Atmospheric third member show “HolsteinVision”

The third joint member show “HolsteinVision” of the RinderAllianz took place in Bismark on November 28th 2019. Breeders from the two breeding areas Mecklenburg-West Pomerania and Saxony-Anhalt competed for the sought-after grand champion title.


In a very atmospheric setting, ca. 100 show cows presented themselves in front of the audience. The show started with the five heifer classes. Bonum daughter Betty owned by the Agrarhof Busse-Paucke GbR won the next to last class. Karat PP daughter Odina of the Seydaland Rinderzucht GmbH triumphed in the fifth class ahead of Dreamgirl (s. Dreamshot) owned by the Jaeger GbR. Phoenix daughter Barbett and Ginster (s. Germany) ranked second and third in their particular classes. When the class winners entered the ring for the winner’s election, Betty only had to admit defeat against the heifer champion SL Lauvaja.

In the heifer category, RinderAllianz also presented progeny groups of the bulls Custos and Minelli. Both of them successfully debuted as daughter proven sires a few days later in December.

Among the young cows having two calvings, several daughters of GGI-SPERMEX bulls excelled. In the first class, Mokabi daughter Macadamia from the Milchhof Gut Bandelstorf ranked second. There was a “double” in the next class with Linda (s. Lennox) owned by the AG e.G. ahead of Lighton daughter Legionärin (AG Schwarzbuntzucht Fischbeck e. G.). Following the class win of the Kayne daughter Jabal 2, the Seydaland Rinderzucht GmbH could be pleased with an honorable mention after the winner’s election. Linda then even became young reserve champion. We do not want to forget mentioning good ranks of the Snake Red daughter Sabrina, Bianca (s. Banesto) and Serana (s. Polaris P).


There was another class win – in the intermediate category this time – by the Camera daughter Mara owned by the RZB Schulz GbR. She was also part of the winner’s election and became honorable mention.

Pleasingly, the old cows were directly judged in four classes. Amber (s. Antares) ranked second in the second class while Ideale (s. Picus) behind Amber and Zenker daughter Sarah – in the last class – each ranked third.

We are happy about these great achievements and ranks and congratulate the breeders and owners – we wish all the best and lots of success with Genetics made in Germany in future!