Swiss Red Night – a raving success for GGI-SPERMEX

The 9th Swiss Red Night took place in Bern on September 14th 2019. Red Holstein cows and red carrier cows competed against each other for the titles of the grand champion and black beauty. Daughters of Apoll P and Godewind were the most successful cows in the champion election.

Apoll P daughter Schrago Apoll Ingrid VG 87

The show night started with the classes of the red carrier animals. Godewind daughter SHo Godewind Frisca was in top form here. The French judge Jacques Rouiller awarded her both as “black beauty” and with the best udder title.

Godewind daughter SHo Godewind Frisca

The Red Holstein competition with the heifers was next. The first daughters of the genomic Red Holstein sire Power have recently calved. The judge Jacques Rouiller loved one of his very early daughters, Woodhouse Power Movie, so much that she led her category. She also won the “honorable mention” title in the champion and udder selection later.

Among the second calvers Schrago Apoll Ingrid VG 87 (s. Apoll P) stood out. The judge praised her as complete cow having an ideal rump and good top line – and there was no getting around her in the Red Holstein competition that night. She went back home as grand champion and udder champion.

Apoll P daughter Schrago Apoll Ingrid VG 87

We also have to mention Moses Red daughter Terreaux Moses Fanette. She dominated her category of second and third calvers.

We congratulate all breeders and owners on the achievements of their animals and wish all the best with genetics made in Germany in future!