Bull of the month March 2020: Freemax 811622

Imax x Modesty x Kingboy

11:31Age: 137 days
Category: Bulle des Monats

Freemax is bull of the month March.

Freemax was born from a Canadian embryo in the Netherlands. He is the highest Imax son and descends via daughters of Modesty and Kingpin from the popular Canadian bull dam Aija Supersire Makea. Freemax ranked second of the German genomics top list and fourth of the Interbull ranking.

With very good milk yield and very good components, Freemax has clear strengths for udder transmission. Thanks to highly attached rear udders and well-placed teats, he can especially be used on farms working with automatic milking systems.

When looking at his linear profile, we can expect daughters of medium stature, moving on good feet and legs and convincing with udders that can be easily milked. In addition, clearly above average health breeding values and remarkable calving traits are aspects in this bull’s favor. Moreover, he also excels with the new calf breeding value – his calves show high vitality.

This multitude of positive characteristics makes Freemax a versatile sire for widespread use.

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