Hogwart PP 823233

Hotspot P x Board x Balisto

06:16Age: 55 days
Hogwart PP

We are introducing to you the Hotspot P son Hogwart PP today.

Hogwart PP descends from Mrs. Poll P, the dam of Laptop PP.

The Hotspot P son scores in many aspects, but especially excels with remarkable milk production and positive fat and protein percentages. In addition, the high breeding values for cell score, longevity and daughter fertility stand out.

His linear profile promises medium-sized cows moving on very good feet and legs. Moreover, they have highly attached udders with strong suspensory ligament and very well-placed teats. This makes this bull also interesting for farms using automatic milking systems.

If you are looking for a balanced polled sire, Hogwart PP is the right choice. He also offers beta casein A2/A2.