Many new sires in December 2019

There are even 46 new daughter proven bulls brushing up the Holstein top list. The new No.1 among them is the Mardi Gras son Monarch. Among Red Holstein, unchanged since April, the top-class duo is Step Red and Apoll P.

Toplist Holstein (daughter proven bulls)

Toplist Red Holstein (daughter proven bulls)


The highest newcomer in December even makes it to the top, Monarch. He is a Mardi Gras (Mogul x Planet) son out of a Canadian Sargeant x Man-O-Man from the Laurie Sheik family. Monarch presents himself not only with high RZM 141 combined with excellent conformation (RZE 128), but also faultless. Based on 88 daughters he offers nice production figures (+1,344 kg milk, +0.11 % fat, +0.07 % protein). Regarding conformation, the very highly and firmly attached udders (132) with adequate teat length stand out. Being of average stature (112) the first 23 classified daughters are strong (118) and deep. Feet and leg health is very good (KLG 114) and especially Mortellaro resistance (DDc 115) is clearly above average. With medium cell count, this is also true for udder health (EFit 110).


The two Supershot full brothers Spiro and Stronghold (dam: Bynke x Planet) were new and almost entered the Top-10 in August with just a few daughters. They are both winners now and enter the Top-10. Based on 118 daughters with +3 RZG and RZM points, now Spiro even is No.2. The faultless linear is even more positive than the slightly improved RZE 109 (feet and legs 107, udder 108) may show at first sight. The really good condition of the Spiro daughters (BCS 130) with +2,088 kg milk (-0.49 % fat, -0.06 % protein, RZM 137) is special, too. High longevity (128) is reflected in the robustness of the strong Spiro daughters. The Spiro calves are already tall when born and so Spiro cannot be used on heifers (RZKd 81).


Stronghold (No.8) has 84 daughters now and is less extreme regarding the production figures (+1,541 kg milk, -0.08 % fat, +0.01 % protein, RZM 138). With regard to health and longevity (GES 115, RZN 125) he is at least as strong as Spiro and average in the calving traits. Unfortunately, Stronghold is somewhat lower with RZE 104 (feet and legs 102, udder 99) even though the linear does not show real faults.

Mattis (Massey x Man-O-Man) goes up from No.7 to No.4 with constant values. His high RZG still is predominantly based on production (RZM 148, RZE 100, feet and legs 91, udder 108).

Belsan (No.4) wins 3 RZG points and is the highest among the 47 Balisto sons now (DS: Shamrock). This is due to the high number of daughters in second lactation and clearly improved longevity to RZN 137 (663 daughters). He is also extremely good for RZRobot (140). Having average body traits, the linear for udder is extreme: rear udder 129, fore udder 126, wide rear teat placement (68) and average in the fore (95). This results in an udder breeding value of 126 (feet and legs 110, RZE 120). The production figures are more balanced (+1,008 kg milk, -0.01 % fat and +0.09 % protein, RZM 130).

Baroy, new on No.5, is a late, i.e. the 47th Balisto son. He is a full brother of Baltikum (No.19) who was more heavily used as a genomic bull. Both are maternal half brothers of, amongst others, Cinema and Beat and, therefore, out of the Danish top bull dam Snow Heaven. Despite RZM 150 (+1,736 kg milk, +0.19 % fat, +0.01 % protein, 51 daughters) his second crop potential might be low (RZE 100, feet and legs 93, udder 98, RZR 89).

The full brothers and Mogul sons Morgan and Masato (dam: Man-O-Man x Goldwyn) swap places for the third time in a row, resulting in Morgan on No.6 and Masato on No.7 now. Having the same RZG 145 and very similar production values with +1,000 kg milk, lots of fat and positive protein, they do not have that much in common apart from that. Morgan is clearly better for longevity (RZN 121/98) while Masato plays in a different league regarding conformation (RZE 125/105).

Martinius is the third newcomer in the Top-10 on No.9, but has 194 daughters from the start and 109 of them are classified. The Missouri son was one of the most frequently used genomic bulls at that time. Having RZM 136 (+1,522 kg milk, -0.02 % fat, -0.04 % protein), RZE 112 (feet and legs 122, udder 110) and also hoof health 115 he is worth the trust (dam: Fanatic x Gibor). At the same time the Martinius daughters are medium-sized and not too tall with medium condition. They should be really efficient. Based on almost 17,000 calvings, Martinius can be recommended as calving ease bull (RZKd 108, RZKm 122) and the calves are definitely vital (KFit 118). Moreover, his daughters can be used on robot milking farms (RZRobot 126) and are excellent for hoof health (KLG 119) and especially Mortellaro resistance (DDc 120).

