Many new genomic bulls in December 2019

The sire of sons Benz not only has the most (11) of the 48 new genomic sires in the Holstein Top-250, but also the new No.1 is Benz son Best Benz. Among Red Holstein there are just 6 new bulls in the Top-50, but 3 of them are in the Top-10.

Best Benz

Toplist Holstein (genomic tested bulls)

Toplist Red Holstein (genomic tested bulls)


Best Benz, great name for the highest among the 23 Benz (Franchise x Montross) half brothers now, 11 of them are new. Having RZG 169 the new Best Benz climbs on top of the list with a lead of 5 points. This is also mostly due to his enormous longevity breeding value RZN 141 which is the highest of all top-class bulls. The good health breeding values (REP 117, RZR 120, META 113) as well as calf fitness 109 highlight this. As the only Benz son out of a Dutch cow family (dam: Damaris x Boss) he surpasses +2,000 kg milk and reaches RZM 153 with neutral components (+0.01 % fat, +0.02 % protein). The medium-sized (113) daughters should have average capacity and good feet & legs (122, KLG 110). Udders are long in the fore and highly attached in the rear with optimal placement of medium-long teats (udder 116) and Best Benz can also be used on farms using automatic milking systems (RZRobot 121).

Having unchanged RZG 164 he is followed by Freemax on No.2. As in August the Imax son out of Modesty is the highest bull in the Top-10 for RZE (128) and udder (130). With a somehow unspectacular linear for feet and legs (115) he scores with hoof health (KLG 111) and especially Mortellaro resistance (DDc 117), but also calf fitness (KFit 112), calving ease (RZKd 110, RZKm 125) as well as robot milking (RZRobot 118). Adequate production is not surprising for a Top-10 bull (+1,763 kg milk, +0.25 % fat, +0.06 % protein).


With Crownmax, unchanged on No.4 (RZM 158, RZE 118, feet and legs 116, udder 117), Imax is the only sire having more than one progeny in Top-10, with 10 different dam’s sires in the Top-10. As Freemax, Crownmax (DS: Profit) has very good health traits (GES 114).

In between them there is Rafinha on No.3 as the second highest newcomer. Together with his full brother Ravelin (new on No.36) they are the only Rio (Franchise x Kingboy) sons so far. The dam of these two is a Kerrigan x Balisto out of the Rudy Missy family. Rafinha has a somewhat higher RZM (149, +1,939 kg milk, +0.08 % fat, -0.05 % protein) while Ravelin has somewhat more milk yield (+2,155 kg, -0.19 % fat, -0.07 % protein, RZM 146). With very similar linear both are very strong for udder (127 and 128) with nice feet and legs (119 and 114). Rafinha’s higher rank is due to better RZN (134 compared to 123).

Having the same RZG 163 on No.5 there is another newcomer, Lightway. He is the highest of the first 5 Lightstar (Lighter x Model) sons; among them is also his full brother Lobby, new on No.87. The dam is a Superhero x Balisto out of a deep East Frisian cow family.

Simon P (Semino x Board) is on No.6 with quite constant figures and remains the highest polled bull (RZM 154, +2,017 kg milk, +0.05 % fat, +0.02 % protein, RZE 120, feet and legs 118, RZE 114). Health (114, RZS 121), longevity (RZN 126) and calving ease (RZKd 109, RZKm 122) are his strengths.

Simon P

The fourth and last newcomer in the Top-10 is on No.7, Calvin. His sire Casino (DG Charley x Mardi Gras) still ranks on No.12 having only one RZG point less. On the dam’s side behind Finder there is the full sister of Milton (Missouri x Snowflake, No.14 of the daughter proven bulls). We can expect enormous production of Calvin (+2,307 kg milk, -0.01 % fat, -0.04 % protein, RZM 157) with solid conformation without any extreme (RZE 122, feet and legs 116, udder 118).

Suprem (Superhero x Missouri) on No.8 is even higher regarding milk yield with +2,543 kg (-0.08 % fat, -0.07 % protein, RZM 159). He cannot keep up with most of the other top bulls regarding conformation (RZE 116, feet and legs 109, udder 108).

