Bull of the month September 2019: Charlston 684970

DG Charley x Rubicon x Jabir


In September we present you the bull Charlston. He excels with extremely good health traits like daughter fertility, cell score and calving ease.

Udder and hoof health are traits of great economic importance to dairy farmers. Having excellent health breeding values (RZhealth 130) Charlston is absolutely the right choice to improve those. His fantastic health figures (RZudderfit 127, RZhoof 123, RZrepro 118, RZmetabol 114) make this bull No.1 for RZhealth among the genomic bulls.

Due to very good functional traits Charlston also offers high longevity as well as very good feet and legs enabling best locomotion and nicely balanced udders.

Charlston’s pedigree includes 13 generations of cows classified VG and EX. One of the most famous cows is Regan-Joy Durham Regina EX 92.

Altogether Charlston is a very complete sire having outstanding health breeding values and good calving ease. In addition he has the desired beta casein A2/A2.

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