Mocon (No.10, DS: Snowman) remains the only daughter proven Morgan son in Germany. He mainly has to give in his gains for RZM in August (+1,296 kg milk, -0.02 % fat, +0.07 % protein, RZM 136, 480 daughters), but he is constant due to improved cell score (RZS 121) and +6 RZN points to 130. The low conformation figures are unchanged (RZE 99, feet and legs 99, udder 105). Hoof health (KLG 112) and also good health as well as calving ease (RZKd 112) are definitely advantages for further use.


More new bulls

The first three daughter proven Commander (Mogul x Observer) sons in August were just the beginning as there are even 8 new half brothers now. The most important from the trio, Calvo (DS: Epic), shows good development (No.35, RZM 137, RZE 125, feet and legs 121, udder 117).

Highest ranking of the new Commander sons is Cosmos (DS: Bookem) on No.11 with RZM 141 (+1,424 kg milk, +0.09 % fat, +0.03 % protein) and RZE 111 (feet and legs 109, udder 104). Having just 16 daughters his figures are still clearly influenced by genomic information.

The data base for the good figures of Custos, new on No.15, is already good with 161 daughters. 100 of them are classified. Custos convinces with high milk production and neutral components (+1,474 kg milk, -0.09 % fat, +0.02 % protein, RZM 136) combined with very solid conformation values (RZE 122, feet and legs 113, udder 118). The Epic dam and Bowser grand dam of Custos are full sisters of positively proven bulls.

Another highly ranking Commander son, Cavani (new on No.32), descends from a family that already has proven itself. His dam Peggy VG 87 is a full sister of Bodyguard (Bookem x Dotson) who would be in the Top-100 with RZG 137, but is not active anymore. Based on 75 daughters Cavani reaches RZM 139 (+1,319 kg milk, +0.10 % fat, +0.05 % protein) and RZE 120 (feet and legs 111, udder 115). Having longer (114) and perfectly placed teats (101 in the fore, 90 in the rear), good milkability (109) as well as hoof health (110) and Mortellaro resistance (DDc 126), Cavani can also be recommended for use on farms with automatic milking systems (RZRobot 130).

Having the same RZG 140 ranking on No.33 directly behind Cavani, there is another Commander son, Commare (dam: Summer x Roumare). He also has nice production figures (+1,189 kg milk, +0.11 % fat, +0.11 % protein, RZM 139) even though he just has 32 daughters so far. 26 of them are classified resulting in RZE 117 (feet and legs 110, udder 110). The Commare daughters are very tall (138) and have lots of capacity.

Cover, new on No.68, is an all-rounder among the Commander sons. He was raised in Canada out of Supersire x Man-O-Man. Cover‘s RZM 132 (37 daughters) is based less on milk yield (+673 kg), but especially on components (+0.34 % fat, +0.13 % protein). The faultless linear promises medium-sized (115), somewhat late-maturing daughters with good feet and legs (116, DDc 115) and udders (121) with RZE 122. Based on 8,600 registered calvings Cover is a reliable calving ease bull (RZKd 116).

The highest conformation sire among the so far 14 daughter proven Commander sons is Cordello, new on No.110. He is a late son out of De-Su 2324 GP 82 (McCutchen x Super) who has already produced several highly positive sons, amongst others Delano (s. Defender, No.243) who is on top for conformation in the daughter proven top list (RZE 134). Cordello is on the same level with the first 25 classified daughters and RZE 132 and especially udder 135. We can expect lots of stature (136) and capacity of him. With this, he has the same level as his last genomic values. This is also true for the production figures (+1,250 kg milk, -0.08 % fat, -0.11 % protein, RZM 124). Cordello does well especially for hoof health (RZhoof 112, DDc 117, feet and legs 106).

