Dreamboy Red 917588

Debutant x Sympatico RDC x Talent2 RDC

06:30Age: 130 days

Dreamboy Red descends via Sympatico RDC and EX 92 Talent RDC from the famous show and brood cow KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX 96.

The Debutant son convinces with a very good combination of production, longevity and conformation. His linear profile promises medium-sized to framy daughters with sufficiently wide rumps, which move on good feet & legs. Particularly noteworthy are the outstanding udders of his daughters. These are highly and firmly attached with strong suspensory ligaments and very well placed teats. Dreamboy Red also excels through positive health breeding values throughout.

Altogether, Dreamboy Red is a well-balanced bull, which is suitable for use on heifers and transmits good daughter fertility.

Dreamboy daughter Julie

Dreamboy daughter Jamina

Dreamboy daughter Selena