Only one bull is beyond RZM 160, Sano (No.9, +2,190 kg milk, +0.23 % fat, +0.00 % protein, RZM 162) even though the former No.1 loses four points. Sano (Sonic x Barcley) shows solid conformation values (feet and legs 115, udder 113, RZE 118).

Having constant figures Bachelor P (s. Batch P) loses three ranks (No.10 now) because of the high newcomers. He is a maternal half brother of Simon P (dam: Board x Balisto). With nice production figures (+1,703 kg milk, +0.04 % fat, +0.09 % protein, RZM 149) Bachelor P excels with longevity (RZN 129) and health (GES 120), especially udder health (EFit 119, RZS 123). With medium frame (97) and capacity, feet and legs are good (120, hoof health 113). The firmly attached udders (118) have optimally placed teats, but they are too short in length.


More new bulls

Among 23 Benz sons Benchmark (new on No.56, DS: Battlecry) is the second highest for RZN (138) behind the new leader Best Benz. This is no surprise as the Boss grand dams of those two are full sisters. Benchmark is the highest Benz son for cell score (RZS 130) and udder health (EFit 119), but most of the half brothers outperform him regarding conformation (RZE 116, feet and legs 118, udder 117). With RZM 136 he is strong for components (+0.23 % fat, +0.20 % protein, +794 kg milk).

Baleo (No.69, dam: Azur x Camera) is more balanced here with RZE 129 (feet and legs 116, udder 129) and RZM 143 (+853 kg milk, +0.29 % fat, +0.28 % protein) as well as RZS 123 (EFit 117) and RZN 120. Baleo can also be used on robot milking farms (RZRobot 119).

The new Bootsmann (No.74, DS: Kerrigan, udder 126, feet and legs 108, RZE 122) is also strong for udders. His grand dam is a Boss half sister of Sinclair (No.18 of the daughter proven bulls, s. Shaw). Having RZM 142 (+1,507 kg milk, +0.05 % fat, +0.04 % protein) Bootsmann shines with daughter fertility (RZR 130, REP 115) and longevity (128).

The new Benz sons Bernay (No.93, DS: Supershot), Bendik (No.108, DS: Profit) and Ben-Louis (No.113, DS: Battlecry) are excellent all-rounders without any weaknesses.

Bernay (RZM 137, +1,436 kg milk, -0.10 % fat, +0.05 % protein) especially scores with great health breeding values above 112 (GES 118) with RZN 127 and RZR 123 as well as feet and legs 124 and udder 125 (RZE 126) including robot milking (120).

Bendik is really strong for conformation (RZE 132, feet and legs 122, udder 131, rear udder 136) with lots of milk (RZM 140, +1,697 kg milk, -0.09 % fat, -0.01 % protein) and RZRobot (126).

Ben-Louis probably has the nicest linear (RZE 130, feet and legs 118, udder 130) combined with high components (RZM 140, +1,021 kg milk, +0.35 % fat, +0.11 % protein) and RZhealth 119.

Padawan (Jedi x Enforcer) has 5 new sons. The highest of them is Paddy (No.34), a maternal half brother of the high Lightstar sons Lightway (No.5) and Lobby (dam: Superhero x Balisto). Paddy offers excellent daughter fertility (RZR 132, REP 116) and longevity (RZN 131) with high production (RZM 140, +1,583 kg milk, -0.19 % fat, +0.08 % protein). The Paddy daughters should be of clearly above average stature (118) with good feet and legs (117) and udders (122).

Pidero (new on No.96, Padawan x Barcley) descends from the same family as Epic. With good conformation figures (RZE 126, feet and legs 112, udder 128) it should be kept in mind that he tends to transmit steeper rear legs (77). Production (RZM 142, +1,842 kg, -0.23 % fat, +0.01 % protein), fertility (RZR 121) and health (110) are great.

Another Lightstar son attracts attention, Lipton (new on No.18). With RZE 137 he is one of the highest conformation bulls combined with RZM 147 (+890 kg milk, +0.57 % fat, +0.22 % protein). The linear shows extremely high and firmly attached udders (142) with somewhat shorter teats (83) as well as faultless feet and legs (120). The Lipton daughters are not too tall (111), but strong for type. It is good that the dam Chanel VG 86 is a full sister of the high-ranking daughter proven sire Cosmos on No.11 (Commander x Bookem).