After Commander, Missouri (Day x Robust) has the second highest number of new sons (7 newcomers and 9 daughter proven sons). Except Martinius on No.8 on top, Maracana (No.40) and Minelli (No.49) have to be mentioned among the further Missouri sons. Maracana is out of a full sister of, amongst others, Garvin (G-Force x Super, No.38) and, with that, out of the Danish branch of the Grietje 80 family that also brought us Emil II. With RZM 129 (+1,397 kg milk, -0.26 % fat, +0.00 % protein, 36 daughters) Maracana offers good udder health (EFit 113, RZS 121) and calf fitness (KFit 117). The nice linear results in RZE 115 (feet and legs 108, udder 116) and the only weakness is rump slope (85). Maracana can be recommended for use on heifers (RZKd 114). Milkability should be kept in mind when mating (RZD 86). Minelli was also raised in Denmark, but out of the Neblinas (dam: Numero Uno x Time). Based on 81 daughters he brings positive components (+0.03 % fat, +0.17 % protein, +809 kg milk, RZM 130) and solid conformation with very firmly attached udders (udder 126, feet and legs 108, RZE 119).


Different sires

There are three Racer (Lexor x Observer) sons in the top list now including the new Racing on No.67. All of them are out of the combination Numero Uno, but out of different dams. Racing is the highest of them with RZG 137 (+1,041 kg milk, +0.11 % fat, -0.01 % protein, feet and legs 102, udder 125, RZE 119), but was the least frequently used genomic bull. So further development of this hoof health specialist remains to be seen with just 22 early daughters (13 classified, RZKlaue 113, DDc 123).

The Tribune (Epic x Super) son Trans-Am on No.86 has had a really nice debut with RZE 126 (feet and legs 115, udder 122) and RZN 132. Good longevity is just an estimation with 33 early daughters, but Trans-Am is the younger full brother of Tinko (dam: Daddy x Robust, RZE 119, RZM 115, No.153) who is the No.1 of the top bulls for longevity having RZN 148 based on 167 daughters. Trans-Am’s higher position compared to his full brother’s is due to better production (+1,670 kg milk, -0.43 % fat, -0.19 % protein, RZM 121). Trans-Am especially stands for best health (116, EFit 115, KLG 117) and calf fitness (116). He can also be used on robot milking farms (RZRobot 111).

Besides the new No.1, Mardi Gras has another son with second crop potential, Mardic (new on No.100, RZM, RZE and RZN 122 each), but out of the Snowman family (dam: Epic x Man-O-Man). There is potential because of udder (126), hoof health (115, DDc 112) and robot milking (120).

The debut of Kaluscho (Kingpin x Mogul, No.130) was eagerly awaited because, having already 35,000 progeny, the Kingpin (McCutchen x Observer) son was actually one of the most heavily used genomic sires. He has 250 daughters (117 classified). They confirm his fantastic conformation transmission with RZE 134 and feet and legs 123 as well as udder 135. Milk yield (-74 kg milk) may not be the hallmark of Kaluscho, but components are (+0.56 % fat, +0.21 % protein, RZM 119). Good milkability (RZD 111) and udder health (EFit 113) also recommend him for use on robot milking farms (RZRobot 121).

Only three sons of Deyja (Supersire x Meteor) were used. Two of them pop up in the top list with RZG 131 but different profile, Deniro on No.162 (dam: Numero Uno x Ramos) and Dutchman on No.173 (dam: Bookem x Man-O-Man). Deniro is a real health sire (GES 115, RZS 124, RZN 126, RZR 120) who breeds medium-sized daughters with condition (BCS 118) and good feet & legs (126, RZE 113). Having medium linear figures for the feet and legs traits (99) he shines with hoof health (112, DDc 119). Production transmission is average (+218 kg milk, +0.16 % fat, +0.09 % protein, RZM 113).

Dutchman also breeds medium-sized daughters (feet and legs 118, udder 118, RZE 118) with somewhat more milk (+639 kg milk, -0.14 % fat, -0.05 % protein, RZM 111). He stands out for RZN with 132 with good daughter fertility (RZR 117) and can be recommended for use on robot milking farms (RZRobot 113) and as a calving ease bull (RZKd 105, RZKm 126).

