A special cow

We heard some great news from England by our partner GGI-Holland. The focus is on the Mascol daughter Crosslane Mascol Gaye from the herd of Alistair Dobson from Chershire.

Crosslane Mascol Gaye in her 4th lactation

The cow is almost 11 years old and the star of the herd of Alistair Dobson. As a heifer she was rather unimpressive and average. Back then she scored 84 points and had a stable, but rather average first lactation, but you could see her strength and potential at that time.

The young cow developed well and reached enormous 12,555 kg milk in 305 days in her second lactation. This was clearly above herd average and her fertility was good, too. She scored “excellent” with 91 points in her third lactation and even got 93 points in her fourth lactation. She produced between twelve and thirteen thousand liters milk in every lactation.

By the end of 2018, she reached magical 100,000 kg milk in her 8th lactation being still the herd’s boss: she is fit with perfect adaption to the milking robot and outstanding body condition. Mascol Gaye scored EX 94 in 2017 and she still deserves this score, her owner says.

We congratulate on such an excellent cow and wish Alistair Dobson many more years to spend with his Crosslane Mascol Gaye.