and robot milking suitability (122).



Red Holstein

5 out of the 17 new bulls in the Top-50 can rank in the Top-10. The other 5 were already among the Top-10 in April, with the same ranking. Dominating sires are Pace Red (Pad-Red x Numero Uno) and Salvatore (Supershot x Sympatico) with 5 and 3 sons whereas Pace Red has a total of 14 sons in the Top-50.

The Salvatore son Solitair P (dam: Balisto x Magna P) defends the top for the third time and this with a clear interval of 5 points and RZG 162. The combination of RZM 150 (+1,953 kg milk, -0.03 % fat, -0.01 % protein) with RZN 132 is the basis for the high health breeding value. Solitair P does not have to hide regarding conformation (RZE 126, feet and legs 117, udder 125) having a nice linear. This fact and as he is polled would be enough for enormous demand, but Solitair P is also a calving ease bull (RZKd 120) with good RZhealth (116).

On No.2 he is followed by the highest newcomer and Pace Red son Percey-Red. His dam (Apoll P x Galaxy) was raised by Reinermann, but descends from the Altitude family. Percy-Red is an all-round talent at the highest level (RZM 150, RZE 124, feet and legs 106, udder 128, RZN 127) whereas daughter fertility is just average (RZR 97).

Spark Red (Salvatore x Debutant x Brewmaster) still ranks on No.3. With RZE 130 (feet and legs 127, udder 124) and RZM 147 (+2,218 kg milk, -0.24 % fat, -0.11 % protein) he is in high demand even though the very tall (130) daughters do not fit every barn.

Pacific Red (Pace Red x Jedi x Olympian) is the second highest newcomer on No.4 with RZG 156. He was raised in the USA and is out of the widely spread Roxy family. This also explains his conformation strength (RZE 130) whereas he is the second highest of all bulls in the top list for udder with 144 (feet and legs 106). Regarding longevity (RZN 141) PacificRed is even the highest of all Red Holstein bulls. When also looking at +1,749 kg milk and RZhealth 118 is he the perfect bull then? Not directly as he needs support regarding components (-0.23 % fat, -0.14 % protein).

Pacific Red

Having neutral components with almost 2,000 kg of milk the new Salvatore son Snickers P enters the top list new on No.5 (RZM 152). He is the younger brother of the No.1 Solitair P (dam: Balisto x Magna P) and also shows a very similar, good breeding value profile as his brother with almost identical linear (RZE 124, feet and legs 119, udder 121) and calving ease (RZKd 113).

Palace (No.6, Pace Red x Board) is a bull for commercial farms wanting animals with somewhat more substance due to the combination of lots of production (RZM 144, +1,537 kg milk, +0.00 % fat, +0.09 % protein) and high longevity (RZN 131) with positive health breeding values (RZhealth 114). Having RZE 115 (feet and legs 109, udder 111) his linear is faultless.

The new Passage (No.7), a Pace Red son as well, is out of a Canadian Armour x Numero Uno daughter. The combination of RZE 126 (feet and legs 113, udder 123, stature 123) with RZM 145 (+1,967 kg milk, -0.11 % fat, -0.08 % protein) is interesting, but at a second glance you will see what is really special about Passage: With DDc 129 he is No.1 for Mortellaro resistance (RZhoof 121, RZhealth 114).

Then there is Andy-Red on No.8 with constant RZM 151 (+1,359 kg milk, +0.36 % fat, +0.16 % protein) and RZE 117 (feet and legs 116, udder 114). As Anreli (Riverboy x G-Force) son he is the highest top bull whose sire is not Salvatore or Pace Red. The dam of Andy-Red is a Dutch Rocky x Stellando daughter.


5 new bulls out of the WIL Kanu family

Paladin (No.9) already ranked in the Top-10 in April having almost the same figures: RZM 144 (+1,717 kg milk, +0.04 % fat, -0.05 % protein), RZE 113 (feet and legs 114, udder 113). Despite RZhealth 122 (EFit 122), RZRobot 120 and calving ease RZKd 113 his full brother Pantheon (No.41, RZE 135) and his half brother Kontra (No.38, RZE 135, s. Silky) are more in the focus. The dam behind these successful brothers is Wilder Koncert, a Battlecry out of a Brekem sister of Kanu P.

This cow family is also the background of the fifth newcomer on No.10, Embrace. His sire is Emperor (Jedi x Day) out of a full sister of the dam of the above-mentioned brothers out of the WIL Kanu family. Embrace is a modern bull with lots of production (RZM 142, +1,066 kg milk, +0.22 % fat, +0.20 % protein), good health (RZhealth 115) and longevity (RZN 132), faultless udders (125) and feet and legs (114) with medium body traits as well as more strength (109) than stature (102). Calving ease (RZKd 114) and calf fitness (KFit 111) allow widespread use of Embrace.

Allegro newly enters slightly outside the Top-10 on No.12. Having +2,160 kg milk the Alaska-Red (Pat-Red x Aikman) son belongs to the highest production sires (RZM 149, -0.23 % fat, -0.05 % protein). He is another son of the WIL Kanu family. His dam is a Board sister of the dams of Paladin, Pantheon and Kontra. Allegro should breed very dairy daughters with depth and adequate strength (RZE 119, feet and legs 113, udder 115) and can also be used on heifers (RZKd 110).

Another two newcomers are out of the same family. Alano (No.37) is a full brother of Allegro with similar breeding value profile, but lower figures (RZM 140, RZE 121, feet and legs 115, udder 117). Robin Red, new on No.36, is a Rusty-Red (Pat-Red x Aikman) son out of another Battlecry x Brekem out of WIL Kanu (s. Snowman). Robin Red is good for udder health (RZS 130, EFit 118, RZhealth 117), calf fitness (115) and robot milking (129). There should be a market for him especially due to this conformation values: RZE 129, stature 136, feet and legs 118, udder 126.


More new Red Holstein bulls

Pancho was already published in April, but the tests for the genetic defects (all free) were missing back then and so he was not in the official top list. Now the Pace Red son ranks on No.15. With RZM 142 (+1,576 kg milk, +0.10 % fat, -0.04 % protein), RZE 123 (feet and legs 108, udder 123), RZS 130, RZN 126, RZhealth 120 and RZKd 116 Pancho can be used on cows and heifers. His highly productive dam Cuba GP 83 (1st lactation 11,348 kg milk, 4.17 % fat, 3.79 % protein) is out of a full sister of Bueno (Balisto x Altakool) who ranks on No.58 of the daughter proven Holstein top list.

Ansporn is an Anreli son out of Jetset x Stellando and is new on No.29 with impressive RZE 126 (feet and legs 128, udder 129), RZS 129, RZN 132, RZhealth 119 and RZcalfhealth 118 and RZM 129 (+1,148 kg milk, -0.07 % fat, +0.00 % protein). Even though Ansporn has to be mated specifically, e.g. regarding rear leg angle (73). He also needs support regarding substance (stature 94, depth 89, strength 102). Combined with BCS 118 Ansporn should breed super-efficient, trouble-free production cows you literally cannot see.

Albada Red (new on No.31) is an Alaska-Red son out of Atwork x Sympatico out of the Rudy Missy family. He is a bull without any weakness having RZM 134 (+1,357 kg milk, -0.08 % fat, +0.00 % protein), RZE 123 (feet and legs 110, udder 126), RZhoof 115 (DDc 113), RZS 124 (EFit 113) and RZN 132 (RZhealth 115) that can also be used on heifers (RZKd 110).

Albada Red