Anton (Epic x Man-O-Man) was not a good sire of sons because only a few out of 28 sons were able to qualify for the top list. He did not come up to expectations regarding conformation. His last son, Avenue (new on No.231), is the only one who reaches RZE 125 (feet and legs 119, udder 121). 120 classified daughters are very tall (132), deep and strong. Milk production is good with RZM 120 (+757 kg milk, -0.05 % fat, +0.03 % protein). The Avenue daughters can be milked quickly (RZD 118, RZRobot 116), are calm (MVH 120) and he can be used on heifers (RZKd 111).


Polled and red carrier

Even 6 new polled bulls are included in the Top-250, thereof 4 PowerballP (Earnhardt x Robust) sons that cannot come up to their sire (RZG 143), but got his weakness for feet and legs. Highest ranking of them is Onno P on No.94 (dam: Numero Uno x Time) with RZM 131 and RZE 107 (feet and legs 89, udder 117) based on just 19 daughters.

Mission P (Missouri x Asterix) is more balanced with his first 106 daughters: RZM 129 (+1,030 kg milk, -0.09 % fat, +0.10 % protein), RZE 109 (feet and legs 106, udder 112).

Barny P is slightly above his last genomic figures with RZM 122 (+927 kg milk, -0.32 % fat, +0.13 % protein) and RZE 113 (feet and legs 107, udder 115) as well as RZN 124. Barny P is a Balisto son and also red carrier (dam: Cameron x Destry).

Nuance RDC (Nugget RDC x Snow RF) got limited chances as a sire of sons among Red Holstein. With his first breeding values on daughter base he has a new rank (No.144, +738 kg milk, +0.07 % fat, +0.04 % protein, RZM 123). Due to longer (132), nicely rectangular teats not too tightly placed in the rear, he definitely can be recommended for robot milking (RZRobot 138, udder 116). His daughters are medium-sized having nice feet and legs (107, RZE 113).


Further development

Balisto son Balbo (DS: Bookem, No.12) clearly improved in August compared to his debut in April. There are more slight gains for RZM due to daughters in second lactation now and he is the third highest Balisto son: RZM 135 (+594 kg milk, +0.52 % fat, +0.16 % protein, 324 daughters). He wins 3 points for conformation to RZE 121 (feet and legs 118, udder 114).

Among the Balisto sons Bermuda (DS: Mayfield, No.21) also goes up for RZE to 126 (feet and legs 121, udder 117) and also for RZG thanks to clearly better longevity (RZN 118, +6) with daughters in second lactation. He is constant for production with more than 2,000 daughters (+742 kg milk, +0.37 % fat, +0.20 % protein, RZM 138).

Bonum (Balisto x Epic, No.28) even wins more clearly for longevity compared to his debut in August (RZN 130, +9). He triples his daughters to 397 with constant RZE 126 (feet and legs 114, udder 123). Within RZM 132 (+868 kg milk, +0.00 % fat) he is – as typical Balisto son – strong for protein (+0.21 %). Having almost 10,000 registered calvings he is a reliable bull for calving ease (RZKd 110).

Dijon (Balisto x Hero, No.50) is even better for calving ease with RZKd 117. With his third daughter breeding value and 195 classified daughters now he goes up for conformation to RZE 127 (feet and legs 114, udder 128) and is the second highest of all 47 Balisto sons for conformation (+1,100 kg milk, -0.06 % fat, +0.05 % protein, RZM 129).

Shaw son Sinclair (No.18, dam: Beacon x Goldwyn) catapulted himself higher with daughters in second lactation in August. He could maintain this level with unchanged RZM 135 (+1,249 kg milk, +0.10 % fat, +0.00 % protein) as well as RZE 118 (feet and legs 115, udder 121, stature 88) and is the only Shaw son in the Top-100.

Board (No.22), with daughters in second lactation, goes up each 2 points for RZM (130, +1,002 kg milk, +0.02 % fat, +0.09 % protein, 1,065 daughters) and RZE (116, feet and legs 122, udder 105). He even wins 4 points for RZG due to additional, clearly improved longevity (RZN 125, +4). He is the highest Boss son now and half brother Bravos (Boss x Freddie, No.31) is behind him. Bravos, with daughters in second lactation, wins for production as well (RZM 131, +3, +618 kg milk, +0.23 % fat, +0.19 % protein, 296 daughters), but loses for longevity, but on a very high level (RZN 122, -6). The conformation of Bravos is unchanged with RZE 115 (feet and legs 114, udder 112) with extraordinary strength (125) and medium frame (107).

