Preval daughter Diana reached a lifetime production of 200,000 kg

By the end of January there was a very special reason to celebrate in Schleswig-Holstein.

Exceptional cow Diana and Ewald Bestmann are happy about the congratulations of RSH

Preval daughter Diana owned by Ewald Bestmann from Grönwohld reached the magical lifetime production of 200,000 kg milk. Only one cow in Germany was able to do so before her. Diana’s pedigree includes some of the best German bulls with Preval x Bonatus xPatrick x Mohr. All of them stand for robustness and longevity. This can also be seen clearly in Diana. She was born in September 2001 and is currently in her 13th lactation. She already gave her owner eight cow calves that, for their part, have the first daughters in milk and, therefore, the herd of Bestmann includes 15 female progeny out of Diana.

Diana has a lactation average of 13,607 kg and she had her highest production in her 11th lactation with impressive 14,689 kg milk with 3.59 % fat and 3.31 % protein. Her last bull calf (s. Starjuwel) was born in May 2018.

Even one of her grandchildren, the six calver Jurus daughter Maja, already reached 100,000 kg.

We congratulate on such an efficient, exceptional cow that also has sufficient breeding power to pass this onto her progeny. Therefore, we wish lots of success with genetics made in Germany in future!