Different sires

Highway, new on No.26, is the so far only Huey (Frazzled x Silver) son. He was raised in the USA out of Modesty x Supershot. He is a faultless bull with RZM 144 (+1,318 kg milk, +0.36 % fat, +0.02 % protein), RZN 130 and best calving ease (RZKd 112, RZKm 131). Regarding conformation he is better than most of the other newcomers with RZE 131 (GES 112), especially regarding udder (137, feet and legs 111). With medium stature 110, strength and depth are average.

Having the same RZG 158 he is followed by Sezuan on No.28. He is the so far only high-ranking Supreme (Cashflow x Platinum) son and has the maternal sire line-up Battlecry x Anton. Sezuan is a health specialist with EFit 124 (RZS 135), KLG 112 (feet and legs 106), REP 113 (RZR 108) and META 123. He belongs to the best three of all the top list bulls for RZhealth (GES 123) as well as EFit and META. With RZM 146 (+948 kg milk, +0.39 % fat, +0.24 % protein) as well as RZE 118 (udder 122) there is nothing to be said against using him.

Scorer (new on No.33) has RZG 158 as well. He is a Solution (Frazzled x Rubicon) son out of Yale x Deyja. He is between the two bulls mentioned above when it comes to the breeding value profile having RZN 132 (GES 114) and RZS 123 (EFit 105) as well as RZE 121 (feet and legs 114, udder 122). His focus is not that much on components regarding production with RZM 143 (+1,214 kg milk, +0.29 % fat, +0.10 % protein). Scorer is very good for hoof health (KLG 117) and especially Mortellaro resistance (DDc 119). He can be used on heifers (RZKd 107, RZKm 133).

Among the first two Yoda (Jedi x Yoder) sons is Yoris, new on No.57 (dam: Board x Balisto). He should breed daughters strong for production (RZM 147, +1,944 kg milk, +0.01 % fat, -0.05 % protein) with good udders (125, feet and legs 115, RZE 125) and medium frame. The other functional values are faultless (RZN 123).

Keaton (new on No.72) is even stronger for conformation and production with RZM 145 (+1,993 kg milk, -0.13 % fat, -0.05 % protein) and RZE 131 (feet and legs 117, udder 127).

Carlo (new on No.80) has RZE 131 as well (feet and legs 123, udder 135). Regarding production (RZM 142, +1,686 kg milk, -0.04 % fat, +0.00 % protein) he cannot outperform his sire Casino (DG Charley x Mardi Gras) who ranks on No.12 having RZG 160 and RZM 150 as well as RZE 124. Carlo (dam: Barcley x Meridian) offers, besides very firmly attached udders, teat placement that is not too tight and can also be recommended for use on robot milking farms (RZRobot 126).

Jarik (No.182) who is outside the Top-100 could attract interest with udder 134 (RZE 129, feet and legs 108) and RZM 136 (+1,223 kg milk, +0.10 % fat, +0.04 % protein) as well as GES 123 (EFit 126, RZN 129). He is a Jaguar son out of Flattop x Model.

Hickstead (No.128) is the only among the first 6 Hotspot P sons in the top list that gets the chance without the polled gene (dam: Burano x Leno) because of faultless figures like RZE 130 (feet and legs 119, udder 128), RZM 137 (+960 kg milk, +0.15 % fat, +0.16 % protein) and RZN 129 (GES 115) as well as robot milking (RZRobot 124).



The other 5 early Hotspot P (Superhero x PowerballP) sons are all polled. Hulk P (new on No.45) is by far the best among them. He outperforms his half brothers both for conformation (RZE 135, feet and legs 116, udder 137, stature 131) and production (RZM 142, +821 kg milk, +0.32 % fat, +0.26 % protein). Wilder Holsteins, Vreden, is the breeder of both the sire Hotspot P and the dam of Hulk P (Euclid x Lineman). Despite really firm udders (rear udder 139, fore udder 127, udder depth 127) the teats should be adequately placed so that Hulk P is one of the highest bulls for RZRobot in the top list with 134. He also is one of the best 5 bulls for fertility (REP 120, RZR 120).