Red carrier Checkmate (No.24, Aikman x Beacon) is also one of the winners with daughters in second lactation. Based on 688 daughters he wins for milk yield and still very high components (RZM 133, +2, +344 kg milk, +0.47 % fat, +0.29 % protein). With constant RZE 120 (feet and legs 120, udder 114) he also belongs to the sires with medium stature (97), good depth (113) and strength (118) as well as condition (BCS 120). The special hallmark of Checkmate is Mortellaro resistance (DDc 124). He can also be used on heifers (RZKd 106).

Among the many Shotglass sons strong for production, Dreamshot (No.64) is special with RZE 129 (feet and legs 119, udder 131) and a lead of 9 points ahead of his next half brother. There is definitely milk production (+1,328 kg milk, -0.20 % fat, -0.18 % protein, RZM 120, DS: Bookem) and he has no weaknesses in the functional traits, but milkability has to be kept in mind when mating (RZD 86).



Red Holstein

There are only four new bulls in the Red Holstein Top-50 now, 2 are in the Top-10.

Step Red (s. Sympatico) is still leader despite clear losses for RZN (121, -7). With constant RZM 146 he remains the highest milk yield sire (+2,866 kg milk, -0.59 % fat, -0.26 % protein, 375 daughters). Conformation transmission is also constant with RZE 114 (feet and legs 102, udder 116).

Apoll P (+2,479 kg milk, -0.48 % fat, -0.11 % protein, RZM 148, 2,741 daughters) as the second highest milk yield sire is still on No.2. Milkability 78 of the Aikman son has to be kept in mind, but there is still a market for him as highest polled sire (RZE 114, feet and legs 96, udder 114).

As already in August, Fireman (Fageno x Snowman) is able to increase production (RZM 146, +4, +2,269 kg milk, -0.10 % fat, -0.22 % protein, 3,400 daughters). He slightly loses for conformation (RZE 102, feet and legs 95, udder 103).


Present (Perfect Aiko x Logan) maintains his fourth rank with his third breeding value and doubling of his daughters to 318. His figures are a little different with RZM 142 (-6, +1,108 kg milk, +0.42 % fat, +0.08 % protein) and RZE 123 (+5, feet and legs 123, udder 115), but this is no disadvantage for the demand. He remains one of the best bulls for Mortellaro resistance (DDc 119).

The highest newcomer is on No.5, Power. As Durango (McCutchen x Observer) son out of a Mogul x Demello, he definitely is outcross for Red Holstein. Power was raised in Switzerland, but has Canadian roots. With the first 33 daughters, Power confirms the good combination of production (+1,586 kg milk, -0.22 % fat, -0.05 % protein, RZM 134) and conformation (RZE 130, feet and legs 109, udder 139). He is No.2 for udder of all Red Holstein bulls. As Power was heavily used as a genomic bull his number of daughters will go up clearly in April.


He is followed by Red Power on No.6 with clear gains for longevity (RZN 121, +10) and one rank higher compared to August. Having +0.86 % fat and +0.41 % protein, the Perfect Aiko son can push components in one generation as no other sire can (-30 kg milk, RZM 132). His overall daughter number in the MACE breeding value falls from 263 to 247 even though the number of German daughters increases. Information on the 31 daughters from August was not sent from Belgium. Red Power is extraordinary for calving ease with RZKd 129 and also No.1 for Mortellaro resistance (DDc 122). Red Power is CDH positive which should be kept in mind when mating.

Despite a loss of 5 RZG points to 136 the full brother of the No.1, Sunny Red (s. Sympatico), only is two positions lower than in August (No.7). The loss is due to somewhat less milk yield (RZM 124, -5, +1,731 kg milk, -0.41 % fat, -0.25 % protein, 1,157 daughters). He is constant for conformation (udder 130, feet and legs 118, RZE 130).

The second newcomer in the Top-10 is on No.8, Arino Red (s. ArchiveRed). Based on the first 28 daughters in milk (18 classified) the son of the Apple dynasty (dam: Sympatico x Talent2) has RZM 133 (+1,022 kg milk, +0.19 % fat, +0.04 % protein) and RZE 131 (feet and legs 117, udder 125). It is confirmed that he has good calving ease as his RZKd 122 includes 6,500 calvings.

