New breeding values in April 2019 (RZhealth)

The vit will publish official breeding values of direct health traits for the Holstein and Red Holstein breed for the first time during the breeding value estimation April 2019.

12:15Antigüedad: 1 year

This is possible due to the herd typing program “KuhVision“, the collection of health data by the farms and long-term collection of culling reasons in line with milk recording. Based on this unique data set with a reference sample of 100,000 cows and 6,500 bulls, significant health breeding values can be estimated now. The RZhealth is composed of the breeding values RZudderfit, RZhoof, RZrepro and RZmetabol. These four breeding values subdivide themselves into health traits with different weightings. Relative breeding values are published here for both the trait complexes and the overall breeding value RZhealth, but not for the particular health traits.

Exception DDcontrol: The breeding value DDcontrol was introduced in August 2018 to override Mortellaro (dermatitis digitalis) in breeding by showing bulls that transmit clearly above average, high resistance to Mortellaro. Due to continuously increasing data and thereby better opportunity to define bulls among themselves the breeding value DDcontrol will be published as relative breeding value from April 2019, in addition to the belonging label for the best 25 % and 10 % of the bulls respectively. With that, it is the only health trait from the RZhealth to be published with an own breeding value.