“Day of Agriculture” in Steinfurt

The triannual “day of agriculture” took place in the county of Steinfurt at the castle “Surenburg” in Riesenbeck on September 15th 2019. The day of agriculture – organized by several agricultural organizations together with the local authority of the Chamber of Agriculture for North Rhine-Westphalia – was a complete success again this year.

Exol daughter Mareike with her owner and the judges

Let’s start with the class of young cows. Symphony daughter Dolly convinced in this class and became reserve champion.

Big Point daughter WAC Melexa owned by Wacker won the medium cow class.

Exol daughter Mareike dominated the category of old cows and became champion here. Due to her strong appearance with lots of body length and harmony with a top-class udder Mareike being in fifth lactation won this category.

For the first time this year a grand champion was elected at the Surenburg. The title “Miss Steinfurt“ was awarded to the champion of the old cow classes, Exol daughter Mareike owned by the Schulte GbR from Lengerich-Wechte.

We are happy about those great achievements and ranks, congratulating the breeders and owners, and wish all the best and lots of success with Genetics made in Germany in future!

Election of the overall champion