Holder P, new on No.116, is a great all-rounder at the highest level having RZE 127 (feet and legs 113, udder 132), RZS 127, RZN 136, RZR 125, RZKm 126 and GES 117 as well as RZRobot 135. The Hotspot P son out of Kerrigan x President cannot rank higher due to limited production transmission compared to other genomic top bulls (RZM 130, +515 kg milk, +0.33 % fat, +0.19 % protein). He can be used on heifers as most of the Hotspot P sons (RZKd 109, RZKm 126).

Holy P (new on No.134) offers the highest milk yield among the Hotspot P sons (+1,400 kg milk, +0.19 % fat, +0.01 % protein, RZM 141, dam: Hotshot x President). He should transmit easy calving (RZKd 109, RZKm 124) and his daughters should prove themselves in automatic milking systems (RZRobot 115). Having medium body under 100 the linear shows solid feet and legs (116) with very good hoof health (KLG 113, DDc 118) as well as high, long and firmly attached udders with nice teat placement (udder 124, RZE 122).

Hogwart PP (new on No.177) is the homozygous polled Hotspot P son. He is a maternal half brother of, amongst others, Simon P (No.6) and Bachelor P (No.10) and his Board dam is a half sister of, amongst others, Abi Red PP. Hogwart PP promises nice production (RZM 141, +1,192 kg milk, +0.21 % fat, +0.11 % protein) and adequate conformation (feet and legs 116, udder 122, RZE 124).

Hotspot P himself ranks on No.189 of the top list (RZM 140, RZE 127).

The refreshment of the polled offer is not only due to the Hotspot P sons. The new Benz son Bamir P (No.136) is very interesting, too. His dam is a Milford-P daughter out of a full sister of Barny P and Benares P (Balisto x Cameron) that are successful daughter proven bulls now with RZG 130 and 125. Bamir P is outstanding for longevity (139) and all health traits (GES 121) as well as udder (139, feet and legs 115, RZE 131, stature 128) and can also be recommended for use on heifers (RZKd 110). Production predisposition is sufficient (+1,372 kg milk, -0.14 % fat, -0.03 % protein, RZM 130).



Red Holstein

It is pretty rare that there are only 6 new bulls in the Top-50.

Salvatore son Solitair P (dam: Balisto x Magna P) has been the leader since last year and remains on top of the list. With +3 RZG points to 165 he is leading by 6 points now. Having RZE 126 (feet and legs 117, udder 125), RZN 133 (GES 116) he is not just an excellent production sire (RZM 153, +2,016 kg milk, -0.01 % fat, +0.00 % protein). The combination of polledness and extreme calving ease (RZKd 119) give him access to unlimited market potential.

Solitair P

The highest newcomer is on No.2, Dreamer. He is the only Dreamboy (Debutant x Sympatico) son and will probably remain the last. His dam Bellevue VG 85 (s. Go Now RF) has – rather uncommon for such a high genomic bull – already finished 3 lactations. Dreamer is a production sire (RZM 156, +2,119 kg milk, -0.02 % fat, +0.02 % protein) with rather mixed linear (feet and legs 101, udder 124) with good RZN 124 despite RZR 99, RZKm 95 and DDc 94.

The second high, polled Salvatore son and full brother of the No.1 also gains 3 RZG points and ranks on No.3 now, Snickers P. He also combines great conformation (RZE 125, feet and legs 120, udder 123) with high production (RZM 154, +2,041 kg milk, +0.11 % fat, -0.05 % protein). His calves should be born easily (RZKd 112) and he can be recommended for robot milking farms (RZRobot 122). He is weaker than his brother regarding the health traits (GES 104).

Snickers P

Pace Red son Percey-Red (No.4, dam: Apoll P x Galaxy) was the highest newcomer in August and has really constant figures (RZM 150, RZE 124, feet and legs 107, udder 128, RZN 128, RZR 98). The son out of the Altitude family transmits enormous milk yield (+2,146 kg milk, -0.19 % fat, -0.04 % protein) and, however, is clearly above average for all health traits (GES 116).