Great (Go Now RF x Morris) was the highest newcomer in August on No.3. Having doubled his number of daughters to 114 now he drops clearly in all fields and by 9 RZG points to 135 which results in rank 9. Despite -6 points he still is the highest bull for RZM (152, +1,559 kg milk, +0.13 % fat, +0.17 %). Deciding are -6 RZE points to 98 (feet and legs 117, udder 79) with below average health breeding values (GES 94, DDc 82) and daughter fertility RZR 76.

Mr. Marco (Magenta x Niagra) is one of the clear winners. He goes up by 4 RZG points and, therefore, from No.22 to No.10. The biggest part of the increase is due to longevity (RZN 108, +4) and cell count (RZS 122, +6), but also milk production goes up slightly (RZM 132, +2, +2,235 kg milk, -0.28 % fat, -0.39 % protein). Regarding conformation he is still strong for udder despite enormous milk yield (125, feet and legs 103, RZE 120). Having RZKd 121 he belongs to the Top-3 for calving ease and he is the only Top-10 bull to be recommended for robot milking (RZRobot 111).


What else?

The two more newcomers are on No.14 and No.29. Bretagne (No.14, s. Brekem) is another son of the Apple family, but out of Dakker x Destry. Based on already 64 classified daughters he has RZE 125 (feet and legs 112, udder 130) with very long, highly and firmly attached udders. Milk yield is just average (+200 kg milk), but with very good components (+0.41 % fat, +0.17 % protein, RZM 120).

Nuntius (No.29, Nugget RDC x Julandy) is also a new components sire with limited milk yield (+19 kg milk, +0.49 % fat, +0.30 % protein, RZM 122, 57 daughters). Apart from that, he is a good all-rounder without any real weaknesses and positive for all health complexes (GES 105) as well as calving ease (RZKd 109).

Snake Red (No.16, s. Snow RF) goes up slightly due to more than 4,000 daughters and production in third lactation (RZM 139, +2, +1,513 kg milk, -0.19 % fat, +0.07 % protein). Conformation (RZE 120, feet and legs 100, udder 126) and the nice linear will not change anymore. He can be recommended for use on heifers (RZKd 116)

The daughters of Payback (No.17, s. Perfekt Aiko) are in second lactation now. This results in lower RZS to 95 (-7), but longevity goes up (RZN 115, +5). Payback will be mostly used due to outstanding and unchanged conformation figures (RZE 137, feet and legs 115, udder 141, 90 classified daughters) combined with lots of production (RZM 129, +1,220 kg milk, -0.01 % fat, -0.07 % protein). Payback remains one of the best bulls for Mortellaro resistance (DDc 121) and milkability (RZD 128).

Fageno (No.21) almost reached a reliability of 99% in all fields having more than 8,000 daughters in the meantime: RZM 129 (+683 kg milk, +0.51 % fat, +0.02 % protein), RZE 104 (feet and legs 105, udder 98), RZN 121, RZKd 117.

Julandy (No.36), who is one year older, cannot completely keep up with this having 4,100 daughters even though his number of daughters went up by 529 compared to Fageno. Also Julandy’s breeding values will not change anymore: RZM 132 (+1,292 kg milk, -0.39 % fat, +0.15 % protein), RZE 126 (feet and legs 117, udder 120), RZRobot 119.

This is not true for Brekan (No.26, s. Brekem) despite 1,473 daughters (+471). Due to the survival rate towards second lactation the RZN goes up to 113 (+4). With constant production figures (RZM 116, +401 kg milk, +0.09 % fat, +0.09 % protein) he offers RZE 125 now (feet and legs 117, udder 125).

Among the further 7 polled bulls in the Top-50, Laser PP (Label P x Ladd P) is not only ranking the highest (No.22), but also the only homozygous polled bull. In August Laser PP entered based on 45 daughters. He has 122 daughters now with quite constant production breeding values (RZM 122, -1, +699 kg milk, -0.06 % fat, +0.12 % protein) and higher RZS (123, +7). Regarding conformation he cannot completely keep his figures with additional 37 classified daughters to a total of 59: RZE 109, - 9 (feet and legs 101, udder 113). However, he goes up for hoof health (112) and Mortellaro resistance (DDc 113).