Argus daughter group at the show “Zukunft Rind 2020” on February 1st 2020

Bull: Argus 619110 (Anton x Bookem x Bolton)

Argus is an early Anton son out of an outstanding bull dam. His great grand dam CAS Dorin (s. Mascol) is 14 years old and was awarded the title “best production cow” as she produced more than 100,000 liters. A daughter group of eight heifers was presented at the member show “Zukunft Rind”.


Dairy type:

The daughter group was very youthful.


The heifers were medium-sized and showed lots of development potential.

Feet and legs:

In the show ring, the animals moved on correct feet and legs with strong hooves and pasterns.


The daughters had great udder attachment and a strong suspensory ligament.

Argus breeds stylish, dairy daughters with faultless udders.

Argus daughter group at the show “Zukunft Rind 2020”