Minelli daughter group at the show “HolsteinVision 2019” on November 29th 2019

Bull: Minelli 823168 (Missouri x Numero Uno x Time)

Missouri son Minelli descends from the famous Neblina family. His strengths are positive protein transmission with adequate milk production and low cell count. Top-class fertility and very good calving traits complete his transmission profile. A daughter group of six heifers was shown in Bismark.


Dairy type:

The framy heifers showed excellent development.


The Minelli daughters showed remarkably long and level sloped rumps.

Feet and legs:

The strong feet and legs tended to have slightly more angle.


The long and firmly attached fore udders combined with high and wide rear udders did not leave anything to be desired.

Besides lots of components, Minelli scores with outstanding daughter fertility. Moreover, he offers desired beta casein A2/A2.

Minelli daughter group at the show “HolsteinVision 2019”