Hedge PP 685595

Hotspot P x Barcley x Powerball P

06:22Age: 102 days
Hedge PP

We are introducing to you the new Hotspot P son Hedge PP today.

Hedge PP descends from the family of DE-SU Patron Gold EX 90 and his pedigree includes several cows classified VG and EX.

The Hotspot P son is one of the strongest homozygous polled bulls for conformation. He promises framy cows having lots of body depth and wide rumps. His daughters move on excellent, clean feet and legs. In addition, especially the highly and firmly attached udders stand out. They are carried by a strong suspensory ligament and show well-placed teats of sufficient length. This makes this bull also interesting for farms working with automatic milking systems.

Regarding functional traits, Hedge PP scores with very good longevity and solid daughter fertility. Outstanding health breeding values, a very good breeding value for calf health and positive calving traits speak for this bull.

This multiplicity of his positive traits makes Hedge PP a sire for widespread use.