Hotspot P daughter became top seller

Hotspot P is currently the highest Black & White polled sire by RZG and enjoys great national and international popularity.

Swiss Expo 2019 – German genetics convinced

It was time for “Swiss Expo” in Lausanne, Switzerland, from January 9th until 12th 2019.

HighlightSALE 2019: Successful beginning of the new auction year

Many breeders, interested persons and young breeders met for the 28th time on January 11th 2019 in Hamm again to attend the first “highlight” of the year of our member RUW.

Calogen – new bull having aAa 216

Calogen has been in service since December having the attractive aAa code 216!

HolsteinVision 2018

The show “HolsteinVision” had its premiere in Bismark last year and replaced the traditional show “Nikolausschau”.

European shows in autumn

The year is coming to an end and while we had so much work with the EuroTier 2018, many great and top-class shows took place in Europe at the same time.

Breeding value evaluation December 2018

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