Shows in France and Czech Republic

Although the shows took place some time ago, we do not want to keep these results from you.

Apoll P

On June 22nd 2019 the interdepartmental show of Eure and Seine-Maritime took place in the course of the agricultural fair in Andelys. 26 cows from ten dairy farms were showcased in front of the judges.

In the category of cows in fifth lactation Van Gogh daughter Gabi ranked second. Odixy daughter Acacia convinced in the same category as well and achieved fourth place. In addition, Acacia was honored for her longevity.

Furthermore, the regional competition for heifers was held in Morbihan on July 6th and 7th. About sixty Holstein heifers and fifteen Jersey heifers participated. In the intermediate category Disanto daughter Ovali Rbx convinced and won second place.

Good news reached us from Czechia, too.

On June 20th 2019 the 17th annual Breeding Day took place in Zdislavice. Cihlar Apolka, a daughter of Apoll P, was able to achieve second rank in the category of young cows.