Payball daughter group at the show “Zukunft Rind 2019” on February 2nd 2019

Bull: Payball 924725 (Perfect Aiko x Snowman x Ramos)

Payball is from Denmark and was already very much sought-after as genomic young sire. Besides his transmission his bloodline is surely a decisive factor, too. His invariable Black & White sire line-up makes the Red & White Perfect Aiko son from the Warsi family interesting for both Holstein color types. Therefore a Black & White heifer led the daughter group of six in Alsfeld.


Dairy type:

The Payball daughters showed medium dairy type.


The strong animals presented themselves very uniformly and well-developed having deep fore hand, open rib and good condition. The slightly sloped rumps were of good width.

Feet and legs:

The animals moved very well in the ring on correct feet and legs with good bone quality.


The outstanding udders were a highlight: highly and widely attached in the rear with correct teat placement and without shorter teats as expected according to the linear.

Payball can be used on heifers.

Payball daughter group at the show “Zukunft Rind 2019”