Despite a gain of one RZG point to 157, Spark Red (Salvatore x Debutant x Brewmaster) drops by two positions to No.5. He is another bull having more than +2,000 kg milk (RZM 149, -0.24 % fat, -0.11 % protein) and very good conformation values (RZE 128, feet and legs 124, udder 124, stature 128).

Having the same RZG 157 the second highest newcomer is on No.6, Santorin. With sire Santorius (Jedi x Kingboy) and dam’s sire Breaker (Defender x Supersire) he offers interesting and new blood for Red Holstein breeding. Having +2,339 kg milk he is the highest milk yield sire in the Top-10 (-0.26 % fat, -0.11 % protein, RZM 150). He does not have to hide when it comes to conformation (RZE 127, feet and legs 113, udder 123). With calm temperament (MVH 121) milkability is slightly below average (RZD 93). Widespread use is possible due to calving ease (RZKd 115, RZKm 124).

The paternal half brother Stargate (new on No.34) is very similar, but a little more balanced in all other traits: RZM 145 (+2,109 kg milk, -0.25 % fat, -0.08 % protein), RZE 121 (feet and legs 104, udder 123), RZD 95, RZKd 107. Both Santorius sons transmit somewhat longer teats (111, 117) and good calf fitness (111).

The third newcomer in the Top-10 is Mannish on No.7. He is the highest among the three first Manana Red (Sunfish RF x Ladd P) sons. Mannish (dam: Mega Watt x Bolt RF) excels with the nice combination of RZM 142, RZE 132 and RZN 126 – including lots of milk (+1,815 kg milk, -0.11 % fat, -0.06 % protein), medium stature (105) and great udders (137, feet and legs 117). With rear udder 137, fore udder length and udder depth 124, the teats do not have tight placement so that Mannish can also be recommended for use on farms with automatic milking systems (RZRobot 122).

The figures of the other Manana Red sons confirm very good udders, Marlut (No.13, udder 129, feet and legs 117, RZE 128) and Magellan (No.30, udder 127, feet and legs 112, RZE 126). They should transmit more stature (114 and 118). Regarding the production values, the half brothers are very different though. Marlut‘s (dam: Fireman x Brekem) RZM 140 is rather due to components (+0.45 % fat, +0.06 % protein, +1,034 kg milk) while the RZM 143 of Magellan comes via milk yield (+1,835 kg milk, -0.05 % fat, -0.09 % protein). Both are really good for udder health with EFit 114 (RZS 129) for Marlut and EFit 115 (RZS 124) for Magellan.

The other three bulls on the ranks 8-10 are Pace Red sons, but they have very different breeding value profiles.

Palace (No.8, dam: Board x Brekem) transmits lots of stature (124) with a nicer linear than RZE 116 (udder 113) may show. He scores for health traits (GES 115) and especially hoof health (KLG 113, feet and legs 109) and, therefore, high longevity (RZN 132). The production figures are really nice (RZM 143, +1,432 kg milk, +0.02 % fat, +0.10 % protein).

PacificRed (No.9, dam: Jedi x Olympian) descends from the far-flung Roxy family and is the highest udder bull in the entire top list with 145 (RZE 130). He also offers good health breeding values (GES 117) and especially good hoof health (KLG 114, feet and legs 105). PacificRed is No.1 for longevity with RZN 142. He does not rank higher because his RZM 131 is lower than the one of other Top-10 bulls (+1,580 kg milk, -0.19 % fat, -0.12 % protein).

Paladin (No.10, dam: Battlecry x Brekem) may be a great candidate for the efficiency breeding value in future. With below average stature (96, depth 93, strength 89) his daughters should bring very good production (RZM 142, +1,649 kg milk, +0.03 % fat, -0.05 % protein) and be very healthy (GES 121, RZN 133). They are also suitable for milking robots (RZRobot 120). Calving ease (RZKd 113) is taken for granted when looking at the slight build of the Paladin daughters.