Custos daughter group at the show “HolsteinVision 2019” on November 29th 2019

Bull: Custos 823164 (Commander x Epic x Bowser)

Custos descends from the Epic dam at Tramilda Holsteins in Georgia, USA. He does not only convince with balanced conformation, but also with health. In addition, he scores with an outstanding breeding value for calf fitness. A daughter group of six heifers was shown in Bismark.


Dairy type:

The mainly medium-sized Custos daughters were very stylish and dairy.


Thanks to their strong top line, the animals especially showed lots of harmony. Highlight was width and depth clearly above average in the fore hand.

Feet and legs:

The Custos daughters moved on very dry and parallel set feet and legs; rear legs showed optimal angle.


Fore udders were firmly attached. Width and height of the rear udders, the suspensory ligaments and completed texture gave a perfect impression.

Custos promises to breed healthy cows with good will to milk and calving ease. Through optimal teat placement, Custos can definitely be recommended for use on farms with automatic milking systems.

Custos daughter group at the show “HolsteinVision 2019”