THI Feedback’s dam scored EX 90

Missouri daughter THI Jo owned by Rainer Thoenes scored EX 90 (91-90-91-90) after her third calf in the beginning of the year.

Missouri daughter THI Jo EX 90

THI Jo is a very harmonious, fine cow having an optimally sloped rump. Her highly attached udder shines with teat placement suitable for robot milking. Her feet and legs have to be praised especially; they are perfectly angled as well as dry and enable best locomotion. Her breeder Rainer Thoenes also says that THI Jo never contracted Mortellaro.

Her son THI Feedback convinces with an improved Mortellaro resistance as well. In addition, he transmits good milk production with positive components and fantastic udders that are highly attached and have well-placed teats of optimal length.

We congratulate on such a remarkable cow and wish lots of success with Genetics made in Germany in future.

THI Feedback