Successful 44th International Black and White Days in Osnabrück

The 44th International Black and White Days took place in Osnabrück on January 24th and 25th 2020. The organizer, the Osnabrücker Herdbuch eG, reported on 1,800 visitors from 15 countries.


Several daughters of our GGI-SPERMEX bulls could convince at the animal show as well.

KKH California (s. Payball) owned by Kolckhorst-Kahle from Haltern reached a 1b rank in the intermediate cow class.

In the category of old cows, two more daughters of GGI-SPERMEX bulls stood out. The fourth calver and Epochal daughter GoB Delphine, a wonderful type cow with lots of body and best udder won in her class. She is owned by the Goldstein GbR from Zülpich. Snowflake daughter MUH Roxane (Marquard, U., Icker) won a 1d rank in her class.

We are very pleased about these great achievements and ranks and congratulate the breeders and owners – and wish lots of success with Genetics made in Germany in future!