Hotspot P daughter became top seller

Hotspot P is currently the highest Black & White polled sire by RZG and enjoys great national and international popularity.

Hotspot P

Hotspot P’s first promising calves were born in the past few months. One of his still young daughters was sold for a new record price at the auction “Top-Genetik-Auktion” in Osnabrück on January 26th 2019.

KNS Miss Hot PP – the name said it all: Miss Hot PP was already much sought-after before she actually entered the auction ring. The young cow calf out of a Board dam came to auction subsequently and aroused great interest before the event: an outstanding RZG, very balanced breeding values at a high level and also homozygous polled. A hot combination that resulted in embryo contracts of almost 50,000 € for her. At the end she was sold for 52,000 €!

We do not want to forget to mention that a daughter of our bull Board was sold at a high price, too. RR Emma – whose sire got his first daughter proven breeding values in December – was among the calved heifers. Emma descending from the Elisa family was sold for a top-class price of 5,800 € in this category.