Kingston 619138

Kingpin x Fanatic x Time

06:13Age: 55 days

We are introducing to you the new progeny tested bull Kingston today. Kingston descends via the further sire line-up Kingpin x Fanatic x Time from the Danish Neblina family.

Having good milk yield with positive components, Kingston has clear strengths for udder transmission. Thanks to firm, highly attached udders carried by a strong suspensory ligament as well as good teat placement and length, he can also be used on farms with automatic milking systems.

His linear profile promises tall, compact daughters with lots of body depth and strength, with wide, slightly sloped rumps and solid feet & legs. This bull does not leave anything to be desired regarding the traits longevity and calving ease either. His health breeding values and the breeding value for Mortellaro resistance, DD-Control, are completely positive.

Kingston is a complete production sire that offers excellent conformation.